IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals (Introduction)


IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals

The Ranas—The Rivals

Ranas are the biggest business Rivals of Oberois. Not just business they have other reason of rivelry too, which oberois too dont know. Siddharth & Anika Hate the oberois most.

Surbhi Chandana as Anika Vikram Rana — Second Daughter of Vikram & Ketki. She is Joint MD of Rana Industries, But very few ppl know her.She is a swred business women. She is on a mission. She works as wedding planner for Oberois. They think that She is an Orphan. Twin Sister of Siddharth. Elder Sister of Sameer, Gautam & Sahil. Younger Sister of Mushkaan Rana. Loves her Family alot.

Shaleen Malhotra as Siddharth Vikram Rana — First Son of Vikram-Ketki. MD of Rana Industries. Twin Brother of Anika. Elder Brother of Sameer, Gautam & Sahil. Younger Brother of Mushkaan Rana. Loves his family alot.

Karan Suchak as Sameer Vikram Rana — Second Son of Vikram-Ketki. He is a Doctor. Younger Brother of Mushaan, Siddharth & Anika. Elder Brother of Gautam & Sahil. Loves his Family alot.

Yuvraj Thakur as Gautam Vikram Rana —
Third Son of Vikram-Ketki. He is a college student. Younger brother of Mushkaan, Siddharth , Anika & Sameer. Elder to Sahil. Loves his Family alot.

Aaryan Prajapati as Sahil—
He is adopted by Vikram & Ketki. He is10 yrs old. He walks with the help of crutches. Calls Vikram & Ketki as Mom – Dad… Loves his family alot. Specially Anika…

Dhrashti Dhami as Mushkaan Vikram Rana–
First child of Vikram-Ketki…
Elder Sister of Anika , Siddhart , Sameer , Gautam & Sahil. Loved Them alot. She was very close to Siddharth & Anika… (Dead) (Will be seen in flashback)

Naved Aslam as Vikram Rana–
Father of Mushkan, Anika , Siddhart , Sameer , Gautam & Sahil. Director of Rana Industries.

Mansi Salvi as Ketki Rana–
Mother of Mushkan, Anika , Siddhart , Sameer , Gautam & Sahil.

Kunickaa Sadanand–
Grand Mother of Mushkan, Anika , Siddhart , Sameer , Gautam & Sahil.

The Oberois—

Nakuul Mehta as Shivaaye Singh Oberoi (Shame as show)

Kunal Jai Singh as Omkaara Singh Oberoi (Shame as show)

Leenesh Matto as Rudra Singh oberoi (Shame as show)

Surbhi Jyoti as Mallika oberoi– Daughter of Pinky & Shakti.

Subha Rajput as Priyanka Oberoi (Shame as show)

Mahesh Thakur as Tej Singh Oberoi

Dadi- Grand mother of Shivaaye,Om, Rudra & Priyanka…

Mrinal Deshraj as Jhanvi Singh Oberoi

Siraj Mustafa Khan as Shakti Singh Oberoi

Nikita Anand as Pinky Singh Oberoi

Negative Characters —

Reyhna Malhotra as Svetlana, Tej’s mistress and secretary

Gayatri– An evil lady, Enemy of oberois

Vishwa preet Kaur– Roop Singh Oberoi, Sister of Tej & Shakti, evil…

Shireena Sambyal- Riddhima.. Is behind Om just for money.

Navina Bole- Tia Kapoor , cunning…

Krissann Barretto – She is a pshyco girl.

Other Leads—

Neha Laxmi Iyyer – As Soumya Khanna (as in show)

Vrushika Mehta – As Ishaana (as in show)

Tejasswi Prakash – As Dr.Aarti.

** Note***
The track is same as in show… Only Mallika entry is late… & in this ff Mallika will be Shivaaye’s sister. And Anika is a Rana abt her oberois dont know. The story will begin with the episode were Shivaaye throws Anika out.

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