Ishqbaaz FF – hidden love revelations (story till date)

Hii frndzz…..i m back…i hope no one forgot me….aftr such long time…i really missed u guyzz….and plzzz tell who all remember me and missed these many days..???

First of all happy new year to all and i wish this year goes and bring lucky charms for u all…..

Now for all the new one’s and all the oldies who forgot me unfortunately let me reintroduce myself
I m shivika the writer of the ff title given above and also the commenter who love commenting and reading all the ffs
And i got many messages asking my real name….so guyzz let me be vry clr my real name is shivika…i know u must be giggling by this but thats true…..???….i was giggling myself when i got so many messages to know my real name….

I read all ffs when i was their when i got a bit time to relax…..and when i came back i read all of them and i m sorry guyzz i was not able to comment on most of the ffs but i treid my best to comment recent ffs……and i m sry for so….and if u have in issues with my commenting style so plz reply me and tell how i can improve myself….haha that sounds funny but still let me know….

Enough of my bakbak coming to the ffs they all were amazing…..and one with whom i get amused a lot everytime is shivika22kapoor’s ff really u r just mind blowing and the dialogues i go mad reading them with laugh ime toh my stomach starts aching…hahaha..really dear…

And thanxx a lot puvi and jayshree for doing the needful aftr me as i didn’t wanted u guys to wait till i come aftr a month….so now im back…but still i want support from all of them and splly puvi as i m really happy to have and u all by my side in writing….
I know frndzz i m not vry good at writing but still i write so that i can share my climaxes with u

So here is the review of the past episode so that u guys get tracked to so….
The story started from shivika got married like in really ib… om and prinku’s past….ranveer is good frnd of shivaay…..
Anika leaves the house aftr insult she gained from all oberoi’s to her house….
Shivaay get restless as he noticed the time and it was to late and anika left all alone he calls khanna to know her where abouts and khanna search her and find her sitting on footpath crying vigorously
Shivaay reach their but maintains distance and listen whatever anika speaks with tears talking to moon…he follows her till she gets into the house and he gets a call from a person and person speaks that he has kidnapped tia and wants ransom and shivaay agrees with that…

Shivaay gets back in om and gets freshened up and
Tia’s kidnapping drama same as ib….
Aftr settling tia in guest room he comes to hall….
Dadi asks shivaay to get anika back but he refuses..shivaay accuses her for sleeping with daksh and 15 lakh talk but dadi slaps and tells him about the loan thing..and saumya tells him about the night that anika stayed with her…pinky accuses anika for traping shivaay but shivaay tells her to stop and tell all that how he forced anika to marry by kidnapping her brother…pinky slaps him and tells him that she kept on blaming her but the fault was with her own son only……she keeps mum…later omru bring robin in mansion and tia also arrives…tia gets shocked seeing and ignores him then robin claims that he is her husband but tia tells he is liwing…then om explains shivaay that robin is her husband but tia says that omru are also trying to defame her in front of his eyes…later robin keeps knife on his left hand nerves and tells that if does not agrees then he will commit sucide but soon tia agrees and shivaay get them arrested and stands still and tears keep on rolling from his eyes and pinky asks him to get her back in om….

Meanwhile in anika’s place anika was crying now she takes sahil to his boarding and while returning she had a major accident and ishana takes her to hsp…shivaay gets restless and gets call from khana that what all happened shivomru rush to hsp and oberoi family is unaware of the fact….they go in hsp and shivaay loses his control on his body becoz of guilt and falls on his knees their iahkara meet and ishana gets to know that om knows everything about her and has forgiven her….she gets delighted shivaay cries om consoles him and ishana consoles rudra…..then they inform family about this and they all arrive their….they all breakdown but handle them selves….aftr that shivaay have some emotional talk with unconscious anika and dadi asks him to fill her hairline he does it and anika aftr nearabout 20 hrs get conscious she feels hairline filled with vermillion…..

she ignores shivaay and whole family asks forgivness from her pinky joins her hand in front of her but she says that no elders hands should be raised for blessings not asking for sry….omrupri hugs her…meanwhile ishana left from their as she didn’t wanted to disturb the family moment om sees her but lets her go and thinks he will talk to her later…..dadi emotionally blackmails her to stay with them and she agrees as she don’t want to refuse dadi……they reach om…..pinky dadi does the grahpravesh of anika again……anika is taken to shivaay’s room for rest…shivaay goess to kitchen to bring the soup for her to drink…she lays down their and feels something hard under her pillow and gets diary of shivaay she starts reading it while reading she keeps on blushing and smiling……tears makes their way through her eyes…..shivaay notices her and comes inside he aplogizes to her and confesses his love and starts to leave but anika holds him and hugs him tight he also reciprocate the hug and omru entre and tease them….

