ishqbaaz ff is this love (Part 18)

In a dark & deserted place, few people had gathered

Guy : where the hell those rulers disappear suddenly, I want them all destroyed

Lady : I don’t know what to say, even the kapoors seems unreachable

Another guy : I want them all destroyed, specially that rana always had been a thorn in my path

Girl : don’t forget their daughter’s

Lady : yeah, I hate those so called daughters of rana’s & randhawar’s

Guy : you’re forgetting that unknown daughter of Rawte’s, their property & hierarchy is so confusing, it’s not clear who is the heir of the whole property, rana’s property in rawte’s name, rawte’s in randhawar’s name & randhawar’s in rana’s name, yet it’s not clear who will get what, can’t we just kill all of them

Lady : no, we won’t get a single penny then all will be given to some orphanage or some silly trust

Guy : but, we still can get the whole oberoi property by just finishing those three brothers

Girl : and I’ll, don’t worry guys, we will win this time, our so long revenge plan will finally fall in it’s place

Another person : don’t act like an idiot, haven’t you seen the news

Girl : which news ??

Person : omkara oberoi is getting married to Ishana Rana & priyanka oberoi is getting engaged to ranveer randhawar

Lady : how is this possible, they are sworn enemies, I myself made sure of it that they never get reunited ever again

Girl : but everything is changing now, and that omkara is not like shivaye who will stick with his family, he went against them first for anika & now ishana but I didn’t knew that meek priyanka will follow her brother’s foot steps

Guy : then we will destroy them all on the day it all begin, we will destroy them for once & all

Lady : till then we have to wait for the right time, to seek vengeance …………..

On the other side

In anika’s room

Anika was happy yet sad to be in her old room, every nok every corner of the house was reminding her of her childhood, she was visualizing herself with her brothers laughing & playing in this room, jumping on the bed, hiding under the bed & talking well how seriously they talked about silly matters, she just couldn’t stop her tears here, how afraid she was of darkness & how for her only both kabir & arjun bhai slept in her room, so she won’t feel scared, anika wanted those times back, anika wanted time to move backwards, to the world she shows herself as a stone hearted, strong girl , she pretends nothing affects her but at the end of the day she is just a little girl who wants love & care & she is glad her brothers are always with her no matter how hurt they are, how tired they are, they are always with her. how, she wish shivaaye could be like that, how she wish, she just

Anika pov

No, anika you can’t think about him, if it’s all about his family & brothers for him then so is it for you, you can’t let your love destroy your family, he wasn’t there when you cried in your sleep, he was not there to console you when you missed your parents, he was never there for you, then how can you let him destroy who was there for you, I just wish aai was here to hold me still, to tell me what to do when your love is not yours, I’m so confused mom, I want to give him a chance, I want to live with him, I want to cry with him & somewhere in my heart I don’t, mom I need you, I need you, but I won’t be with him mom, till I give you justice mom, if he still wants to me after everything ends then I’ll give him chance otherwise I’m happy without him, I don’t need him, I don’t need him ( she was trying to make her believe & unknown to her tears were flowing out of her eyes)

End of pov

Arjun : pari

Anika : ha, bhai ( trying to hide her tears)

Arjun : you’re not that big as you think baccha, you will never ever be able to hide your tears from me, ab batao kya hua ??

Anika : aai ki yaad aa rhi hai bhai

Arjun : mujhe bhi baccha, but aai humein aise rote huye dekhkr khush toh nhi hongi na

Anika : I know bhai, remember how we used to play in this room & how kabir always used to kick us in his sleep

Arjun : yeah, he is crazy from childhood only, I just can’t believe how come he be our brother

Kabir : because I’m awesome & I got such a boring siblings

Anika : gappu, when did you came ??

Kabir : just now dii, cause baba had sent bhai to call you for lunch & bhai forget so I’m here to call you for lunch, even though I didn’t wanted to cause I would get to eat you two’s gajjar ka halwa too if I didn’t come to call you but dad’s order’s, so unfair

Arnika : teri toh, gappu ruk ( as arjun & anika ran after kabir to catch him, while kabir repeated in mind plan successful & ran screaming bacchao, he reached the dining room & hid behind riya )

Kabir : baba, bhai aur di mujhe maar dalenge ( dad, brother & sister will kill me)

Surya : arju, ani tum mere gappu ko tang kyu kr rhe hai

Arnika : mom, gappu said he will eat our halwa

Sumitra : aap log abhi chotte bacche thori na ho, jo baccho ki tarah lad rhe ho ( you guys are not kids that you’re fighting like kids )

Arnika : but ma

Siya : chup chap, khane baithiye

Arnika grumbled under their breaths & looked well glared at kabir & sat at their respective seats while the others gave them teasing glances while oberoi’s gaped at them

Jhanvi : siya ji, agar aap bura na mane toh kya hum abhi om aur prinku ki engagement ki baat krte hai

Siya : ha, mein aur sumitra bhi yahi soch rhe the, humare bacche ek dusre ko bohot pasand krte hai, unki khushi k liye hum purani baato ko thori der k liye bhaula skte hai

Jhanvi : humein yeh toh nhi pta, aap kin purani baato ki baat kr rhi hai pr hum aapk is faisle se khush hai

Sumitra : hum pandit ji se jald hi baat krenge aur date fix kr denge

Ranveer : mom , engagement 1 week baad hogi

Siya : kyu ??

