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ishqbaaz ff- hidden love revelations (episode-14)


Hii frndss….thnxx so much for commenting……
Let’s get on the ff….
Recap- saumya’s mom come to oberoi mansion- rumya in deep thoughts-rehyaan family come to see saumya-rehyaan and saumya roka-rudy confession……

Ab aage…..

They break the hug and look into each other’s eyes……
All together-ahem….ahem….
Still lost….
Still no response…
Still no response…
Dadi shiv om ani- rumya….

They break their eyelock and look here and there and they notice all are staring them….
They look at each other and then to dadi and others…
Rehyaan comes forward….
Rehyaan-saumya i really loved u but i know rudy loves u more than me….he will keep u happy….and i m soo happy that u listened to ur heart….i knew it before only….it was hard for me to act like that but i didn’t had any option becoz i wanted rudy and u to confess love for each other…

He steps back…….
Flash back…….
Dadi and saumya’s mom call rehyaan and tells him everything……dadi tells him to do the whole drama which have happened till now….he agrees for the sake of frndship…..)
Rumya-but how….
Dadi-oye khoton hme tumhare baare mein pehle hi pta chla gya tha….she tells everything wat happened till now….
Shivom-ab tum apni shaadi ka raaz btaoge….
Rumya bow their head in guilt and tell them wat excatly happened on the day of their marriage….
They stare at them…..

Tej comes frwd rumya gets scared….
Tej shows rudra angry look and then suddenly smiles and pats his back…..
They all get happy….
Shivom starts teasing him…..
Rudy looks at his love and smiles she too does soo…
Dadi-ab aghuti bhi pehna hi de….
Rudy takes the solitare ring…
Takes saumya’s hand and places it….
They all get happy and cheers….

Rehyaan’s family leaves from their……
Saumya’s mom.-beta tumne kya socha apni aai ke liya tum aapna pyaar kurbaan kar do gi…nhi beta tumhari khushi mein hi meri khushi hai aur rudra bahut acha ladka hai tumse bahut pyaar karta hai aur tumhe khush bhi rakhega….
Somu-i m sry aai
She hugs her mom and they have a lovely family moment……
Saumya’s mom-saumya main tumhare liye khush hoon aur ab main apne room mein chalti hoon mujhe packing karni hai kl meri train hai…..

Saumya-aai iti zaldi
Dadi-haan puttar todha din aur ruk jati….
Sm-ruk jati maa ji par mujhe zayda chtiyan nhi milli(she is professor in a college )
Dadi-puttar jasi teri marzii….chalo sab dinner kar lete hain fir chali jaana……
They have dinner happily…..
All leave to their resp. Rooms……

Shivika room……
Shiv comes aftr changing into his night clothes and anika too….
She was brushing her hairs when shivaay comes to her and hugs her from behind….
Ani-lagta hai aaj kissi ko naughty ideas aa rha hai….
Shivaay smirks at her …
She looks and him and blushes hard……
They look each other and smile…..
Shiv turns her
They face each other….
Shivaay cimes more clser and she moves backward she turns and about to leave
Shivaay holds her hand from back and fulls her towards him her back hit his chest and her breathe increases.he side lines her hairs and kiss her neck…..she looses control on herself….she turns they tease each other with their breathes and come more closer and closer only an inch difference between their lips left. She steps back and he moves forwd suddenly she hits bed and falls he falls on her. They kiss each other deeply and passionately…….they apart their lips after getting out of oxygen…..
(Oh jaana ……..)

Ani-shivaay ab sab thik ho gya toh mera surprise
Shi-haan tumhara surprise….
Ani-main bhi aapko kuch surprise dena chahti hoon….
Shi-acha kya…
Ani-surprise hai…
Shi-achaa thik hai do…
Ani-aaj nhi kl tak wait karo….
Shi-fir tum bhi kl tak ka wait karo….
Ani-yeh galt baat hai . ….
Shi-every thing is fair in love and war my dear…..

They give each other a small peck and lie on their bed and chit chat hugging each other…

In om’s room….
Om is sitting on bed and remembering ishana …..

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun Mulaaqat Ho Gayi
Phir Kya Hua Yeh Na Puchho
kuch asi bat ho gai

Ek ajnabee haseena se
Yun mulakat ho gayi

(He reminsces their first meet)
Wo Achanak Aa Gayi
Yun Nazar Ke Saamne
Jaise Nikal Aaya
Ghata se chand

Chehre Pe Zulfen
Bikhri Hui Thi
Din Mein Raat
Ho Gayi

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun mulakat ho gayi
phir kya hua ye na pucho
kuch asi bat ho gai

(He reminces their usual meets and talks…)
Jane man jane jigar
Hota mai shayar agar
Kehta gazal teri adaon par

Maine ye kaha to
Mujse khafa wo
Jaane hayaat ho gayi

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi
Phir kya hua ye Na pucho
Kuch aisi baat ho gayi

Khubsurat baat ye
Char pal ka saath ye
Sari umar mujko rahega yaad

Mai akela tha magar
Ban gai wo hamsafar
Wo mere sath ho gayi

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun mulakaat ho gayi
Phir kya hua ye na pucho
Kuch aisi baat ho gayi…..

He unknowninglly goes to in deep slumber…….

In somu’s room……
Rudy comes in and locks the door from inside….
They look at each other and comes step by step closer.. .

Tere saamne aa jaane se
Yeh dil mera dhadka hai
Yeh galti nahi hai teri
Kasur nazar ka hain

Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh karke dikha dunga

Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko main chura lunga tumse
Dil mein chupa lunga (x2)
(Rudra holds somu’s hand)
Tumse pehle, tumsa koi
Humne nahi dekha (x2)

Tumhe dekhte hi mar jaayenge
Yeh nahi tha socha

Baahon mein teri meri
Yeh raat tehar jaaye
Tujhme hi kahin pe meri
Subah bhi guzar jaaye (x2)

Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh kar ke dikha dunga

Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko main chura lunga tumse
Dil mein chhupa lunga (x2)
(They hug each other warmly)
Dil mein jaage jazbaaton ko
Humne nahi roka (x2)

Teri ore badhe kadmo ko bhi
Humne nahi toka

Tere saath bechaini ko bhi
Aaram sa milta hai
Doob ke tujhme hi toh
Dil ye sambhalta hai (x2)

Jis baat ka tujhko dar hai
Wo kar ke dikha dunga

Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko main chura lunga tumse
Dil mein chupa lunga…..

They break their hug…rudra kisses on saumya’s cheeks and they go and sit in balcony area holding each other close and sharing immense love……side hugging each other…….

(All scenes happen simultaneously)

Sry for short update nxt one would be longer…….i think this was the boring one……but i promise u ll like the nxt episode….plzz do comment….plzzz….plzzz…..plzzzz…….

With lots of love
Shivika & Puvi

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