Ishqbaaz FF… Love You Zindagi (Episode 2)


This is Aami back with epi 2 of LYZ. Thankuuuuuu for the comments for first epi. Waiting for more.

Om’s room
Om is in deep sleep but his sleep is disturbed by a phone call.
Om: who is calling me early morning….(sleepy) hello….
Ish: Hello my dear honewala patidev…Good morning… what were u all the while?
Om: Good morning ishu….I was sleeping..I will complete my sleep nd call u..bye
Ish: (angry) what?!!!!…. U were sleeping all the while??? …. Do you know what’s today’s speciality??…

Om: what??…I had to complete a statue. So I slept late.
Ish: (angry) it’s our engagement…!!!!!.. and u slept late. U will have dark circles around ur eyes…!!!!!…
Om: need to shout…I’m not deaf. I can hear. ears
Ish:ok I’m sorry….
Suddenly she notices the time.
Ish:o Teri….it’s late. I have to go to parlor now. Else I ll look funny in engagement.
Om: but still I will love you….
Ish:(teary eyed) I love you too….
Kaun tujhe plays…………..
Ish: ok bye Om…see you at evening.
Om: I will be waiting.. bye..
They both smile nd cut the call.

Rudra is sitting near pool with his leg in water. He is having a sad face. Saumya come there nd sees rudra.
Sau: helloooo protein shake…what happened? Why r u sitting with sad face.
Rud: Sumo….after Shivaay bhaiya now O is also
becoming paraya dhaan…now I am alone.
Sau: so u also want to be paraya dhaan??
Rud: no never….but I’m scared. After ishkara shaadi everyone will be behind me. They will try to make me paraya dhaan….Noooooo!!!!!….sumo pls help me. I’ll get heart attack now.

Rudra starts his drama. He starts crying.
Sau: shut up cry baby…..stop over reacting…
Rud: ambulance…..!!!!!….come fast…Sumo I’m scared. They will make the hot nd handsome Rudy a paraya dhaan….Aaahhh…nooo..
Sau:o god….shut up rudra….nothing will happen…I can’t tolerate..bye I’m going.
She is about to leave but slips. Rudra holds her but he also slips and both fall in pool. They get up. Rudra is holding saumya around her waist.saumya is clutching his shirt tightly. They have an eyelock. Hua he aaj pehli baar………..

Priyanka is going to college by walking.
Pri: what a timing….the car had to break down now itself. I will be late for exam nd today is auto strike….
Some goons see her. They follow her. She gets scared nd walk faster. Goons stop her.
Goon1: oye oye…what a beauty….
Goon2: those beautiful eyes….those red lips. I feel like biting it.
Pri: pls Leave me. Let me go. Pls.
A goon forward his hand to remove her displays. Someone holds his hand. He moves Prinku behind him. Goon whispers ACP Randhawa
Rnv: wow…u identified me correctly…I am ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa.
He twists the goons hand.
Rnv: Never ever repeat this…or else..u can’t imagine what I can do. Now say sorry to her.
Goons: Sorry behen…pls forgive us
The goons run away
Pri: Th….Thank you Sir….
Rnv: it’s our duty. Wait…you r from Oberoi family right?
Pri: yes

Rnv: your name?
Pri: Priyanka
Rnv: where are u going?? I’ll drop you. It’s auto strike today.
Pri: Excel college..
Prinku first hesitates but thinking of goons..gets in. Ranveer drops her. She thanks him.

Anika is working in kitchen with Pinky nd Janvi. Shivaay comes down nd see Anika. He tries to call her. She does not hear. He throws paper but it falls on Janvi. Janvi turns nd Shivaay hides behind pillar. After some time Anika sees him nd smiles. Shivaay winks at her nd ask her to come. Anika says no. Shivaay gives flying kiss to her. Anika blushes. Pinky sees ShivIka romance nd smiles.
Pinky sings.
Pin: do dil mil Rahe hai…magar chupke chupke…
ShivIka understands nd blushes.?

Precap: IshKara engagement. Police come there. Shivaay asks what’s this nonsense. Ranveer comes nd asks him to cool down. Family looks on.

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