ishqbaaz ff-hidden love revelation (intro and epi-1)

Hii frndzz….i m shivika i m here with a new ff on ongoing story of ishqbaaz original….ongoing track is good but sometimes i feel like i m taken aback with hatred and revenge story coming up……
So to add a spice on it i would love ti write an ff……

I hope u guys i like it….and plz i request u all wholeheartedly plz support me by commenting…all sort of comments are accepted and even suggestions too…
So i ll nit carry on with my bakbak….but start with my ff…….
So……*****fingers crossed*******………….


I would like to tell u that their is no past of om in the ff… all things are same…..all the characters……i would like to high light that shivika is married as the way shown in serial…..i m going to start from tge entry part as wanna change the entry a bit……
So thats all with the intro part…..
Epi 1

Scene at venue of grandoberoi wedding…..
Shivika marriage vows are taken and shivaay filled vermellion in anika’s hairline and are married now….
Anika broken hearted she is not able to believe that her billuji can di such thing with her or with any girl
She is recalling all the moments they spent together…..from temple incident to water ones and so on.. lastly she recalls all the words spoken by shivaay to o(guys i think u guys remember the convi when shivaay speak that anika is a gold digger words spoke by tia….)
Them she remembers the incident took place when she tried to ran away from evil who married her forcefully….she was fully broken…
Slowly shivika approached to elders and took their blessings…at last they reached dadi for blessings and when anika touched her feet she realised some sense of attachment and felt that she is anika and hugged her happily…..
Shivika and oberoi family reached home….

Shivaay was holding anika’s hand it was noticed by om that they were behaving bit weird…..
But he ley it….
Dadi-pinky pooja ki thaali kahan hai….oberoi ghar ki bahu ki puja karke hi andar ane ki kahange….
Pinky-ji mummyji main laati hoon or yeh anika pta nhi kahan chli gyi hai shaadi mein bhi losts hi thi
Dadi-koi baat nhi zaldi thali lao mujhe apno bahu ka swagat karna hai
Pinky brings the thaali and hands dadi the thaali….
Dadi does the aarti and
Dadi-ab puttar apne bayen par se is kalash ko gira de
Anika dies the same unwillingly on shivaay’s demand as she knows he can go at any extent and can harm her bro whom she loves a lot…
Dadi-ab puttar is thaali mein par rakh kar andar aaja
She foes the same…..
Later she does the third ritual which is she wets her hand in haldi and put prints on the cloth stuck to wall for the purpose….
Pinky-mummyji ab rings doonda ne wali rasam karen
Shiv-dadi aur kiti rasam mein baki hai
Rudy-bhaiya ite utavale mat ho tidha sabar rakho

Om-shut up rudra
Dadi-bas karo tum dono chalo mera saath
They all go for the ring rasam and shivika put their hand in it….suddenly shivaays hand is placed over abika’s hand and shivaay holds it…..
And releases it after realizing….
Anika finds the ring and take it out….
Pinky-waah tia tum toh mera heera beta par rules karogi ……
Jhanvi-sahi kaha pinky tumne shivaay tum toh hare gya…
Dadi-koi baat nhi meri bahu bahot samaj daar hai….
As dadi knows that it is abika hipefully as she realized it ….
Pinky-mummyji ab kaun si rasam karni hai
Dadi-ab muh dikhaai karni hai
They all get excited splly pinky
Shivika get tensed shivaay trys to e excuse but in vain
Dadi-chalo shuru karte hain….pehle mein apni bahu ka chehra dekhungi….
Dadi goes to anima and hugs her first then gifts her beautiful diamond bangles….then she lifts her veil and gets surpelrised as well as shocked….
Soon smile from every bodies face get faded and diappeared…..
Dadi-shivaay yeh sab kya hai
Pinky-shivaay btaa yeh sab kya hai yeh ladki tia ki joda mein kya kar rhi hai……kahi shivaay btaa kya teri shaadi tia se nhi anika se hui hai
Dadi-shivaay sach is ka mtlb hai ki anika tumhari shaadi hui hai…….
Shakti-yeh sab kya hai shivaay
Jhanvi-plzz tll yeh kya hai tumne anika se shaadi kyun ki….

