ishqbaaz ff-hidden love revelation (epi-3)


Hii…frnds here i m with 3rd episode of my ff
Guys i m so happy that u liked the ff alot……
I got vry nyc comments and thnxx to all for commenting…

Guys today’s ff is bit boring and emotional…as today i m really upset becoz of some reasons…but i can’t afford not writing as i got many private msgs from readers to post my ff soon …so i won’t upset u guys and write my ff….

*****guys ishana will be back in this ff and i wanna tell u that om had forgiven ishana as he know the reason of y she did all that om searched for ishana a lot but she left the city as she was not able to forget tge incident happened her with om… her debt is cleared she lost her father 4 months ago…. she now owns a well known dance acadmey in the city…….*******

******sundari bua is out from my ff as i don’t like her and don’t want her in my ff*****

Lets get on the ff

Frnds i m will not be providing precap so new readers plz read last two to know the storyline…….(sorry frnds for no precap)


Scene at anika’s place
Anika is seen bitterly crying then she heard some noise and sees sahil coming she wipes of her tears and give fake smile to sahil……
Sa- anika didi…r u okay
Ani-ya i m f9……wat had happened to me…..
Sa-now u have started lieing as well….
Ani-no sahil it is nothing like that…….u tll me that is ur packing done….
Sa- yes almost………will u miss me didi…..
Ani- i ll also miss you but u don’t worry you ll not feel lonely their as there r many children their and u know there r many rooms for different activities…….
Sa- and didi u
Ani- u don’t worry u know naa i can stay alone as i m in a habit of staying alone….
Sa- didi but ……
Ani- no buts…..come here
Anika hugs as anika don’t wanna show her tears to him but as we know the bonding of this duo…sahil gets to know that she is crying
Sa- didi i know u r crying and u gonna miss me alott….don’t get senti it doesn’t suits u….
Ani waves her hand on his hairs with love
Sa- didi…don’t do like that…u spoiled my hairstyle….
Ani- don’t show ur tashanbaazi to me…..
Anika sees the time it is already 11:00
Time of them to leave for sahil’s boarding school

Ani-chalen time ho gya hai
Sa- haan chalo
They both see each other with tears filled eyes…..
Ani-now see who is becoming senti….
She tickles him in his stmach with which he starts giggling….
They go and take champa(anika’s scooty) anika and sahil keep chitchatting while going
Sahil’s boarding is at the outskirts of city a pleasant place and silent a bit to fix the environment of peace around….

Meanwhile in om

Pinky is sitting regreting the thngs she said to anika and feeling guilty for so…
Pi-mummyji….i said many thngs to my diamonds like daughter-in-law will she forgive me 4 soo…..
Da-pinky our daughter-in-law have vry big heart and she will surely forgive u don’t worry i know that she is perfect for billu…and for this family too…
Pin- mummyji….u r rights she is one who can handle my shivaay …
Jhanvi-pinky don’t worry i know shivaay will surely loves her and she also does….he will bring her back to his life soon……
Dadi-but where is billu he hadn’t gone till now to bring my bahu….
Onru arrives their
Om-dadi don’t worry we will go and see him….
Dadi- yaa just go and check whether he is fine or not …i m angry with him byt he fulfilled my wish as i always wanted anika to be my bahu…..
Omru- ji dadi…..
Omru goes to shivaay’s room and gets shocked seeing him in that state and gets shocked…..

Scene shifted to anika….
They both reach sahil’s boarding school and go inside
They reach reception and its time for them to depart at their places….
They have last hug and whenever you want me just call me i ll come to meet you ….
Sa-didi promise me that u ll come here every weekend to meet me….pinky promise…
Ani-pinky promise…
They cross there little fingers with each others….
Anika kisses on sahil’s forehead and sahil kisses her on her cheek
A teacher comes and takes sahil with her and sahil waves hand to anika she also does the same….
Anika comes out of the premises and starts crying as she is all alone with all pain ….

