Ishqbaaz ff by lovely epi 1


Hi friends u all might be think what new thing might i be writing pls forgive for any error

The story begins here

Shivaay will be looking at photo and be crying anika today is u r death anniversery. ( must be shocked ?????) do u remember how we met and how we got married it all begin


A girl is shown driving scooty wearing a white top and jeans and other side a man will be driving car suddenly both of they are car and scooty crash she tells are u blind he says u r s is just a scooty my car is brand new . He says that Ican give money for what i broke can u asks then gives money and removes his sunglasses does his signature step ( shivaay singh oberoi) then she comes and breaks his car glass and tells even i can give money for what i broke she gives money in his and leaves this all was noticed by his bodyguard who recorded this and sent to rudra . Rudra shows this to dadi and omkara the cup their mouth. Dadi tells something is special in her that shivaay only got stunned.


A woman is shown coming out from car and entering a big mansion a boy comes and hugs her and says mama she says ansh beta u did u r hw is says yes mamma .

Precap:past present mixture

Who is that lady?
What is their past?

There are more twists ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
See u guys in next epi ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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  1. Hello lovely , loved ur ff ?? please continue

  2. Try to write a bit larger di

  3. anika is died.very bad.pls do something to bring shivika scene.

    1. You will understand the story it has many twists when u see next epi pls reply

  4. Lovely,very nice intro plz continu

  5. Omg such a new topic in ISHQBAAZ fanfic… Cool… But pls make it longer… Updates time doesn’t matter we want the long stories!??

  6. It is awesome….pls post soooonnn….please…

  7. Nice intro….plz try to write it a bit more…..

  8. HarSHaN

    Twister travels!!Death,Spl Twists inside the Twist of Past..So,now I think about the modify of nxt in my writing bcoz Like Ur strt!!,I made the nxt..Nycc epi…Strt with a TwistLuv!!Waiting to see the nxt soon….

  9. Yazhu

    Nice one yaar lovely….but Anika’s dead…why is that???..I know you’ll answer for that soon…but what to do that was the first question that araised in my mind when I read those lines…think that ur ff’s having so many twists…waiting for ur next update…

  10. Nice ff… but make it longer

    I think that lady is Anika… What say?

  11. It’s really good. Do many twists anika died and then the lady came and ansh is calling her mama oh mh godd waiting for the next one. Plz make it longer if u want

  12. really ñice ….but please continue this ff …please

  13. Sunehri

    amazing lovely di

    keep going

    sunehri mehta <3

  14. Ananya7044

    nice start do continue

  15. […] See u next episode will be uploaded on 28th Epi1 […]

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