Ishqbaaz FF…. Love You Zindagi (Episode 6)

Ishana is in her room. She is lying on the bed and smiling. The reason of her smile is none other than Om. She tries to sleep but she is unable to do so. She turns from one side to another. But still sleep has said goodbye to her. She gets up and sit.
Ish: O God…This Om is drivinge crazy. I can’t even sleep well. He has stolen my sleep along with my heart. (Smiling) But I’m enjoying it.
She takes out her phone and smiles seeing Om’s photos.
Ish: I love u Om. Don’t know how it happened…but it just happened…I love u…
She kisses his photo. Suddenly someone speaks from her right side.
” It would be great if u would give that kiss on my lips”
Ishana is shocked hearing the sound. Her eyes bulge out?…She quickly turns and finds Om sitting on window sill.
Ish: Om!!!!…..
Om waves hi to her nd gets into the room.
Ish: Om…what r u doing here..??? What if anyone sees u??
Om: o helloooo….I didn’t come to meet you on my own wish…u called me..
Ish: me..????… I did not call u
Om: really!!! U were thinking of me all the while sitting here and I was dying of hiccups there. So I came to meet u…and now u have problem in it…then fine..I am going
Om turns but ishana hug h frm behind..
Ish:’t go. You took all pain to see me….U came through window..
Om passes a victory smile nd turn to Ishana. He pulls her closer. She blushes.
Om: ok…I’m not going..I will stay with u the whole night..
Kaun tujhe plays………..they have an eyelock.
Om: by the by…I saw u giving something to my photo.. it would be great if you give it to me now.
He smiles naughtily. Ishana understands.
Ish: w..what..what??
Ishana smiles nd moves away. But Om holds her hand and pulls her closer to him.
Om: (whispers in her ears) kiss….
He turns her to his side. Ishana gently pushes him and runs. Om runs behind her nd finally catches her. Both slip nd fall on bed.
Om: don’t worry… I won’t force anything on you. I will wait till ur ready..
Om gets up to leave. Ishana holds him from
behind. She cups his face nd kisses his lips. Om is first surprised but then reciprocate. They share a passionate kiss.

RuMya room.
Rudra comes running to Saumya.
Rud: Sumo… tomorrow is the last day to submit Economics project. I did not even start..pls help sumo..else Mr Bose would kill me tmrw.
Rudra starts his drama. Saumya looks on as he speak. Hua hai aaj pehli baar…………….
Saumya laughs listening to Rudra’s talks.
Sau: Ok ok…I will help u.
Saumya brings laptop and both sit nd do project. They r arranging papers.
Sau: put this paper first….
Rud: no…this paper is good…I will put this first.
Sau: no…put this…this is better
Rud: no…it’s my project
Sau: o really…I did this for u..
They start fighting. They throw papers, pens, markers on each other. Saumya put liquid glue on Rudra’s hair. Rudra throws paint on her face. They yell at each other and turns their faces to opposite side.

Priyanka is in her room thinking about how Ranveer saved her.
Pri: he again saved me. That tooo in same day. I must thank him. But how??? How will i speak???
She looks out through window nd see Ranveer with police officers.
She goes down nd sees that the officers have left nd he is alone.
Pri:( gathers courage) E..Ex…Excuse me..
Ranveer turns and sees her. Priyanka gets scared.
Pri: plss don’t tell anything….I just came to thank u…thank u…u saved my life again..that too in same day..I know it’s ur duty…but still thank u.
She tells everything in one breathe and turns nd runs away before Ranveer could say something.
Rnv: strange girl…..

Precap: Someone enters Oberoi mansion nd opens gas stove. Pinky comes to kitchen and is going to light fire.

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    Tht was actually reallly reallly good! I just read this episode im gonna now go back nd read allllll of the others ?!

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