ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-4)

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No recap….

4 hrs left

Shivaay sitting beside anika and asking her to get up
Shiv-anika plz get up naa….i m sorry maine tumhe galte samjha tumhare saath bahut galt kiya……plz utha jao naa sry….mujhe maff kardo…..panika utho naa….dekho sab tumhara wait kar rhe hain plz utha jao….mrs.oberoi plz get up….talk to me i need u……i really need u i need someone to irritate me to keep my ajeeb names to tell me how tadibaaz i m to spill water on me or throw me in water…… apne billuji ki baat nhi manogi utho naa….apne bagad bille ke liye….
Shivaay cries bitterly and tears flows from his eyes vigorously
Bg music (oh jaana)

Shivaay holds her hand softly and kisses it softly…..
Shiv-panika get up….i love u my panika……i love u a lot….plz get up naa……

Now only 2 hrs left…

Whole family arrive their and asks omru and ishana to go and rest but they deny and sit…..all are waiting outside…..

Shivaay keeps on speaking her name and asking apology…..

Only 1 hr left…..
Dadi comes in and see shivay crying and shivaay stops crying when he notices dadi standing……he gets up and hugs dadi…dadi reciprocates the hug…..
Dadi goes to anika and caresses her hairs…..she sees that she is still wearing mangalsutra and smiles seeing it…….she sees anika hadn’t applied vermillion in her hairline and goes out….few minutes later she comes with vermillion in her hands and goes to shivaay she asks him to fill her hairline with vermilion
Shivaay comes closure to anika and with tears in his eyes fills her hairline and kisses her on her forehead
Anika blinks her eyes and it is seen by shivaay
Shivaay gets happy and tells dadi….
Dadi gets happy and tell everyone that anika got conscious…..
All come inside and assemble their….
Omru calls doctor……
Doctor comes….
Doc-mrs.oberoi are u feeling better now…..
She nods her head in yes….
Doc leaves from their and anika is shifted to ward…..
Shiv-are u kk anika tum ne toh mujhe dara hi diya tha…..
Anika doesn’t responds and turns her face in opp direction…..
Dadi comes….
Dadi-puttar tu thik hai naa
Ani-ji dadi main thik hoon dadi plz mujhe maff kar di jya maine appka bhaeoosa todd diya
Dadi-nhi puttar tu maffi mat mange maffi toh mujhe mangni chahiye ki billu ne tera saath ita kuch kiya….
Pinky comes closure to anika
Pin-anika beta maine tumhe too muchs wrongs samajha…tumhe too muchs wrong bol diya….plz forgives me…..
Pinky joins her hands for forgiveness …anika with trembling hands keeps her hands on hers…
Anika-Auntiji asa mat boliye or yeh hath maffi mangne ke liya nhi aashirwad dene ke liya uthna chahiye. …
Pinky(smiles) anika auntyji nhi moms bulao mujhe

Anika gets shocked and wat is happening wala look
Tej-anika beta we r sorry
And blesses her and shakti does the same….
Omru and somprinku hugs anika one by one…..
Jhanvi-beta we r really vry vry sorry…and wlcm to oberoi family…..
Dadi-ab main apni bahu ko ghar leke jana chahti hoon jald se jalde…..
An-dadi par….
Dadi-par war kuch nhi tumhe meri kasam…
Anika agrees to her as she can’t deny her order
Shiv-anika olz mujhe maff kar do
Anika gets shocked as great sso is apologizing but hides it and gives blank look to him……
Doc comes and informs them that they can take anika home she needs to be fully taken care of and complete bed rest 4 5-6 weeks….and no to much stress on arms as she got minor fractures on both of them….
Every gets happy and leave…
Shivika have an eye look for few minutes…..
Shiv-i m sorry plz forgive me…..mrs. oberoi lets go to mansion…
Ani-mr.oberoi main apka liya nhi sirf dadi ke liya wahan aa rhi hoon….
Shivaay gets sad hearing this
Somu prinku comes ask him to leave
He does that
Afhter a while three of them come out anika holding somu….
Shivaay signs somu to leave and she does that…
Shivaay holds her and gets her sit into the car……

After few minutes they om
Dadi does welcome of her bahu and shivaay takes her in his arms as he think she must be feeling painful standing or walking he tajes her to his room and lays her on bed……
Everyone leave from their and go to their respective rooms……
As it is already 11:00
Shivaay goes to kitchen and bring something to eat for anika
Anika resist but he makes her eat the whole food and gives her her medicines and under the effect of high pain killers she feels dizzy and sleeps…shivaay covers her with blanket and goes near the pool and sits their reminscing all the scenes and moments….
Bg music(oh jaana)

