ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-5 & author’s sad note)


Hii frnds i m shivika i m sry guys i know many of you love this ff but i need to stop it here for a month…..

Frnds my brother’s wedding is their in paris so i ll not be able to connect as my schedule will going to be vry busy….
I m sry guyzz plz forgive

I have one more request to all of u
Someone can plz come up and continue my ff
Plzzz i request any one of u who consider me as his or her best frnd i know their are a lott good writers than me here so i request u to plz cont. On my behalf….i would really be thnkful to the person for support….

I would like to post a short episode this time ….


Shivika come down for post marriage rituals….
Both r looking really happy as they both accepted each other whole heartedly…..

First ritual
Dadi gifts anika their khandaani kangan
Pinky gifts diamond necklace
Jhanvi gifts her beautiful stylish dress
(As muhdikai given by only ladies)

Omru gifts their bhabhi a couple statue made by o and painting of shivika moment…
Prinku and somya gifts beautiful earrings to her…

Ritual two-
First rasoi of anika
Anika makes moog dal ka halwa along with chocolate cake for rudy…
Every one praises the sweet and dadi gives her the nagk for her first rasoi and so delicious one….

Everyone get happy and preparations start for evening reception

Anika starts working but stopped by shivaay as he asks her not to work in this condition as she is not fully recovered till now so rest…
Anika denies but shivaay forcefully takes her to the room and makes her rest on bed….
He sits beside her and caresses her hairs
Anika bend towards shivaay and keeps her head on his lap
Shivaay caresses her and kisses her on her forehead it creats chill and sooth feeling in her body….she feels the touch
Shivaay comes closer to anika and kisses on her both eyes and then on her nose….this runs electric current in anika’s body and she feels the pleasure….
Shivaay moves more closer to her raise her body a bit making her comfortable in his hands and goes closer to her to kiss on her lips…..
Shivaay kisses anika’s chin
And then directs his way to her lips
His lips moves towards her’s and they meet and shivaay sucks her lower lip where anika sucks his upper lip …..they get into each other and have passionate kiss….they continue exploring each other mouth until they get out of breathe and unwillingly stop kissing…..they look at each other and passionately and get pleasure of being kissed few seconds a ago….now anika gets up and shivaay comfortably makes anika sit on bed and caresses her bare waist with his hands and now comes clser her and side hugs her….the reminse all their nok jhok moments and smile looking at each other

Omru-ahem ahem
Shivika were still looking into each others eyes and are deeply connected and didn’t noticed them
Omru comes near them and smiling -ohhoooo
Shivika re enter the real world and notice omru standing near them anika blushes and feels embarssed she leaves from their shly….
Shivaay also blushes and feels awkward
He ignores the eyecontact
But they r omru they tease him a lott…
Omru-ishqbaazi oho
O-rudra dekh rha hai shivaay stone singh oberoi se soft singh oberoi ban gya
Rudy-o sabh kamaal anika bhabhi ka maine bola tha naa vo angel hai bhaiya ki angel i was ryt
O-haan rudra pehli baar tune koi samjhdari wali baat ki
Rudy-bhaiya par yeh samajh nhi aaya ki aapne bhabhi ko manya kase vo toh kitte gussathi aap se
O-haan shivaay rudra thik bolrha baat tuna anika ko kya bola….
Shivaay smiles remembering the time after reading anika hugged hin tightly and he confessed his love to her…
Omru signal each other seeing him smiling
Anika comes their on door
Shivaay without seeing her feels ger facing his back towards
Shi-haan bolo anika kya hua
Omru notices tgis as shivaay without seeing anika felt that she was their
Anika didn’t react about this as she knew from before that shivaay gets to know her presence
Anika-dadi aap ko bula rhi hai hall main
Shi-kk wait i m coming
He was about to leave
Omru-yeh kaise hua
O-tune bina dekha btaa diya ki vo anika hai aur tujhse baat karne aayi hai
Vaa bhai bada pyaar hai
Shivaay leaves from their hurriedly avoiding their storm of ques….
He reach hall to dadi and tells him to handle everything in reception carefully as press will also be present their
Shivaay tells her not to worry as everthing will be good….
Shivaay leaves from their to his room…..

Reception party
Guests arrived it
Oberoi mansion is fully decorated…..
Every oberoi member is present their except shivika as they will enter later….
(Everyone is wearingthe same dress as in ib reception)
After a while
Shivaay steps down from stairs and stand in themiddle of leaving some stair steps unclimbed down…..
Shivaay expresses his vote of thnxx to arrive to her happiness. ..
He calls his wife…
Anik comes with bit nervousness
Which is noticed by shivay
He grabs her by waist to support her so that she feels secure
Media surrounds them witha lot question……
Screen freezes on tensed oberoi members faces…..

No precap….

So guys i hope u like the epi plzz do comment….

I request any one of u plzz come up and help me and complete the ff as my frnd i ll not here as i m going to paris for my brother’s wedding for a month plzz do accept my request any one of u ….

Thnxx a lottt
With lots of love

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