ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-6 & author’s note)


Hii frnds I m puvi most of them now me as a commenter but as author I am writing my first ff on behalf of shivika all of u now shivika went for her brother marriage she is busy for one month so until she return I will continue this ff for one month I am not a good writer like her or like all author because its my first ff shivika guided me how to continue this ff and she supported me lot thanks dear for encouraging me but guys I really need ur supports to continue this ff until shivika return and ur suggestions also pls bear me frnds as I am new it will be boring for u to read my story and I may bore u guys I will try my 100% to put in this ff but rest is in ur hands guys pls give ur valuable comments to me so I am boost up my energy and to encourage me plssssss support me guys ok now I will stop my bak bakas so let’s move to ff
If I do any mistakes pls rectify me guys and forgive me for grammatical mistakes
Firstly I would like to post a short episode to now ur response if u guys like my story means I will continue otherwise I will drop off guys so pls give me ur opinions to me so I should continue or not


Recap – Shivay come down for press meet and he expresses his vote of thnxx to arrive to his happiness he calls his wife anika comes bit nervous shivay understands her nervousness and grab her by waist to support her so that she feels secure media surrounds them with lots of questioning……

Person 1 – Sir apaki shaadi tho miss tia kapoor se hone wali thina tho apa hinse kese shaadi karli
Person 2 – Humne suntha ki hey apaki wedding planner hey tho kya apa apni wedding planner se he shaadhi karli
Person 3 – Tho kya apane hes ladki ke liye miss tia kapoor ko doka diya I am sure ki hes ladki ne he apko pasaya hoga inn middle class ladki yo ka kam hi hota hey amiro ko pasa kar apne shok pura karna ( after listening his words and seeing anika in tears our shivay singh oberoi became jawlamukhi oberoi and came to his bagad billa avatar and shouted )
Shivay – Just shut up kabar dar agar tum loga ne mere anika ke bare kuch aur bola tho mein kisiko nayi choga u know who I am right aur mein kya kar saktha hu hey aplog ko achi tara se jan the ho aur rahi baat meri anika se shaadi karne ki o mere apne marzi thi kyuki mey shivay singh oberoi usse apni jann se bi jazda pyaar karthi ho aur kisi ne bhi agar anika ke bare mein kuch bhi kha tho hajam thik nayi hoga kyuki o ab mere patni hey mrs anika shivay singh oderoi ( he extends his hand to anika she holds his hands comes in front and stands with a smile and tears ) shivay turns no anika no tears in your eyes mein tume bahut rulagi hey lekin aba nayi meri jaan ( sayings this he wipes her tears and makes her smile and turn to media ) aba tum loga kya kha tum logo ne mein tia ko doka diya nayi usse aba tak hum logo ko doka de rahi thi shaadi ki mandap se bagh gaye kyuki o phele se hi shaadi shuda thi aur vo paiso ke liye mujse shaadi kar rayi thi aur jis middle class ladki ke bare mein apa loga batha kara reho ussne muje bhacha ya hey did u people get that
Person 1 – Sir inaki tho surname khoon khandan konsi hey tho koi bhi nayi janthe hey tho apne inse shaadi kaise karli apka kandan ki nam tho bahut bada hey

Now whole oberoi family are tensed to now his answer omru dadi & anika looking at him only for answers
Shivay- Ah hamar kandan ka nam sabse uncha hey lekin jo khoon khandan surname ki batha apa loga kar rehe ho vo mein bhi phele mantha lekin aba nayi apa logo ne anika ko khan vo middle class hey paise ke liye kuch bhi kar saka thi hey khoon khandan vagera vagera oh sab tho tia ko tha na khoon khandan surname aur vo tho middle class bhi nayi thi lekin usene kya kiya paiso kei liye apne kuda ki pati ko apna bhai bana liya yah tak ki khud ki kidnapping ka natak kiya kya fayada hese high class hone ka aur meri anika ena sabse upar hey usne na kabhi bi kisiko doka diya nayi kuch ghalat kiya usne apne bal bhute par apna nama banaya hey naki kise ki sahare ki I hope u got ur answers right
All oberoi family so happy by sudden change in shivay especially dadi omru anika
Anika- with tears hugs shivay thank u shivay meri life mey aneki aur muje special feel karane liye
Shivay-repocriates to hug more tightly no anika tum ne muje eka stone singh oberoi ko phigala kar shivay singh oberoi bana hey iss liye muje tume thanks kehna padaga and kisses on her forehead looks into her eyes both are lost in each others world they share a eyelook
Omru- ahem ahem

Shivika break they eyelook and feel embraced anika blushes
Omru- giggling yah pe romance chalo math kar lena tum dono pura family hey aur media bhi hey
Shivay- Avoiding they more questions do u have anything to say now or any questions
Media no sir we are really sorry anika madam for our words
Shivay- Better u people watch while talking so let me introduce my beautiful and pretty wife mrs anika shivay singh oberoi
Media click they pics while posses and family pic congrats both of them and they leave
While all of them enjoy reception party our shivay wanted romance with anika but as always u known it was disturbed by our protein shake rudy and lambe bhal wale parni om before they romance they would caught them and started teasing them with this they both feel more embraced
Scence freezes on shivika happy face

Precap : Not yet decided

So guys that’s it I know its boring but pls comment positive or negative both are expected tomates champa chamelis are also expected.
Guys this my first ff I really don’t know how to write sorry shivika dear if I spoiled ur ff means
If want to continue or not its ur decision guys if u don’t want me to continue its k I don’t have any problems pls suggest me what I want do
Sorry for grammatical mistakes
So bye guys waiting for ur valuable comment

Signing of
On behalf of shivika

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