Its morning
In shivaay’s room
Shivaay is not in room as he went ti kitchen to make breakfast for everyone
Anika gets up and goes to the washroom
She comes out and sets pillows to sit and she comes around a diary
Shivaay’s personal diary…..
Anika hesitantly opens it up and reads it..
She was sh9cked to read it and understood everyrhng and forgiven shivaay as he has written wich made he his all the apologise accept
Shivaay returns and sees anika smilling and sees his diary in her hands
He gets shocked
He goes closure to anika and sits on h8s knees near her
Anika turn towards himand hugs him and was blushing continously…..
Shivaay gets happy
Shiv- mrs.oberoi app smile kyun kar rha ho
Ani-mr.oberoi app hi ne toh likha ki meri smile cute hai…
Shiv-ofc mrs.oberoi app ho hi iti beautiful….i love u soo much…..i love u to the core…..will u accept me….will u like to spend time with me……would u like to irritate me….frustrate me……give stupid names…..
Ani-mr.oberoi i got abs to all my ques from ur diary and to ur ques…..i would love to irritate u frustate u and keep ur weird names….i love too my billuji…..but …
Shiv-but wat….
Ani-promise u ll never take medicines unnecessarily
Shiv-but don’t take them. Unnecessarily
Ani-mr.oberoi u agree or not….
Shiv-kk mrs.oberoi i agree……
They both hug each other passionately……..
Omru and dadi see them…
Omru-ahem ahem….
Om-kya hum andar aa sakta hai…
Ani-haan haan come in no need to knock yeh tumhare bhai ka kamra hai or jase pehle ata tha vse tum jab labhi bhi aa sakta ho…..formality karne ki zaroorat nhi hai or appka biche kuch bhi nhi badla hai aur naa hi badla ga……
Shivaay sees her and smiles with her ans.
Ru-u r so sweet anika bhabhi i love u
Ani-i love u too mera chota dewarji…
Yhey all smile…..
On-anika bhabhi r u f9
Ani-yes om im
Rudy-o yeh meri angel hai and meri angel ko kuch bhi nhi ho sakta…..
Anika smikes and rudy hugs her..and she reciprocates the hug…
Shivom happy to see their bond…
Dadi-anika puttar get ready for post marriage rituals..
Ani-ji dadi….
Omru and dadi leaves…
Shivika look at each other and blush …..
Anika asks shivaay to go out as she needs to get ready….
Shiv-no i will not go.
Ani-mr. Oberoi u r vry naughty go otherwise i ll get angry from u
And makes pout
Shiv-kk ji going…but if u want me to leave i need a kiss….
Ani-no shivaay …
Shivaay comes closer to anika and anika moves backward and shivaay moves more closer
Now anika is between wall and shivaay ….
Shivaay comes more closer to anika
They both can feel and hear there breaths
And they r about to kiss but…..
Oh my mata shivaay says pinky
As she entered room and saw both of them kissing ….
Shiv-mom u here
Pinky-sorry i toh came heres to gives this to anika to wear
She keeps the dress their which she bought along with jewellery and turns and leaves smiling…..
Shivika each other and start laughing shivaay is about to leave he gives a small and soft peck on anika’s lips and goes to make some call from their….

After minutes anika comes out of the washroom wearing pink designer along with purple velvet borders on ut and along with golden blouse…saree is tied unevenly as she cant stress her hands and saree is hatd for her to pick
Shivaay comes their and sees her strugglung with saree….he comes closure and help her tie it properly….she can feel her touch and his each touch makes her skip the heartbeats…their are butterflies emerging in her stomach as she can feel his each ice cold touch…..
Then he ties her back lace …..
Shivaay back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder…shivaay keeps her hairs aside and kisses her neck making it wet and warm with touch of lips….
They hear dadi asking them to come fast …
Shivaay makes her wear jewellery and then mangalsutra and at last vermillion in her hairline
They see each other and have a deep eyelock and hug each other

Precap-post marriage rituals…… reception party…….shivika romance on first night…….daksh’s return to create havoc….

Wat was written in the diary.???
How omru fobd the truth of tia?????
Y did anika forgiven shivaay at once after reading his diary??????
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  1. Mansi

    Wow shivika
    This is awesome
    The way you have revealed the truth is commendable yar
    Hats off!! Gul Khan should definitely read this ff

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