Ishqbaaz ff by Kamakshive (Episode 5)

Hi guys.i am back. I am really sorry guys I couldn’t post yesterda.became a lil busy in navaraathri celeb.nd guys I also want d comments 2 increase!pls guys.all ur suggestions r welcome. So heres d 5th epi

Ishana is in deep thought.she thinks I should have been more alert.Really i cant bear 2 see om in dis state . suddenly her attention is drawn towards anika who is mumbling ek no ka billu.he has come into my life wit a reason to make me mad !Ishu nods her head in disapproval,nd sayz these guys!now I have 2 handle both these issues. Then dadi comes there wit pinky nd says its good that v went out yesterday. It was a change for both of us. Pinky says haan mummyji ghar main rehkar borings hogaya par kal tho ek dhum mast thi.ishu gets an idea. She goes to om who is busy with a painting,his hands doing d painting,his mind pondering over something else.ishu sees d painting nd says life is complicated,I agree but it all rests in our hands.but pls dont complicate things which r easy for u.he gains his senses nd sees d pianting,done in a bizarre manner.he removes his glasses nd sighs.she smiles nd says come on lets go out for lunch.he says I am no mood for all that.she says thats why I am calling u.nd remember,u used 2 say that a person always needs some fresh air?so please,at least for shivika?he nods his head.she smiles. The scene shifts. Roop,Gayathri nd swethlana r together. Swethlana burns in fury , nd says how dare she insults me?how dare she? Now I wont leave u ishana!!!I wont!Gayathri says relax.dont get hyper.she says shut up Gayathri,that lady humiliated me nd u r asking me 2 relax?roop is sitting quietly.she says now I wont spare her.she stroms out of there. Gayathri shouts at roop,y dint u stop her?roop says let her go,anger hidden inside is always sholud always let it go.nd who knows,dis might prove dangerous 2 d oberois!she laughs. The scene shifts.ishu asks rudy,aren’t u coming wit us?no bahabi

I promised sumo that I’ll be at her residence for group studies.If I am not there I am dead meat tomorrow!ishu laughs.rudy says u guyz enjoy. Bye!ishu is joined by shivika nd om.shiv says ok shall v leave?the rest nod.ishu holds om’s hand nd they leave.they reach d restaurants parking Shiv stops d car by giving a sudden break.ani gets irked nd says cant u see nd drive?shiv says dont start ur arugument now!there is no place for says I’ll park d car.u guys go ahead.the rest get down d car nd head towards d restaurant. Ishu says I’ll come wit om.u guys get inside. They agree. Shivika enter d they enter?they bump each others shoulders.shiv says she wil never ever change. They sit opposite 2 each other . both of them touch d glass of water at d same time.they luk at each other nd get awkward. The waiter gives them d menu card.both of them grab it . shiv says I wanna see it.ani saya even I want to.she manages to get it.she then sees shiv nd says hmm I think v should wait till om nd ishu come.shiv says yeah. Ishu is waiting for om nd thinks whats taking him so long? Om parks d car nd walks,his mind filled with what he saw last night. Iy flashes in front of him again nd again. D restaurant is a few yards opposite d parking.ishu suddenly gets a phone call so she turns nd doesn’t notice,not in his senses,crosses d road thinking bout d same thing. A car in full speed is racing towrads om.ishu completes d call nd turns nd sees d car coming towards om.she gets shocked. she shouts nd screams! She cries om hat jao! Om! He does not hear her cries.she runs towards om nd pushes him on d other falls down nd turns. D car hits ishana nd she gets unconscious . Meanwhile shivika come down in search of them nd r hell shocked 2 see ishana. They run towards ishu.ani takes ishu on her lap. Ishu is covered wit blood. Ani cries. Om is in a shock. He juz stands whre he is nd stares at ishu. Ani cries ishu open ur eyes. Shiv calls d ambulance.ishu is lifted nd brought inside d ambulance om is still in shock.he is freezed.shiv calls him but he doesn’t respond.he shakes him nd he comes bak 2 his senses. He says u go wit ishu v wil come in d nd shiv rush.Ishu is taken 2 the sits on a chair devastated!shivaay contols himself nd says dont worry om Ishu will b fine in a jiffy.U pls dont get heart broken.Ani says s he is right.shiv gets a call on his phone nd leaves.A nurse comes nd calls anika. She also leaves saying I’ll b is alone,crying.shiv gets tej’s call.tej says whre r u guyz?

here dadi is gettin worried nd I hav 2 discuss some imp things wit cme fast.shiv tries 2 contol himself nd says badepapa, tej says r u ok shiv? Ishana. ..tej asks whats wit her? Shiv says she ..met wit an accident! Tej gets startled, andShiv says she is in d ICU now.tej says I’ll come there right away.he cuts d call nd rushes.tej reaches d hospital nd sees anika at d reception nd asks where is ishana? Ani says in the ICU tej uncle. Om is also there.he rushes nd sees om sitting closing his eyes. Tej feels sorry for him nd sits beside him. Om doesn’t notice him. He hesitantly puts his hands over om’s shoulder. He opens his eyes. Tej nods his head.Nd for d 1st time,om hugs tej nd cries inconsolablly.tej comforts him.he says dont worry beta.she’ll b fine.shivika come there nd see d scene nd smile.anika says I don’t know whether 2 smile or cry! Shiv holds her face nd says dont worry,everything will be fine.she nods her head nd they hug.d doc comes gets up anxiously. Shiv asks how is she now doc?doc says it was a close gods grace she is fine now.all of them get says can I see her doc? Doc says sure but pls make Om says s nd enters d room.ishu is lying unconscious. Om slowly walks towards her.he remembers all their fond moments.he sits near her.he recollects her words”as long as v r together nothing vil happen to either of us!om cries saying now only because of me u r in dis state.i am sorry I understood how much u luv me.he takes her hand nd kisses it.for saving my life u forasked urs!how can I b so life is incomplete without u!he keeps her hand near his eyes.ishu slowly opens her eyes nd calls him in a faint voice.he sees her nd gets elated.she says so my idea really went well huh?he gets overlehmed nd hugs her.

Tej is engaged in a fone call. He says whosoever has tried to harm my son nd daughter in law, I will kill him wit my own looks on nd hears his convo.ani tells ishu bout tej nd om.sowmya nd rudra come 2 know bout d accident.

Guys pls inform me if d track is boring.i’ll try nd change it.but do drop in ur comments without fail.bye for now.

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  1. Sat

    Very nice dear. I can’t express in words. Please update asap

  2. superb

  3. It was really good but just one suggestion that if u can, try to post it into small paras…. They r too long too read n smtimes boring.

  4. Jazz1

    It was superb. I don’t how but when I was reading tears ? were felling from my eyes. Plz post the next one soon

  5. Really a good epi . especially d father , son scene

  6. Nice Epi Dr.and update next episode soon

  7. Superb! Excellent! Mindblowing! Pls update next epi asap.

  8. Nice 1 …. Plzzz update next episode asap

  9. vimal sanjana

    First half is lil bored… And except shivika and the accident … I don’t like hurts ishu…. Om felt bad.. Need some improvement in shivikas change over… No need to hurt the sweet souls idhu and om…
    All the best for the next episode…

  10. Kamakshive

    Thank u so much for ur commens guys.!!I request u to keep supporting me !!!

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