Ishqbaaz ff by Kamakshive – Episode 1


Hey guys!!kamakshi here.i had already posted my intro to my ff. Hope u guys liked. So,allow me to begin my ff. Here’s my 1st episode: do drop in ur comments!

Episode 1
Its morning nd alarm rings in shivika’s room. Anika gets irked nd mumbles shivaay turn tht down. It is spoiling my sleep. Shivaay says I have an imp meeting today. Anika says even on sunday? Will you ever change? Anika pls try 2 underst. Some times I cant ignore all these. Anika says if thre is a comp fa making excuses u vil fa sure win. Ek no ka billu. Shivaay says stop it. Morng itself don’t spoil my mood.u can never understand a mans probl.Yam I wasting time talkng to u?He leaves getting annoyed.Anika says 2 herself.Bagaaad billu! Where wil he go? He has 2 come back.then I wil handle him.

The scene shifts 2 ishkaara’s room. Ishana turns d alarm down. Om Is sleepin wit his back facing ishu. Ishu leans on om’s shoulder nd gives a romantic look.o saathiyaa plays.He opens his eyes. Ishu says gud mrng have an idea of gettin up? Om does shyaari. Ishu says kya baath hai mrng itself u r in a romantic mood today? Om says time nd place r not important juz love is enough. Ishu says u hav a doubt bout tht? U know tht I can sacrifice d whole world for u! Om covers her mouth nd says pls dont talk like dis! .Ishu smiles saying dont worry. As long as v r together nothing vil happen to either of us. They hug each other.

Rudra comes 2 d kitchen,mumbles to himself y is bhaiya not yet here? I wonder wat will happen to men once they get married?This is y I will never marry!Nd what if I have to?I’ll start dating a girl named marry!Logic!Shivaay enters the kitchen,nd simultaneously,anika enters d hall where ishu is chattin wit dadi. Ishu says gud mrng anika. Y such a long face? Shivaay says my face is naturally like dis only. Om comes nd says dont tell me u fought wit her again!Anika says he is born to fight wit me!Even on Sundays he has meetings!Dadi says u r right beta.Billu needs 2 spend some time wit u. Shivaay says I am spending time wit her but as always, girls can never b satisfied! Ishu says s nd satisfying u is very much of an uphill task.but he can at least try na? Om says y dont u try shiv?if u try ur height wont get reduced! Shiv says ok stop it both of u! No mood 2 listen 2 ur advice I have 2 leave. Anika also says ok I dont wanna talk bout sso,nd she also leaves. rudra says wil they ever change? dadi smiles saying they will beta, their fights strengthen their luv!! Ishu hugs dadi, rudy nd om share a hi5. The scene shifts.Roop, Gayathri nd swethlana r shown.Gayathri says what d hell?How much ever I try I am not even able 2 shake d oberois roop says u dont plan well. Every time u plan u fail! One needs to have brains 2 touch d oberois. Swethlana is standing in a corner. Gayathri says u r talking like u have almost destroyed tht family roop. Even ur attempts have been futile. this time d attempt won’t be mine roop smiles nd luks at swethlana.She says s dis time d attempt would be mine nd trust me I would definitely enter d oberoi mansion. Gayathri says but how?I know u r targeting tej but tej nd janvhi r comin close 2 each other. Swethlana says even I am aware of that. But now janvhi is not here. She has gone 2 london 2 see Priyanka.dis d opportunity for me 2 regain my lost position. Roop nd Gayathri smile.the scene shifts . shivaay is busy in his office.he suddenly says where is that blue file of mine? He searches for it.he does not find it.I must have forgotten it damn!he picks up his fone 2 call anika,but stops, as he remembers their tussle.he calls her, grumbling.ani is wit ishu in shiv’s room.ishu is busy wit a laptop while ani is talking wit sahil,when sowmya joins them.she says gud mrng ishu di,anika di!they get surprised.ishu goes nd hugs sowmya. Anika ends d fone call nd exclaims wow sowmya wat a surprise?!how r u?sowmya says I am fine di.actually rudy was pestering me for some I came 2 handover them nd thought I’ll meet my sisters.they share a grp hug juz like d bros.anika says come on stay wit us fa sometime. Ishu says s its been so long since v chatted!she agrees.shiv tries callin ani but she doesn’t respond.he gets upset.he laments she is not fit for it seems I will have 2 go personally 2 get it.he leaves wit a long face.shivaay reaches d mansion nd hears voices frm his room.he goes there nd finds sumo nd ishu thre. Sumo goes nd hugs shiv.he asks how r u sowmya?she replies I am fine bade bhaiya?aap kese ho? he says definitely not fine.whre is anika?ishu says in d kitchen everything ok?he says yeah nd goes 2 d kitchen.sowmya says I smell something too says ishu.they follow shiv.on d way he bumps into omru.rudy says whats wrong bhaiya?he mumbles that lady is driving me nuts!!rudy whispers somethin in om’s ear.they laugh.shiv says whats so funny?rudy giggles saying bhaiya how can someone drive a person who is already nuts?om says good one nd share a guys..he leaves. Om says now when will these guys grow up?ishu comes there nd says s om,their tussles seem 2 have no end.lets go nd see whats happenin?

They follow him quietly.anika is in d kitchen when shiv comes there. The 4 hide. behind d wall nd listen.shiv coughs 2 let her know bout his presence.ani notices him but ignores him.he gets irked nd crosses d other side.she also turns simultaneously.they bump into each other.she falls nd shiv holds her music plays.the four smile lookin at each other.they break d eye lock nd position themselves.ani says what do you want?shiv says vo..vo.rudy says bhaiya ko kya hogaya? Sumo says duffer oberoi,these things luk,their fight would dissolve in a nd ishu smile luking at each other.ishu says I think its time v move on.lets leave them alone.they agree nd no sooner their backs were turned,ani shouts u should take care of ur things.shiv shouts back u r my wife its ur duty.ani says ohh am I asking u like this?where is my blue file nd green file?shiv sayz u r mad!all the four turn nd hit their heads.

PRECAP:The four r discussing how to end shivika’s worldwar
swethlana enters d oberoi mansion. Ishu sees her nd has a harsh conversation wit her.

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  2. Heyyy …..shivika is sooo nice……
    Ishkara is superb….but dear update ur story on tu…plz…post next soooon..

  3. Nice one yaar….

  4. Nice one try and update the next one ASAP

  5. vimal sanjana

    Story super.. Continue it .. Waiting for next epi..
    All the best..

  6. vimal sanjana

    Yes i agree with simi… U try to write this story in watt pad app…

  7. Kamakshive

    Thank u guys!I’ll definitely consider whatever u guys have said!

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    Wow….it’s awesome ???..pls continue and post the next one ASAP….

  9. Didi it’s flawless… and one more thing, if u start updating on wattpad, don’t stop updating here. I don’t have wattpad and will be very sad if ??I can’t read your ff.. I like it a lot .. ??

  10. Kamakshive

    I’ll definitely not stop updating here .

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