IshqBaaz FF – A Love Story Of Rivals (CH-2)

Scene starts in Anika ‘s House–
They break the hug.
Sid- So Ani, have u thought abt way to re-enter the Oberoi mansion.
Anika (smriks)- Dont worry Sid, as much as i know them, i will be inside very soon.
Sameer- BTW, Mom & Dad where asking abt U & Sahil dii.
Gautam – Yaa, & we have managed.
Sid- Its good that Mom-Dad are in europe, otherwise we wld not been able to take our revenge.
Anika- Yes…
Sid gets a call , he talks & cuts it.
Siddharth- Ani.. Some foreign delegates are coming , so i have to leave take care … Haa..
Anika nods.
They all hug & Sid leaves. Sameer & Gautam to leaves for Rana Mansion.

Scene shifts to Oberoi Mansion—
Dadi- Billu…. Whatever u did with Anika was wrong? U did not even let her say a word.
Shivaaye- Dadi, u are still taking her side. She allowed Dev to meet priyanka even when i asked her not to.
Om- No Shivaaye, may be she had a reason. U shld have let her speak.
Shivaaye- Plz Om dont take that ‘s girl side.
Dadi- But Billu….. (She was cut off by a voice)
Hello everyone….. What’s up…

Everyone turned towards the voice. All are happy.
Pinky- O my Mata!!!!!! Mallika…..
She enters the house.
Takes the blessing frm all. & hugs her bros & prinku.
Mallika- So Shivaaye bhai….. whats happening here.
Om & Rudy tells her everything abt Anika.
Mallika– Wow… what a girl…. Finally who can give takkar to my bro. Haa….
Shivaaye glares at her , While others supress there smile.
Priyanka- Btw bhai, actually i wanna say something.
All looks at her.
Priyanka- Actually, wo Anika did not bring Dev to meet me. Haa bhaiya…. He came to me through window, i was scared , so took him to my room. Just then Anika saw us …. She was taking Dev to u only but… u misunderstood her.
All are shocked.
Rudy- Dekha bhaiya…. aur aap bematlab Anika didi parr gussa gaye…
Om- Haa Shivaaye…. Rudy is right…
Mallika- Haa bhai… after knowing everything, i think u shld say sorry to her.
Dadi — Haa billu….
Shivaaye- Stop!! Ok fine… I will say…..
Dadi-Okay, then go & bring her here.
Shivaaye – kk dadi…..
Screen freezes on Shivaaye’s face……

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow nice. Why ranas are plotting against oberoi?. Waiting for the next buddy

    1. Ck1234

      u will gotta know everything….
      btw if u are on IF u can read it there also… i have updated 13 chaps till now… And ya dont forget to comment there …kk…

  2. nice intresting concept but plz upload daily

  3. Shivika

    wow nyc…….eagerly waiting 4 nxt

  4. Priyanka_22

    nice update dear

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