Ishqbaaz ff by Kamakshive (Episode 6)

Hello hi guys.kamakshi here. I am terribly sorry guys.i am posting so late.half of my salutations get wasted in asking an apology from u guys . anyways Guys,I am not satisfied either,wit d no of comments!!silent readers,pls do d needfull. So lets get into d episode!!

Episode 6
Ishana nd om r together.anika enters d room.she says to om go freshen up.i’ll b here wit nods nd goes . anika comes nd sits near ishu nd carcasses her face goes out nd searches for shivvay.he sees tej speaking in his phone.he shouts wat d hell is dis? If something would have happned to her,then who is responsible?u guyz r gud for nothing!mark my words,whosoever has tried 2 harm my son nd I will kill him wit my own hands!!I dont even care bout my life!he disconnects d phone nd turns nd sees om.there is an akward silence betw them for a few seconds. Om gets a little moved by his words,while tej is struggling for words.their silence is interrupted by shiv.he says badepapa you go home.we r here. Dont worry nd pls b a moral support for d others.tej nods his head nd goes.shiv comes nd puts his hand on om’s shoulder.he asks r u ok?om says yeah hope so!did u inform rudra?shiv says hitting his I almost forgot.i will right away.

The scene shifts.rumya r shown.both r busy studying.rudy was bout 2 ask a doubt 2 sumo,when he sees her face.she is buried in a book so she doent notice him.for a few moments,rudy gets lost in
Sumo’s cute nd adorable face.
sumo luks up nd snaps her hand in front of him whats wrong?he nods his head in no.he says can I tell something?sumo saya as long as it is sensible,I have no problem wit it.rudy makes a long face. Sumo says ok baba,I was kidding.come on what is it?he stammers.he thinks of saying that u r cute.but he stammers like a child who is attempting 2 tell his word.she gives a questioning luk.he says can u bring some water?she slaps her head nd goes.he thinks what d hell is wrong wit me? y am I not able 2 talk 2 her?
He takes out his kerchief,wipes his face nd throws it down.he says comw on rudy u can do it.while he is rehearsing,sumo comes nd she slips on his handkerchief nd shouts.rudy turns nd they both dash themselves on d wall wit rudy holding her.they hav an is broken wit rudy’s phone ringing.they get akward.rudy attends d call nd gets freezed.

sumo notices it nd calls him but he does not respond.she makes him sit on d bed nd shakes his shoulder.rudy whats wrong wit u?pls say something. He says ishu bhabi,…met wit an accident!!sumo geta shocked,wit tears welling up in her eyes! She contols herself nd says dont u worry!nothing wil happen 2 my sister! She will never ever leave me!she loves me d most!she says come on lets go 2 d hospital,I’ll prove ur fears wrong.she drags him nd they leave.

The hospital is shown. Anika says ishu,I have heard d phrase:whatever happnes,happens only for good.but only today,I witnessed it wit my own eyes.she tells him bout tej nd om.ishu gets overjoyed nd says it it true?om hugged dad!!my god!!anika says ture enough!even I couldn’t believe my eyes for a second.they laugh!sowmya comes rushing into d room.ishka(anika+ishana)see her. Her face is stained wit tears.

She says I told rudy that nothing wil happen my sister.i was right! U r ok na?!I knew it!she wipes her tears nd hugs ishu.ishu says pagal ladki,y r u becoming senti?huh? Sumo says if something would have happened 2 u then..ishu says then?sumo cries my life would become incomplete!the reason my life is complete,is u guys!my sisters! All 3 of them have a grp hug.

Lafzon ka ye plays.The bros witness dis nd recollect their fond moments.rudy also comes nd hugs ishu.if something would have happpned 2 u bhabai,then,,I would have given up my protein shake for a week!all of them in d room laugh.

Ishana gets discharged from hospital . shivika nd ishkara moments.tej nd shiv decides 2 find out d person behind d accident. Janvhi nd priyanka return from london.

Guys,pls my appetite for comments has increased!!pls guys,satisfy my hunger!i know dis is short but I am a bit bisy these days!!pls let d comments increase. Bye bye everyone!

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  1. Very nice episode… very emotional(in a happy way)… waiting for the next one… pls post soon….

  2. Nice episode especially the last sisters scene and the bros are watching it .it is amazing

  3. Kamakshive

    Thank u so much didi

  4. Sat

    Very nice kamakshive, just waiting for the next epi. Sorry for the late comment. Anyways, please add shivika more, just want to witness their nok jhok in ur ff

  5. Plz shivika scene more their nokjhok,,,,eyelocks,,,,,are amazing so plz more shivika scene

  6. nice but plz add more of shivika wating 4 next epi

  7. Kamakshive

    Thank u guys.i am waiting for urs as well sat!!

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