Ishqbaaz FF…. Love You Zindagi (Episode 7)

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Now let’s move to epi 7 of LYZ….

It’s morning
Anika wakes up. She smiles thinking of their pillow fight. She turns around but does not find Shivaay besides her. She looks around room.
Ani: Where did Shivaay go early morning??
Suddenly her eyes struck at clock. She cups her mouth seeing the time. It’s 7:50
Ani: oh noo…how can I sleep till late…and this billuji…he could have at least woke me up nd go…(she looks at condition of room covered by pillow feathers) how will I clean this mess????…

She jumps out of bed takes her dress nd heads towards bathroom.
Shivaay is in the bathroom. He removes his shirt. He looks at his toe which is hurt.
Shi: I should have been careful while walking…but how can I…my mind is filled with Anika thoughts….
A smile crept on his face. He opens the tap to wash his toe but no water comes. He taps on the tap. But no water. He opens all other taps nd shower but still no water.
Shi: fhat the wuck!!!!!…. Not even a single drop.
He again tries. Just then Anika enters bathroom and stands in front of mirror
ShivIka doesn’t see each other as bath area nd dressing area is separated by a curtain. Anika is removing her saree. But just then Shivaay moves curtain nd come from other side. Both are shocked to see each other. Anika closes her eyes seeing Shivaay shirtless.
Ani: Shivaay….u……
But Shivaay shock turns to a smirk. He is mesmerized seeing his wife’s hotness..Anika suddenly realised that she has removed her saree . She hurriedly takes it nd tries to cover her self. But just then water comes from all taps nd shower. Both of them get drenched. Shivaay pulls Anika closer to him. Saanson ko saans………
Shi: good morning wifey…what to do..universe wanted us to have morning romance……nd u know about water scarcity now…. Both of us want to bath….so why to waste so much water..let’s bath together…
Anika is hell surprised…her face turns red….she is about to speak.. but Shivaay keeps his fingers on her lips. He slowly runs his fingers down her chin, neck….Anika closes her eyes completely feeling Shivaay. He kisses her shoulder, neck, cheek, forhead nd slowly move towards her lips. But this time didn’t defend nd let him. They shared a deep passionate kiss.

Ishana wakes up nd find herself sleeping on Om’s chest. She looks at Om nd smiles. She recalls their kiss nd blushes. She looks around nd then came a sudden realization…
Ish: O Teri….this is my home….
She looks at Om who is sleeping peacefully.
Ish: Om..Om…get up…it’s late…Om…
Om:(sleepy) let me sleep plz…5 minutes..
Ish: noooooo….get up…
Om finally gets up.
Om: Good morning Ishu…
Ish: noo…it’s gonna be a bad morning if u don’t leave now.
Om: Leave???…( Just then he realize that he is in Ishana’s room) Oh God….
Ish: Come on..u have to go now…Papa or Nisha can come here anytime
Nishana is Ishana’s younger sister. She is lovingly called Nisha.
Om: how???
Ish: That’s what even I’m thinking
Om: Wait…
He goes near window nd sees ladder.
Om: the ladder is still here….I’ll go..bye…
Ish: thank God…bye..
Om gets down ladder nd gives flying kiss to Ishana. Ishana catches it nd waves bye. Om waves back nd leaves.

Someone enters Oberoi mansion nd goes to kitchen. The person turns on gas stove nd hides.
ShivIka come down.
Dadi: At last….u have come…is this time to get up…
Shi: dadi….that…I..we..we slept late yesterday…soo…
Rud: it’s ok dadi…they must have worked hard yesterday night…
Elders giggle. ShivIka give him a deadly.glare.
Rud:I….I..I mean office work…
Dadi: ok…ok…now listen..after breakfast u all youngsters must go for shopping. Tmrw is Om’s mehandi..
All nods yes.
Pinky: I’ll get tea.
She goes to kitchen nd sees teapot.
Pinky: this is not enough for all…I’ll make some more.
She sets everything nd tries to light matchstick.
Priyanka passes near kitchen nd stops
Pri: what’s this smell?..
She smells nd see Pinky in kitchen.
Pri: Gas is leaking!!…….!!!!..
She runs to Pinky nd shouts.
Pri: Choti Maa….don’t light it.
She runs nd snatches away match box. Family rushes to little hearing the sound.
Sau: what hppnd??
Tej: why did u shout.
Jan: wait…it’s gas smell
Prinku turns off gas stove.
Pri: Gas was leaking….Choti Maa was about to light matchstick…I stopped her.
All r shocked.
Shakti: thank god Pinky ur safe..
Shi: mom…u should be many times should I tell????…
Pinky:I didn’t know…
Dadi: now its over..Pinky don’t worry…Anika..give her water.
Pinky drinks water.
Dadi: now all of u come for breakfast

Precap: in dining room. Anika asks where is Om. All tell that they haven’t seen him. Rudra tells that he might be.sleeping as his room was locked from inside. Shivaay tells that Om usually wake up early. They decide to check.

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