Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 10

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Art gallery
Ishana: arrey yar yeh choro co abi a nah tah ( these thieves had to come today)
Om: I feel there is someone in there
Om remembers Anika’s words so he gets a net to throw on the thief
Ishana was looking at all the artwork just then Om throws a net and catches her from the back
Ishana: ahh help help
Om: you are calling for help after doing such a bad thing you will regret it because now you will be in jail
Ishana: who are you and what do you mean by I will be in jail
Om: stop acting
Ishana: just wait till the owner of this art gallery comes he will teach you now leave me
Om: what do mean and let’s her go just then the lights go on
Om: what are you doing here
Ishana: you are the one who put me in the net
Om: woo I thought you were
Ishana: oh but what are you doing here
Om: Anika bhabhi told me to come here what are you doing here
Ishana: Anika didi told me to come
Om: do you want some water
Ishana: sure
Om: ishana I only have juice will that be okay
Ishana: ok
Om: here

Few moments later
Ishana: Om why does this room look like a boring museum
Om: what
Ishana: starts walking around like she is drunk
Om: are you ok
Ishana: nope it hurts
Om: what
Ishana: in my heart
Om: ishana have you gone mad
Ishana: Om i want one more juice
Om: I only had 2 glasses but you drank them all
Ishana sees a radio and plays it and dances on let’s nacho
Ishana: starts talking randomly
Ishana: Om you know life is so sad but it has a punch of flavour
Om: what
Ishana: waiter pointing at Om your hair is so slick I love it can I cut your hair and keep it

Om ?
Om: ishana are you ok
Ishana: just faints in his hands
Om carefully puts her on the sofa and smells the juice bottle
Om: alcohol what how and calls rudra
Rudra: hello Om
Om: rudra what did you do to the juice bottle
Rudra: nothing
Om: rudra tell me the truth
Rudra: I filled it with orange coloured alcohol ( I know this makes no sense)
Om: you what
Just then Anika takes the phone
Anika: Om I sended ishana there so you both sort out your misunderstandings
Om: umm we have a problem
Anika: what
Om: rudra spiked the juice and ishana drank it all and it took me 2 hours to settle her down
Anika: he what oh no should I come
Om: no I will handle
Anika: ok I will handle your brother

Shivaay: Anika tomorrow we have to go to a business party
Anika: ahh I hate those
Shivaay: you should be used to them
Anika: I am not
Shivaay: its your brothers party
Anika: my brothers
Shivaay: yeah the company is launching a new car
Anika: oh nice fixing the bed
Shivaay goes to sleep on the bed
Anika: you don’t have any work today
Shivaay: no today I will sleep after I get some water
Anika was about to close her eyes but the lights go off
Anika starts breathing heavily
Shivaay comes back and hears Anika breathing heavily and sits beside her
Shivaay before he could say anything Anika hugs him tightly
Shivaay: shhh I am right here
Shivaay remembers ajay’s words about how Anika is sacred of darkness because of her parents accident
Shivaay: Anika should I go check the fuse
Anika: no tighting the grip on shivaay
Shivaay: ok ok I am not going anywhere relax shh
The lights came back on
Shivaay: Anika open your eyes look the lights came on
Anika fell asleep in shivaay’s arms
Shivaay: Anika Anika and sees Anika asleep ? so he carefully lays her down so Anika doesn’t wake up but because she was holding his shirt shivaay couldn’t get up so he had to sleep in the same position

