Ishqbaaz FF – hidden love revelations ( Episode-6 By Puvi on behalf of shivika )


Hi frnds I m puvi I m sry guys for late update actually I was not feeling well so I could not update sorry guys for tht and very big thanks to all my frnds who encouraged me supported me it means a lot to me frnds and pls encourage me like this only
And sepical thanks to jayashree for helping me lot in writing this part of ff thank u jaya dear
And my dear frnd shivika who gave this chance to me write this ff thank you dear
This part is special because I am going reveal the letter part in this so pls let me know how his it jaya helped me lot in this part so its dedicate to her pls pls guys support me and pls do comments so I will stop my bak bak now lets move to ff now

Shivika facing media shivay giving khidki thod answer to media family happy

Epi -6
At dinner table
All family member have they dinner table
Anika : she is serving food to all when she comes at shivay he suddenly holds here hand
Shivay : Winks his eyes looking at anika
Anika : with pleading eyes pls na shivay
Shivay : Nodded his head in no
All elders didn’t see this because they were busy in chit chatting but ( aise kesi ho sak tha ki kabab mein hadi na vo ops sry paneer mein hadi hamre dumbbell oberoy saw this and shown to om )
Omru : with naughty thought both them together says shivay bhaya
Shivay : ha bolo guys
Rudra : apka ho gaya tho kya hame bhi todi milega
Shivay : with wht wala expression kya
Omru : Hum bi todi halwa milega
Shivay : Y u people asking me u can take it u people don’t my permission for this
Rudra : waise nayi bhaya if u finish ur romance and leave bhabhi hand means then she can serve us na
All started laughing at him
Shivay : left anika and feels embraced
Anika blushes
Omru ; giggles at him by seeing shivay giving deadly glare to them stops
Anika : sits opposite to shivay for dinner
While both are busy in seeing each others eyes shivay slowly stretches his leg and touch her leg and winks at her But unfortuenly it touches hamare pyara long hair creature om’s leg
Anika : bichare ko tho kuch pata hi nayi she gives him wht wala look
Om : In shock leaves his spoon and starts coughing and sees shivay winking at anika and understand what’s happening
All together what happen om its everything ok
Shivay : ha om is everything k
Om : In angry tone har chees ka had hota hey shivay
Shivay with tensed face mein kya kiya om is everthing ok
Om while smile says control karo shivay u will get chance to romance with anika bhabhi but before romancing u should see na ur not touching anika bhabhi feet ur touching my feet
Shivay coughs hearing this while whole family brust into laugh anika gives killer look to shivay

After dinner all family retierd to bed because they were tried expect our youngters
Shivika : Good night everyone
Rudra : Kya good night bhabhi come na lets enjoy
Ompriya ; S na bhabhi bhaya pls lets do something
Shivay : No I am tired I need some rest
Omru : Tried or something something ahh bhaya ( in naguty tone and gives hi fi )
Anika bluses hearing this
Shivay : by stambling oh oh ntg like that I am really tired ( avoiding more questions ) challo anika lets move
Anika nooding ha
Omru : giggles one minute bhaya ur tired na go sleep bhabhi will be with us kyu bhabhi
Anika : hesitantly looking at shivay with cute face ah kyu nahi
Shivay : with disappointment face kyu anika also must be tried na
Om : did u all see guys someone has started to read others mind also hey na rudra
Rudra : Ha bhaya wona bal yese yese set kart ha yey ( doing shivay signature step )
All starts laughing at him

Shivay ; ok enough now I will alsp join to ur party what to do
All sees him with raised eyebrows and shivay hesitantly left to pool side all join them there and starts chit chatting After sometime something flashes to our om
Om : shivay waise tumne abhi hame bhata ya nayi
Shivay : what’
Om : Ki wht u did that anika bhabhi forgiven u
All together ha pls bhatv na didi pls
Anika : after reading a dairy which had written by ur shivay bhaya
All together dairy
Anika gets a dairy and starts reading Plz comeback anika, I know I hurted u alot, but just gimme one last chance. I am really stone when it comes to express my emotions but all I can say is I love you Anika, I love you so much that my life is depending upon u. each and every movement spent with u was the best days of my life my each and every breath is only for you I cannot live a second or less than without u I want you to be with me, support me, irritate me, agree with me & through water on me. I never thought that u will become more important in my life just come back u change this stone singh oberoy to emotional and loveable Singh oberoy and now I completely blv from heart. plz come back. I miss U.
Now present
All smile hearing this episode ends on happy faces of all.

Full dhamal masti and our Rudy& Anika special antics and funny games.

So this is it guys pls tell me how is it I am really nervous to ur response eagerly waiting to now ur comments guys see u all bye bye guys

Once again thank u so much Jaya this part I completed only because u

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