Ishqbaaz ff (It is incomplete without ishkara) Episode 2


Hi guys, how was part one?
I hope I can improve my ff more and more but please be with me. So let’s start guys.
All the members are happy seeing Tej and Shakti are fine. Dadi says now everything is alright I am happy and relieved. Rudra says to om “I am too happy because bhayya cancelled his wedding so lady baba is not going to enter in our house” Om asks him to keep silent.
Shakti- “but we did not complete our theerth yatra”
Tej- “it is okay Shakti. We can go after sometime”
Pinki “because of this accident shivays marriage cancelled and shivay is not gonna agree for another date. Now I can’t play with my grandchildren. She starts to cry
Jhanvi “it is okay pinki. Everything will be fine”
Shivay “Mom are you serious. Dad and bade papa got saved. Instead of being happy you are crying just because you can’t play with your grandchildren. It is not funny mom”
Just then Tia came there
Tia- “Shivay baby… “

Dadi says Tia to come in. she wishes every one. Rudra says no! Lady baba is back I thought she will be angry and broke the marriage but I was wrong she is not at all angry and she came again to give us reiki.
Shivay- “Tia, I am sorry. I cancelled our marriage even without informing you.”
Tia “it is okay Shivay baby, I can understand your situation. We can post pond the marriage to tomorrow?
Rudra asks Om is she really stupid? Soumya hear it and says “don’t worry dumb baby oberoi no one can beat you in this. You are always number one. Rudra makes sad face. Somya smiles seeing this.
Shivay- “Are you out of your mind? Papa and bade papa are in hospital and you want to marry tomorrow? If it is your final decision then I have one choice left that to call off our marriage.
Tia- “no shivay baby, you can’t do this to me”
Shivay- “I can. Because I am Shivay singh Oberoi. You can leave now.”
Rudra and soumya gets happy. They start to give a high five but stops.
Ridhimma came there saying sorry. She hugs Om and says I was in an event which was conducted for poor children that’s why I can’t came early. I am really sorry Om. Om says it’ okay.
Ridhimma- I really wish to stay here and console you but I have to inaugurate a function. I can’t chage it.may I go?”
(Om does not paid attention to Ridhimma because he was still thinking about ishana. He is trying his maximum to find out why she try to shicide.)
Ridhimma “Om I am talking to you can I go?” om says “yes, of course”
Ridhima- “Are you hiding something? I feels like you are not okay. Something is disturbing you. Any way. Take care of yourself. I have to go now. C u laer.
Om comes to ishanas room. he enter the room and sit on a chair in front of ishana. And asks her why you did it? (ishana is sleeping)
Shivay is talking in phone and as usual he is angry. Anika comes there and says “Why you are always in angry young man look, billuji. I know your marriage is broke but trust me it is not the end. I am sure you are going to get someone better than Tia. Shivay look on her and smiles.
Ishana opens her eyes and sees om
Ishana- Omkara singh Oberoi?

Om- “yes, why did you try to suicide? Taking own life is not the solution of problems.”
Ishana- “When there is no reason to live and no one to live with what is the use of this life? I had no other option so I cut my vein.”
Om-“But why?”
Ishana-“You can’t understand. Because you have your whole family with you, you have all the things which are important in this world. Family, Money, Love everything. A person like you can’t understand me.” We are different..”
Om- “you are right we are different. You played with my emotions. I was always trusted and listened you. I can’t forgive you in my whole life but still I came here in the name of humanity. Yes, I can’t understand you because you are a cheater. You does not deserve any ones sympathy, care and love” (he burst out)
Ishana- “(she I also in an angry mode) yes you said it correct I does not deserve it and you know something either I don’t want it, that is why god take everything from me. Everything. ( she almost start to cry). So mister omakara singh oberoi I don’t want your sympathy too. u can leave, just leave. (she shout)

Tej and shkti got discharged. Om went to ishanas room, but the room was empty. He feel sad.
Ishana and Om are in their cars. They sees each other but the cars moves in opposite direction.

So that is all for today. I know it was a little longer sry for that. Please give your view about my ff. 
I am sorry guys if shivika ans rumya scenes are not enough. i promise that i will try maximum to give space for all the three couples equally from next episode. 🙂 🙂

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  1. Priya15

    It’s amazing yr… Ishkara scenes makes something happen in me.. Haha.. It’s superb… Om toh angry man ki Tarah behave Kar raha hai…Haha.. Superb..

  2. Gd one rithika….luvd ishkara scenes….bt plzzzz write shivika scenes toooi…plzzz waitng for d neexttt

  3. Shaza

    It’s awesome…loved Ishkara ???….pls post the next one ASAP……Om’s behaviors was unexpected but it’s awesome love with ur ff ..♥️

  4. Ayeshu

    nice one waiting for next 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Ananya7044

    enjoyed it

  6. It’s perfect felt happy when read ishkara scenes pls post next …….. soon

  7. Sooo good yr…ishkara awsomeee….shivaye smiling….oMG….post next asap…

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