Next morning
Anika woke up and saw shivaay already awake and freshed up
Shivaay didn’t want Anika to remember what happened last night because in her sleep she kept on saying mummy papa nhi because when ever she was in darkness she kept on remembering that night of the accident
Anika: I thought you weren’t going to office today in a sleepy tone
Shivaay: I’m not some lawyer is coming bade papa called his so I have to get ready
Anika: oh you go down I will come after I freshen up
Downstairs tej and shivaay were waiting for someone
Tej: shivaay he is the worlds best lawyer we have to convince him for this case
Lawyer: you must be Mr. tej
Tej: nice to meet you
Shivaay: come lets sit over here
Lawyer: so any case you wanted to discuss with me
Shivaay: yes this is the file
Anika: was coming down to go to the kitchen
Rudra: bhabhi where is my protein shake
Anika: near your treadmill
Rudra: ok
Shivaay uhh they can’t see someone sitting here
Anika: comes to the main floor and sees a meeting going on
Anika: now I have to wait until he leaves to eat
Anika is about to leave but she sees the lawyers face
Anika: mamu and goes to hug him
Tej and shivaay get shocked
Lawyer: Anika beta tum
Anika: mamu you forgot after you left to Canada
Lawyer: of course not tu to mere choti princess ha
Anika: what are you doing here
Lawyer: I here because of work
Anika: oh where is bade mamu
Lawyer: he is at a meeting
Anika: mamu are you coming to Karan’s business party
Lawyer: that’s why I came to India I am buying the new model now I will talk to you later first let me finish my meeting
Anika: ok mamu
Shivaay: umm here is the file
Lawyer: Anika beta read this for me
Shivaay: what
Anika: ok mamu
Anika mamu you won’t take this case
Shivaay: why Anika
Anika: because I said so
Lawyer: pass me the papers
Shivaay: give me a better answer
Lawyer: oh I see why Anika if they want it let them they must have some profit in this and how many times have I told you personal matters and business are different
Anika: but mamu
Lawyer: Anika
Lawyer: Mr: shivaay did you read these these papers
Shivaay: umm yes
Lawyer: so are you sure you want this deal
Tej: yes we just want you to approve it
Anika: but
Lawyer: oh yeah shivaay congrats for your wedding where is your wife
Shivaay: right here pointing at Anika
Lawyer: anika you got married but shivaay was supposed to get married to Ms.tia kappor
Anika: woo and tells him how they got married except the part of her getting forced
Lawyer: ohh that’s why you are not letting them sign the deal
Anika: the site you guys want to buy before was a place where a lot of people died that’s why the owner is giving it to you in half price
Tej: what
Anika: that’s why I told you guys not to sign the papers
Tej: thank you beta you saved us today
Anika: Bade papa you called me beta but also said thank you you don’t have to say thank you
Lawyer: Anika so did you finish you M.B.A
Anika: no
L: fashion designing
Anika: no
Lawyer: cooking
Anika: no
Lawyer: did you finish anything
Anika: no
Tej I will take you leave
Shivaay: Anika you did all these things
Anika: umm I did but I left them incomplete
Mamu: like her mom even she never completed anything but she learned it
You know shivaay beta when her mom got married it was her first rasam of cooking and she didn’t know how to cook she made something so bad that her mother in law didn’t let her cook for 5 years next day she came home crying telling me to hire a cook to teach her how to cook
Anika: mamu can you tell mami that I am coming to learn cooking from her tomorrow
Mamu: ok now I will take your leave
Now there is only shivika downstairs
Shivaay: Did you finish anything in your life
Anika: I am going to
Shivaay: which subject
Anika: you
Shivaay: what
Anika: why did you have to say did you finish anything in front of my mamu
Shivaay: what it’s the truth
Anika: so it’s the truth that your name is billuji
Shivaay: stop calling me that
Anika: billuji billuji billuji
Shivaay: panika panika panika
Anika sees a glass of water and throws it on his face
Khanna was recording the whole thing
Anika: come you have to cook food I only know how to cook sweets and alo puri
Shivaay: of course and plz don’t let sahil do what you did
Anika: shut up
Shivaay: wow people these days can’t hear the truth
Anika: go make breakfast or else I will make it
Shivaay: and everyone else will go to the hospital

Anika: aj billuji ko both maza ar a tha ab inko seka thi hon ( he was having lots of fun now I will teach him) putting salt in the breakfast
Shivaay: see this is called cooking
Anika: of course you are a 5 stars restaurant cook
Rudra: bahiya why are you wet plus he are you both talking so nicely
Shivaay: we don’t always fight
Khanna: rudra sir do you want today’s latest video
Anika: nooo

Precap: romya new track

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