they all have breakfast together then shivika reach their room and shivaay starts romancing anika and teasing her they r about to kiss but pinky entres and shouts omm shivaay…they feel embarrassed and leave each other pinky keeps the dress she brought for anika and leaves the room as fast as possible…they start laughing and shivaay gift soft peck on anika’s ckeeks and leave from their to make call…anika goes to get freshened up and comes wrapped in uneven saree as she can’t force her hands…shivaay comes their and helps her tieing the saree and back hugs her and helps her getting ready he also gets ready and shivika again come closure but dadi calls them which disturbs their romance and they go down stairs and do all the post mariage rituals happily… evening their is reception and all the family members decide to start preparations…

at evening all media surrounds as it was sso’s reception anika is nervous shivaay comes down and introduces anika as his wife media questions without caring what they r speaking and raising finger on anika’s character then shivaay handles media and tell them that she is asso dont dare to raise finger on her character…anika gets happy and thnxx him for coming to his life…they share hug and omru start teasing them reaception gets over and alk go for the dinner….at dining during dinner all oberois are present…anika goes to serve shivaay and shivaay helds anika’s hands firmly and romances by eyes it is noticed by omru and they tease shivaay and all laugh for so….then anika settles down after serving everyone and shivaay forwards his leg to touch anika’s leg and stares at her and anika being clueless wat shivaay is upto glares at him….actually the fact is shivaay is touching om’s leg and om cough and he teases shivaay and shivaay being embarced helds his head down and stares his plate all start laughing at his state and all eldres leave aftr having dinner….

shivika says gn to all youngsters but omru plans not to allow shivika to go and tell them to spend time with them to tease shivaay…shivaay argue with them but at last surrenders and all youngsters goes near the pool side and starts playing truth and dare…..anika’s turn first all ask how she forgave shivaay so early then she tells them.that shivaay has confessed his love and told about diary and what all written in it he wrote the forgivness and written about his feelings and misunderstandings and everything…..they all tease them and get happy shivika blush and look into each other’s eyes….


Guys sry for grammatical errors……
Plz comment below so that i can know till now u all liked the ff or not guysss plzzz comment…eagerly waiting for them…….
And i ensure u to reveal how omru found the truth of tia and daksh re-entry for sure….rumya marriage secret will be revealed soon…..and ishkara and priveer fans i will make them together soon………and yesss anika’s past will also be revealed……just wait for the suspenses to come….full of romance ……and passion…..

With love

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  1. Manu24

    such a different track..
    i loved it.. specially that diary part 🙂

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx alott dear….

  2. post soon

    1. Shivika

      Surely dear i ll post the nxt episode soon

  3. Nice asap

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      thnxx dear…i ll post nxt asap

  4. Ayath

    hiii shivika u back dear am so happy seeing u after so many days………’z ur brother wedding I hope u enjoyed it a lot and dear I know u r a good writer plz upload next part soon am waiting …………….plz plzzzzzzzz

    1. Shivika

      hii dear…i m happy also happy to post aftr such long… bro’s wedding was fab..i enjoyed a lot …thnxx for feeling that i m a good writer…..surely dear i ll post the nxt asap

  5. Samaira20

    Yeah so u r back…. Excited for ur next update…Post asap….???

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx a lott i m aso excited to post it…..surely i ll post asap

  6. Kehkasha

    Hey Shivika its amazing…I have one question…..are u older to me or we r of same age group….
    Anyways I agree u that I am also very much amused and inspired with ff of Shivika22kapoor…
    Anyways post the next one soon….

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx a lott dear i don’t know ur age but i m 18 urs old……..surely i ll post asap

      1. Kehkasha

        I’ll be 18 on this month’s 18….haha…

  7. Post soon !!

    1. Shivika

      Surely dear

  8. Salo

    WOW ….seriously ur name is SHIVIKA u r so lucky I am really really very jealous of u
    Coming to the ff post it fast bcoz I can’t wait to read it ??

    1. Shivika

      Haha…srsly thnxx a lot and i would surely post it soon

  9. Jayashree

    Awesome…finally ur back.. waiting for next part:-)

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dr surely post update soon

  10. Sat_9492

    ?????…. Waiting for next episode……

    1. Shivika

      Surely post asap

    1. Shivika

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  11. Mahi_

    Sorry I actually didn’t read ur FF from beginning but as you gave a summary now I came to know everything I really liked it awesome twosome

    1. Shivika

      No need to be sry….thnxx

  12. Its awesome…….

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  13. Fabulous… Waiting for the next update…

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  14. Mrunal

    hey dear…
    thank u so much yaar..
    u refreshed sweet memories..
    who told u that u r not good at writing..
    i don’t know i ever have commented on ur ff or not but trust me dear I’m great fan of it.. i hope u will understand it happened bcoz of busy schedule but i had read each & every part of ur ff…

    i think u must have uploaded the next part bcoz as usual I’m late latif..

    1. Shivika

      Yaa already uploaded few check them out……thnxx for the praise

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