Arjun : mom, pls ek week baad ki date nikalwana pls

Sumitra : accha, chalo humne nikalwa di but kya aap sb taiyari kr lenge ??

Om : yeah, mom aap chinta mat kariye sari taiyari ho jayengi

Surya : kuch gadbad toh nhi na ??

Vikram : ha, tum logo ne pehle se hi kuch socha toh nhi

Arjun : no, dad , aap bekar mein shak kr rhe ho

Siya : ok fir hum pandit ji se baat krte hai

Sumitra : one more thing looking at Tia, sorry beta, Dhanush ne pehle humein aapk bare mein nhi bataya, iss wajah se hum aapka acche se swagat nhi kr paye but hum chahte hai ki ranveer, ishana k sath-sath hum aapki aur dhanush ki bhi engagement krwana chahte hai, aapko koi problem toh nhi

Dhanush : but mom

Siya : D humne aapse nhi pucha, Mrs. Kapoor aap bataiye ??

Mrs kapoor : I’ll be very happy to do so, mein khud apni beti ki shadi nhi dekh payi circumstances ki wajah se, it’ll be my pleasure

Sumitra : ok, its decided then & D stop making faces

D : but mom we are here on a mission, my duty is to safeguard you & I cant risk it because of this engagement

Siya : but aapne kaha yeh safehouse hai, so kya problem hai

D : mom, ma aap nhi samajh rhe

Siya : hum kya nhi samajh rhe ( D was about to reply when Rv held his hand & nodded in negative)

D : nothing mom, I’ll do as you say

Sumitra : well, everything is settled then & my breakfast is also over, siya ?

Siya : mine too (looking at jhanvi ,pinky, dadi & Mrs kapoor ) are you finished ??

Dadi : ha puttar

Siya : aayiye humare sath, hum iss rishte ki baat bhi kr lenge aur sari arrangements kaise krni hai yeh decide kr lete hai

Dadi : chaliye

( all the elders left from there well jb unki wife’s jar hi thi toh husband ko bhi jana hi tha & vikram aur dev surya ko kaise chod skte the, so they all left)

Svetlana : best wishes for your engagement om ( she spoke with glassy eyes)

Om : thank you

D : can you guys excuse me for some time, I need free air ( he went from their angrily )

Rv,om, ishana, anika, riya, malika,priyanka , arjun & sid looked at each other & said excuse us too pls & left from there

Shivaye : rudy, kuch toh gadbad hai

Rudy : agent rudy also thinking so bhai, humein pta lgana prega

Saumya : it will be better if we don’t interfere in their personal matter rudra & bhaiya

Shivaye : but saumya it’s about om & prinku’s life also, we have to find out, I can’t let them endanger their lives , I sweared to be their protector always

Rudy : yeah, it’s about my o & prinku

Saumya : alright for them then ( while this three were whispering among themselves nobody noticed the teary eyed Svetlana, tia & romi )

Tia : he hates me di, he is angry because mom wanted us to get engaged again, he is not ready to accept me

Svet : don’t worry tia, it will be alright, he will accept you after all he loves you

Tia : I hope so dii, I love him too much, I can’t live without him

Svet : don’t worry everything will be alright

Tia : I hope so di, I just hope so

On the other side with the gang

D was on the terrace when the gang reached him

Rv : D. calm down bro

D : how can I Rv

Anika : D, you’re forgetting mom don’t know anything about it & you’re not ready to accept tia, but pls don’t react like this it will hurt them

D : I’m not angry about it, ani , but it’s just that we are going to use the engagement as the bait, the assassins will come to finish us on that day, it is all drama & I can’t risk their life more than it already is in, see if me, Rv, ishana all of us are busy in engagement or are on the stage who will keep eye on the guest, what if this planned fail, we will fail to save everyone, already om & prinku r risking their lives

Arjun : I know what you are feeling D, we all are feeling the same but see we are a team & family too, we will never leave each others side right & we will handle this situation also, like we always have

Sid : yeah & bro you guys r in police doesn’t mean, me & kabir are not capable of doing anything we’ll also keep an eye on everyone, so don’t worry this much, we all are in this together aren’t we

Malika : yeah & me & riya will be around the elders guarding & looking for threats around them

Naira : yeah, we all will help bhai, don’t worry we won’t let anyone hurt your baby & wife, if you’re worried about them

D : I know you won’t guys but I just can’t lose any of you

Om : you won’t then, now tell us, how r you going to give them our location

Anika : well, kapoors are going to come in use somewhere aren’t they, roop wanted them to keep an eye on us, so they will do so

Prinku : means they are going to get to know where are we

Rv : yes, otherwise how will they able to come in our engagement pri

Arjun : shall we start the plan then ( he said forwarding his hand all of them kept their hands on his looked at each other eyes & smiled & shouted : All for one & one for all )

With shivrumya

Shiavaye : so, u both in this

Rumya : yeah, sure

Shivrumya : let’s do this then………..

Precap : dadi : puttar, we have decided an event planner to help you out

Anika : who dadi??

Arjun : who is that girl ??

Om : which girl ??

Anika : hey, who r u ??

Girl : I’m Gauri kumari Sharma, the event planner

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