IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals… CH–8

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Its Morning—
Anika wakes up & gets fresh. She wakes Sahil up.
Anika- Sahil common get ready.
Sahil- Yes Dii… Btw u are looking to happy today.
Anika- Yes, i am… u will know the reason soon. Now go & have bath.
Sahil goes.
Anika (self thought)- Chhalo main bhi apni lines yaad karlu…. Aakhir ittna bada bomb jo phutne walla hai… She smriks.
In Oberoi’s kitchen–
Shivaaye was making breakfast as usual. Om & Rudra come there.
Om- Good Morning, Shivaaye….
Rudra- Good Morning Bhaiya…
Shivaaye – Good Morning OmRu…
Om- Btw what are u making.
Shivaaye- Pasta, grilled toast & salad.
That sounds yumm…. Said Mallika who just came. She wishes them Gm. Soumya & Prinka too comes.
Rudra makes a face seeing Soumya, while she tries to hold her laughter.
After giving Sahil his dress, Anika to came out of the room. She goes to Dadi, who was sitting in her room.
She knocks the door.
Anika- Dadi main andar aa jaau.
Dadi- Arrey aao na Anika puttar. Tumhe izzazat ki jarrurat nahi hai.
Anika enter.
Anika– Woh Dadi main kucch kahna chahati thhi.
Dadi- Haa bol puttar.
Anika (Making a sad face)- Dadi, woh main Thank u kahne aayi thhi, ki aapne merre saath saath Sahil ko bhi yaha rahne diya. Warna mujhe usski phikar laggi rahti.
Dadi- Arrey Anika puttar iss mein Thank u , waali kaun sii baat hai… Tum aur Sahil abb iss ghar ka hissa hi toh ho…. Haa…. Main toh tum logg ko billu ki shaadi ke baad bhi na jaane doo.
Anika smiles & says- Dadi woh aap ko kucch table cloth ke kapde dikhane thhe….
Dadi – Haa main abhi le karr aayi…. She goes towards her almirah.
Anika smriks & thinks– Gabraaye nahi dadi , main yaha se kahi bhi nahi jaa rahi…. tab tak toh bilcul nahi jab tak aap ke iss parivaar ki barbaadi na karr doo….
Dadi comes with some clothes.
Dadi- Haa puttar yeh kucch kapde hai, tujhe kaun sa pasand hai.
Anika takes it & was abt to select , just then they hear Tej shouting.
Dadi- Abb Tej ko kya hua… She stands & goes towards hall.
Anika smiles & thinks- Jayiye Dadi jayiye…. Aap ke aur Aap ke iss pariwaar ko merra pahela gift milla hai aaj….
She too goes towards Hall.
In the hall–
Hearing Tej shouting everybody came in hall. Shakti, Pinky, Janvhi & everyone.
Shivaaye- What happened Bade Papa?? Any problem…
Tej – Problem??? Khud he dekh lo… He hand over 4-5 diff newspaper to Shivaaye.
Shivaaye takes the news paper & look at them shocked.
Dadi- Kya hua Billu…. Aisa kya hai inn news paper mein…..
Om- Haa shivaaye bollo….
Shakti takes the papers from Shivaaye. He is shocked too.
Dadi- Arrey koi bataye gaa… Kya hai…..
Shivaaye- Dadi woh…. Inn mein Likha hai “Omkara Singh Oberoi , 2nd son of Oberoi family is a drug addict.”
All were shocked. They knew Omkara was taking drugs but he had left it & the biggest thing was who licked it.
Dadi stumbles. Anika who was beside her holds her & make her sit.
Rudra opens the News Channel. And all were shocked to see Omkara’s news on it.
They were also showing pics & videos of Omkara taking drugs & abt his stay in Rehab home.
Just then a security guard came & says that there are lot of Media ppl on gate & asking for Omkara.
All look at Omkara. Who was in tears. Shivaye goes to him & hugs him.
Shivayye- Dont worry OM. Everything will be fine…
Om breaks the hug & says– Nothing can happen now Shivaaye, Nothing… And what will u say, they are showing truth only…. He goes to his room.
All gets tensed, while Anika smriks……
Screen freezes on her smriking face & tensed faces of Oberois……

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