ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-8)

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All youngsters are enjoying their party time …shivika keep on stealing glances at each other which doesn’t go unnoticed by omru….
Rudy- o lagta hai koi party se zyada kissi ko kissi mein intrest hai
O- tu sahi kah rha hai issi baat par ek share yaad aaya hai
Rudy-irsheyad.. .
Shivika and prisom look at him and and in chorus- ireshad hote hai iresheyad nhi….
Rudy-ohk….oe and the same thng…o tum sunayo….
Om-araz kiya hai…..(looking at shivika)
ab chhoti chhoti baaton mein,

hum haste they , rote they ,
Jab bin mausam barsaato mein,
hum jhoom jhoom ke gaate they ,
Jab chup chup ke aadhi raaton mein,
chhat pe taare ginte they ,
Ab toh khud bhi bhool chuka hu,
ki kabse tumse pyaar kiya,
bas itna he keh sakta hu, ki SIRF TUMSE,

Shivika blush and look at each and embrace each other through eyes…..
Rudy-waah o pehli baar mujhe tumhari shayari samjh aayi
Somu-bade baal wale bahiya wow kya shayari thi….
O-jisske liye boli thi unse toh pucho kase lagi….
Batao shivika kaise lgi
Rudy- bahiya bhabhi shivaay + anika is shivika ….

Shivika blush and get lost in each other’s eyes
They get to the senses again
O-tll shayari kaise lgi
Shivika still lost in thought reminscing of shayari
Shivika-bahut beautiful bilkul sach kha….

Omruprisom glare at them and they return to their senses again and shivaay come forwards and rotate the bottle to avoid further embarrassment……
Om is pointed by bottle and anika asks om about whom he loves and wanna spend his whole life with
Withthis ques all eyes are staring at om and meanwhile without noticing them he reminsces all moments spent with ishana ……

Anika-om kahan kho gya…yah puchun kisske kahyaloon mein…
Shiv-o batao kahn kho gya…
O- i m feeling sleepy i ll go as i need some rest 2morrow i need to complete a vry important sculpture….so by guys….good night…..
He escapes from their to avoid further questioning….
All stares at him and now at each other wat just then shivaay taking advantage of the moment
Shiv-i think we should also depart it so last as we need to rest now and anika come u need to rest u r still weak….
Shiv winks at anika….and anika understands wat shivaay is upto and blushes heavily…
Rudy resist but all convince and depart to their rooms ….

Shivika’s room
They both enter the room anika feels nervous as this is their first night and does not know how to react…
Shivaay senses her nervousness…
Shivaay close the door and locks it….

Shivaay moves towards anika as anika is facing bed and standing in nervous ness……shivaay moves more closure to her their heartbeat increases with pace…..shivaay hugs anika from behind…..anika feels him and blushes…then shivaay leaves the hug and turns anika….anika now face shivaay.he comes closure to her the can feel each others hot breathe they in each other’s eyes and come more closer no their is only a inch difference between their lips anika shys and instead of kissing she places her head on his chest(oh jaana song plays) and hugs him tightly he hugs her passionately they slowly come out of the hug and now softly and instantly he pulls her towards him and holds her by her waist….she holds him by his collar tightly and firmly they gently get closer and indulge in a passionate kiss…their lips part ways and let each other’s tongue to explore the mouth of the other…..their kiss becomes wild and aftr some time becoz of lack of oxygen they part away their lips and keep looking at each other she feels shy and runs from their and goes near the pool side…he goes to her d back hugs her..he sidelines her hairs and kiss her milky back …and kisses her neck she loses her self totally and both of them feels complete with each other..he turns her to his side and picks her in his arms…he lays her on bed and starts kissing her passionately with his each touch she feels the warmth and soon their clothes bid bye to them and they start exploring each other…..their souls unite and they become as one in all senses…..
(I m not good at writing the romantic scenes so plzz forgive me for any mistake)


Shivaay wakes up and sees anika sleeping hugging he don’t wants to disturb her and tries to wake up without disturbing her but anika pulls him back again …
Shivaay smiles seeing her and say kissing her forhead-i love u my jaan
Anika-i love u too billuji
They both hug each other and shiv kisses her forehead…they get up and keep on looking into each other’s eyes…
Suddenly knock at the door and anika gets up to open the door and see omru outside …
Omru-gm bhabhi
Ani-gm come in…..
Omru-gm shivaay/bhahiya
Anika goes to freshen up….
Omru-kl mzaa aya raat ko
Shivaay gives them dead glare they tease him a lott later shivaay is seen running behing them in his room to catch them…..
They all collide and then laugh and have a group hug….
Song….lavzon ka yeh rishta plays…
Screen freezes on their happy faces…..

No precap….

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  1. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Arrey you are good at describing romantic scenes than me.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ loved it waiting for the next😍😘

  2. Nafisa

    Awesome Shivika your writing skills are just wow!!! Plz post the next asap and can you plz give the link of your previous eps?

  3. Nafisa

    Awesome ep plz post the next asap and your writing skills are just wow and if you don’t mind can you give the link of your previous eps. And try to give precap plz they give a idea to the readers about the upcoming episodes.

  4. Mrunal


    |Registered Member

    u know…
    u r a big liar…
    first u said u r not good writer.. but in real u r the best…
    now u said u r not good at romantic scenes.. and see u r fabulous at it..

    shivika scenes were just fantastic…
    loved it to the core…
    awesome dear…

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