Ishqbaaz ff by Kamakshive – Episode 3


Hey guyz . Thank u again for ur lovely comments. I am wishing for d no of comments 2 increase. Here is d 3rd episode:
D episode begins wit rumya planning 2 manage pinky nd dadi.rudy says sumo,come on give some ideas.she says duffer oberoi,y should only I use my brains always!dont u have one?use it.rudy was bout 2 argue back when dadi asks for what u have 2 use ur brain?they stare at each other open mouthed.they turn nd see dadi comin nd she repeats whats wrong puthar?did rudra trouble u?sumo is completely in loss for words.she stammers dadi voh voh ..rudy sees her struggle nd says y should I trouble her.ithni aachi ladki ko koi thaang kartha hai kya? Dadi smiles luking at them They see each other.pinky joins them nd says ohh my mata mummyji,life has become so borings that u hav started chatting wit these two.dadi laughs nd says koi baath nahi hai puthaar.rudy’s face brightens up.he says vahi tho. life is boring?rudra is here!choti mom, y dont u go shopping wit dadi today?pinky says oh my mata,but.rudy says pls choti mom.most of d time u stay in d house.u also have 2 know how d outside wolrd is na?pinky gives a frown luk . rudy gives a pleasing galnce towards dadi.dadi understands nd says y not puthar? There is no harm In spending time wit my daughter -in -law. Pinky says all right mummyji.they go.rumya heave a huge sign of relief.sumo luks at rudy,wit admiration in her eyes nd says’jithni duffer dikthi ho,uthna hai nahi.rudy raises his collar nd says rudra singh oberoi is always smart.she hits her head. She says v have managed here. No idea whats going on there.d scene shifts.shiv says candle light diner?really u guys r mad.anika says I wont go on diner wit that mad guy.ishu says anika come on.nothings wrong in dis.shiv says wrong or right I dont care.nd I cant waste my time in all dis things. I’ve got a lot of imp says thats ur problem shivaay. U give importance only 2 ur work.

anika says I am not important for him go let him stay in d office itself.ishu smiles nd says dont worry,shiv will definitely spend time wit u.ani asks nd what if he doesn’t?om says she will.but first u’ll have 2 agree.shiv All right.juz for u.ishu says superb nd hugs anika.its evening nd shiv enters his room nd is suprised 2 see it.d whole room is dark wit faint lights of d candles,illuminating d whole room.he says these guys.. nd sits.anika enters d room,wearing a beautiful saree.shiv gets lost in her beauty.. music plays.he as always stammers nd says come sit.she does so.he says ahh u r looking gr8. She smiles.rumya nd ishkara smile peeping inside d room.sumi says our plan is working!!! All share a hi5. They then leave d couple 2 b alone. Tej is busy wit some work.while sweth is checking some files nearby.she tries 2 get close 2 him,when suddenly his phone rings.he sees it.its janvhi.he grins nd picks up d phone.they have a lovely conversation. she tries 2 go near him 2 interrupt when ishu comes in front of her.she first sees sweth nd then tej.she juz stares at d time sweth tries to evade ishu,tej completes his call.he turns nd sees ishu.he aks is everything ok?ishu turns nd says wit a big smile,everything is just fine isn’t it swethlana?she smiles at her nd leaves.sweth burns in anger.shivika r shown again.they r eating.shiv says hmm,how is food?anika says its amazing. Shiv suggests u should try such dishes.ani says but I am not used to.shiv says dont worry I will teach u.she geta happy nd thinks perhaps ishu was right.sso is spending time wit me.mayb I judged him.shiv suddenly gets a call. Ani waits for him 2 end d call patiently but it goes on.she geta frustarted.he at last ends d call . but he again gets a call nd dis goes for some time.anika loses her patience.she says at least fa once in a lifetime, I got a gud thought bout u But u r such a spoil sport. He says what did I do?she says yeah u dint do anything.its all my fault. I got carried away by ishu’s words nd came on a date wit u.but u dont deserve all that do u?shiv says I cant ignore such imp phone calls for u.she shouts then y did u marry me?u could hav married ur business itself!shiv says s my 1st mistake. I told om that u r mad!but no ones ready 2 listen.waste of time.she says same here nd part ways.

Precap: Ishkara try 2 pacify shivika.sweth tries 2 gain sympathy from tej.she hugs him nd creis which is unfortunately witnessed by om.what happenes then?how will om react?is dis end of tejanvhi’s relationship?

stay tuned for d answers!

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  1. Nice episode but short. plz update the next episode soon

  2. Nice episode but short. plz update the next episode soon.

  3. Jazz1

    It was nice. Superb. Waiting for the next one

  4. Nice one yaar…..write it a bit lengthier…..i m waitngggg for d next epi …poat it asap

  5. Tnice one yr….post next sooon….n yeah lil longer….

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