Scene shifts to om
Shivaay’s room
Shivaay lying on floor and crying reminiscing all the moments with anika
Bg song plays( hamari audhuri kahani )

Omru see him and rush and shivaay gets up and hugs omru….
Shi-om u told naa when i will in love i ll come to u see here i m….see i have fallen with her and lost her becoz of my stupidity…
Shiv-om will she forgive me or not ….
His was looking so innocent that just like a kid….
They make him calm and make him sit on bed….
Om-shivaay just go to her and ask for forgivness it is not easy for her to forgive u but i think she will…just confess ur love to her….
Omru consoles shivaay and have obro’s hug to calm him….
Bg music(…lavzon ka yeh rishta)

They break the hug as dadi arrives their….
Dadi-now my grandson has became ishqbaaz…..
Shivaay hugs dadi and says sorry to her
Dadi-now go and bring my bahu back…
Shivaay gives slight smile and nods his head in yss

When he about to depart he feels something wrong and stops….

Scene turns to anika ….
Anika in tears and driving she is not concentrating on driving….in front a car comes and…..thaaaaa…..

Scene shifts to om
And falls on floor….
Tears drops from his eyes…..
Omru and dadi sees him and ask wat happened
Shiv-om anika….anika is 8n danger i can feel that …she just shouted now….

Scene ti anika
Aniks is lying in a pool of blood and is unconvious
A girl comes their and takes hurriedly to hospital…

Doc-what happened to her
Girl-she had an accident
Doc-kk…(to nurse) take her OT hurriedly
Girl-doc..she will get fine naa…
Doc-can’t say now wait for sometime…
Doctor leaves to ot and girl goes and does the formalities….

Meanwhile at om…
Shivaay calls khanna…
Shiv-khanna just search is anika hurriedly ….
Shivomru leaves from their and come out of mansion…
Khanna comes their….
Khanna-sir she met with an accident few minutes ago and now she is admitted to city hospital….
Shivaay gets shocked and loses his balance and omru holds him…
They leave hurriedly for hospital….

At hospital…..
Doc comes out
Doc-plz arrange ab+ blood group …
Girl-doc take my blood group is same take mine…
Doc-gr8 come with me….

Meanwhile shivomru enters the hospital and asks at reception they get know that she is in ot and had came here with a girl….
They reach outside ot and wait doc to come….
Girl comes their….
Om gets shocked to see her….
(It is revealed that she is ishana….)
Om-ishana tum yahan
Ishana gets shocked to see om their and not able to meet his eyes becoz of guilt….shivru also see her….om notices this
Om -ishana i know y u did all that no need to be guilty any more i understand and forgiven u
Ishana-seriously omkaraji u forgiven me…
Om-yes… now tll me why r u here r u f9…
Ishana-omkaraji i m f9 actually a girl had a serious accident so i m here taking her but i dont know who is she..
Om-i know her she is shivaay’s wife …
Doc. Arrives their….
Shivaay-doc. Is she fine ….
Doc-mr. Oberoi her condition is reallly very very critical we can’t say anything right now but wait for her to get concious and if she didn’t get concious in nxt 12 hrs she might go to comma….
Shivaay breaks down om consoles him
Rudy cries and ishana consoles him rudra hugs her and she reciprocates the hug ….
Om notices this and keep seeing her and meanwhile consoles shivaay….

(Anika shifted to icu)

Shivaay’s phone beeps it’s dadi….
Om-yss dadi…
Dadi-o where is anuka is she fine …
O-dadi actually anika met with an accident and is in hospital….
Dadi gets shicked and pinky jhanvi consoles her and asks her what happened she narrates wat o said…..
They all get shocked and leave for hospital…
Within 15 mins whole iberoi family is in hospital….
Shivomru sees them……
Shivaay goes and hugs dadi …..
Om narrates wat doctor said…
Listing to o pinky is about to fall of shick ishana holds pinky and helps her sit and consoles her saying that everything will be fine….
2 hrs passed anika still unconcious…
Shiv asks everyone to go home as he will stay ther shivom ru stay and reat all depart…

Om asks ishana to leave but she prefers to stay
They both look at each other and have an eye lock….

5 more hrs passed (total 7 hrs passed)

Shivaay goes inside the icu and cones and sits near unconscious anika teary eyed….

Bg music (humnava -hamari andhuri kahani )

Precap- 1 hr left anika still unconcious…shivaay’s confession in front of anika….reception party……shivika first wedding night romance…..daksh returns……ishkara moments……omru reveal how they found tia’s truth…….

Guys really sorry for boring and lenghty update
Plz comment and tell me if u felt it boring or not……
All type of comments accepted…..

Guys tell me if i should write songs lyrics or just songs name….
All readers plzz do comment…..

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