Ishqbaaz ff by Kamakshive – Episode 2


Hey guys I am back. Sorry guys it took me a little time 2 update.but pls keep supporting me nd drop in ur is d 2nd episode:
Episode 2
The episode begins wit shivika arguing.shiv says u should take care of me nd my things.but instead u r blaming me!ani says y is it always d duty of wives 2 take care of their husband?shiv says of course.see ishu nd om.they r in d same house isn’t it?cant u see how much ishu takes care of om!nd u!! Ani says. dont u even dare 2 compare us wit those 2.they both r understanding nd matured.ishu nd om look at each other.luk at om.jagada karna tho door ki baath hai.he doesn’t even raise his voice in front of ishu. But u, u r born 2 fight wit me.their aruguments carry on for a while Wit d 4 witnessing them.then as usual they part ways.ishkara nd rumya r frustrated.the scene shifts.ishu is engaged in a phone call nd is talking wit janvhi.rudy comes running towards her.she sees him nd asks in sign what happned. He asks her 2 keep d phone.she says ok I’ll talk 2 u later.say hello 2 prinku.bye mom.she keeps it nd questions him.he says ishu bahabi, v hav 2 stop bahiya nd bahabi’s cold war.she says I know.but how?thats y I came 2 u.come na.o nd sumo r waiting for u.lets begin our planning.ishu says mission shivika on!they March towards d room when suddenly ishu stops She is shocked 2 see swethlana standing near d entrance.she gives an angry glance towards tht direction.rudy says bahabi chaliye na.she says u go.i’ll b there. He says ok nd leaves.Ishu goes to her nd taps on her shoulder.She says what d hell r u doing In oberoi mansion? Sweth says who d hell r u 2 pose dis question?ishu says r u ok? I mean ur mental position is all right?let me remind u that I am d daughter in law of dis I have every right to ask u.ishu says u havent yet answered my question.Tej comes nd says let me do taht.he says I asked her 2 come here.juz for some official issues.he says sweth go inside. she goes smiling at ishu.
Tej says dont worry beta.nothing wrong will me.ishu says smiling I do trust u dad(she calls tejanvhi as mom nd dad) he goes.she says 2 herself.i will definitely trust dad,but not tht sweth.i must keep an eye on her.nd i should make sure tht om is unware of dis.the scene shifts.ishkara nd rumya r in om’s room.rudy says what d hell can v do 2 pacify them? Sumo says what can v do rudy?they r fighting like they get intense pleasure in fighting wit each says I agree wit u.when wil they ever realise?ishu is sitting quietly.sumo says what’s wrong ishu di? Y aren’t u saying something? She says nothing.i was juz thinking.see the main problem is they dont get 2 spend enough time wit each other.luk at much ever busy v r.we make it a point 2 spend enough time wit each says she’s right.every night before we sleep,v always share our experiences nd feelings wit each other.that improves our bond.ishu says Xactly.that’s wat is missing in shivika.they never ever open their hearts to each other.even though they luv each other,they either don’t get time xpress their feelings,or they feel shy.all d others nod their heads. Rudy says shy?but both bhaiya nd bahbi r outspoken.
Sumo says duffer oberoi juz shut up.ishu di,I cent percent agree wit u but what can v do now?om says hmm kuch esa karni hai,so that they spend some time alone.sumo says lets plan a candle light diner for them in d house itself.ishu says thts a brilliant idea sowmya!om says lets begin d prepations.they hear pinky shouting frm outside ohh my mata!!! Rudy says guys,wit these people around,v can never plan a romantic diner.lets send them out for sometime esp choti mom nd says u have a point.sowmya,rudra thats ur responsibility.ishana nd I wil convine shiv nd anika.they all share a hi5 together.

Shivika’s diner also ends up with both of them getting into a huge tussle. meanwhile swethlana tries to draw attention from tej by trying 2 gain sympathy from her,seeking d opportunity of janvhi’s absense.but ishu vows to foil all her plan.

Sorry guys if it is too short.i assure u that d subsequent episodes would b really gud.dont. forget 2 drop in ur comments!!thank u!!

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  1. Nice
    Especially the tussle bw shivika and the solution of Ishkara was too good

  2. Shaza

    Pretty good episode ……hope Ishana foils shwetlana’ plan ?…Waiting for the next one ..pls post it ASAP…

  3. Sooo good yr…post next soon …

  4. Nice didi

  5. gud episode

  6. Kamakshive

    Thank u soo much guys. And apologies for d late update.

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