Pinky goes towards anika and picks her up and slaps tightly on her face
Pinky-anika tujhe sharam nhi aati humne tumhe ita pyaar diya apni family ka hissa damaj aur tumne humara saath ita bada dhokha diya….is ghar ku bati mana tha humne tujhe aur tune yeh sab kiya….humari hi mat mari gyi thi jo humne tera jasi middle class ladki ko apna bana ke rakha teri jasi ladkiyon toh paise ke liya kuch bhi kar skti hai…tune mera heera beta ko phasya btaa asa kyun kiya anika tune asa kyun kiya….
Anika cries vry badly by seeing shivaay and shivaay feels her pain by heart is still stone from out….
Punky is about to slap anika again but she is stopped by shivaay
And shivaay accepts that he mrried anika all becoz of tia as tia ran away ….
Shivaay-ab aap hi batao oberoi family ki bahu shaadi se pehle bhaag gyi humare stocks gir jate….humari company loss mein chali jati…..
Mera pass aur koi raasta nhi tha isi liye mane….

He is cut by om
Om- isliye tune riahton ka hi mazak bana diya shivaay tujhe meine kiti baar sajhaya hai ki shaasi ek mazak nhi hai rishta deals ki buniyad par nhi bante dil ka istamal kiya jata hai rishton mein dimaag ka nhi……
Shivaay-aur main kya karta o yeh hamari family ke liye bahut zaroori tha …aur vase bhi humari shaadi sirf ek din ke liya hi thi kal main anika ko divorce de donga….
Anika is all broken and crying badly she leaves from their…..
Everyone are in shock and without further discussion go to their respective rooms….

Precap-suspense…..hatred and near to death situation……

I know guys it was bit too long…..and boring…..
All of u plzz comment all type of comments are well comed…
Plz tll me should i continue it or not

Guys i have question from u all would u all like to watch ishkara and rumya along with shivika plz comment and tll me would u like to see it or not or just shivika ff……..

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  1. Rithik

    I want shivika and i s awesome Next part soon please keep Anika strong Not bechari type like nowdays Anika in serial

    1. Shivika

      Dear thnxx for the suggestion and i would surely keep her strong enough but in nxt part she would be taken abck a little to maje her more stronger in front of the world…..thnxx

  2. Nansshivika


  3. Shivika

    Thnxx dear

  4. Samaira20

    Just superb dear…I think ishkara would go well with shivika…..!!!!

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dear…i hope so surely i m gonna add their love story to make some more twist but wait for episodes to come

  5. Mukta

    Ohh hii Shivika….. how are u dear???
    Coming to the ff, it’s just flawless?? I’m already loving the current track & moreover these ffs….. are just amazing yar!!!!! Awesome update dear????
    Precap looks quite interesting!!!!! Post the next part asap……??

    1. Shivika

      hii mukta dear i m fine how r u…..
      Thnxx 4 ur comment yaa u guessed it write coming up twist in my ff will be a lot suspensive so keep reading it

  6. Let anika be a rich gril

    1. Shivika

      Kk i will try my best to add this twist as well

  7. It’s jst amazing shivika………
    Pls update nxt part also……. ??

    1. Shivika

      Surely just wait for some time …thnxx for commenting dear

  8. Jayashree

    First of all welcome dear and I use to read ur comments.. coming to ur ff it was Osum nd plz go ahead… I want shivika track to be sliced first , later u cn add rumya nd ishkara part… I’m waiting for next part 🙂

  9. Jayashree

    And plz do write in English:-)

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx a lot dear i m happy that u felt it good…..and i ll surely do write in english as well in brackets…..

  10. Good one
    I want ishkara scenes
    Update it asap

    1. Shivika

      Thnk u so much dr i ll surely fulfill ur wish but plzz u need to wait 4 2 more episodes to go after that i will make ishana reenter the show

  11. superb yaar shivika…….
    waiting for next one plz asap….

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dear…surely i ll post asap

  12. Puvi

    Awesome shivika post asap

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dear…surely i ll post it soon

  13. Priyanka_22

    Amazing shivika 😀
    Exciting precap
    Update soon

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx a lot dear i will surely post soon

  14. Awesome… Would like to see ishkara n rumya…waiting for next…

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dear…surely i would add them too as well

  15. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode….. Plz continue…… Mainly shivika…. Would like to see ishkara and rumya scene….. Waiting for next episode…. Update new episode ASAP….

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx dear …..surely i ll post it soon

  16. SamSun

    Shivika this is a very good plot pls continue. Precap is making the wait difficult. Post ASAP

    1. Shivika

      Thnxx alott dear

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