ishqbaaz ff-hidden love revelation (epi-2)


Hii i m back with my ff’s 2nd episode….
Thnxx to all for so lovely comments….
Also thnxx to the readers who suggested me some on the other thing and i promise that i ll try my best to apply to my ff as i already decided my story earlier but i will surely make the necessary adjustments to the story….
So lots of bakbak….
Getting to the ff now…

Guys i hope u like it…..fingers crossed….
As u already saw that shivika is married all the rituals are done and it is revealed that shivika’s truth is revealed to every one and dadi is more shocked with incident along with pinky… family is also shocked by sudden act of shivaay and anika……

Now to the epi….

All of them depart to their respectuve rooms with shocked and sad expressions……anika leaves from their when pinky was arguing with shivaay that he shouldn’t have married a low class girl like her… she is not capable of being oberoi bahu….she is the girl who just does everything for money nothing else……
Shivaay goes to his room and sits on couch thinking all happened today and his moments spent with anika…….
Shivaay remembers anika and suddenly something strikes his mind and he sees the watch it is showing time to be 3:00 at early morning he gets worried that she left this time all alone……
Shivaay gets worried for her and calls on her phone but remembers that her phone was left at venue…..he does not know anika’s home no.
He calls khanna and asks him to search if she reached her hime or not….
Shivaay leaves from his room and go out of oberoi mansion….
Khanna arrives their and inform him something he gets shocked and goes hurriedly from their…..

Scene shifts to anika….
She was walking broken heartedly and in tears…..she was silent and walking like a statue suddenly she hits a stone and falls done and her foot starts bleeding badly along with her elbow…..
She sits their on footpath and cry badly….she shouts with pain bit not outer hurts she didn’t felt them at all but inner stabs given by the person she fallen in love with….sge hurt becoz she was stabbed continously by his harsh words…..she shouts of pain…..
Shivaay come in his car and stops a bit far but all anika spoke was audible to him as she was shouting in pain and frustration as she was hurt and crying bitterly……(NO ONE WAS PRESENT TGEIR AS IT WAS 3 AT MORNING)
Anika(shouting along with tears and broken heart revealing the pain to sky and surrounding)- kyuuunnnn…..kyuunnn mera saath asa kyun kiya maine kya bigaada hai kissi ka phir mera saath asa kyun kyun….(she cries a lot which makes even shivaay’s tears follow) main road trash hoon main ek middle class ladki hoon toh koi bhi mera dil todha dega…main apne bhai se bahut pyar karti hoon aur main usa kissi ko bhi nuksaan punchana nhi doogii…billuji apne mera saath asa kyun kiya…dadi ka vishwas mera sa hmsha ke liya utha gya…unhone mujhe ita pyaar diya unhone mera ghar bachya mujhe 15 lac ka loan diya aur maine unke saath…billuji apne yeh mujhse kya karwa diya….main appko kabhi maff nhi karoongi….kabhi nhi….anika nhi tu nhi royagi tujhe sahil ke liye strong bana padega…apne bhai ke liye tujhe himmat rakhni hogi akhir kar wahi toh hai tera apna baaki jo the vo toh billuji ne cheen liye(why why this happens with me only what did i do wrong with any one i m road trash as every one say im low class girl but it does not allow any one to play with my feelings …i love my bro alott and no one can ever harm him till im alive billuji i hate u y u did this to me dadi’s trust is broken from me forever she did alot for me billuji wat u forced me to do i will never forgive u no anika hold ur self don’t cry u had to be strong for ur brother who is ur life…)

Shivaay listens everything and unknowingly tears flow from his eyes and he keeo watching her crying and feeling helpless as he don’t have guts to go infront of her…

Khanna informs shivaay that anika didn’t reached home yet and it is already half an hour she left…he hurriedly goes in search for her finds her sitting on footpath

Flashback ends***

Anika gets up woth her full strenght and walks towards her home….shivaay follows her keeping car at certain distance from her…
Anika reach home and wlks inside shivaay is about to leave suddenly he gets a call from someone….
Person-mr. Shivay singh oberoi
Shivaay-kaun ho tum(who are u)
Person-agar tum tua kapoor ko jinda chahte ho toh kal 5 crore purani mill lekar punch jana…..
Shivaay-thik hai par mujhe pehle proof chahiye ki tia tumhare saath hai (kk but i need proof that tia is with u )
Person hands over phone to tia
Tia-shivaay baby save me plzz save me
Person- ab tumhe proof mil chuka hai toh jo maine kaha vo karo….(so now u got proof wgat i said should be done)
Shivaay-kk done…

Shivaay hangs up the calk and returns to oberoi mansion

In morning

Shivaay is all set to leave but omru cime their and tell him that they will also come but he resists but then he agrees after some time and they have an obro hug….
They arrive at place where are asked to they hand over the bag and get tia released….
Tia fake tears come as it was all her mom’s and her plan to get shivaay’s trust and sympathy bacj but some how omru doubts her….
Shivomru along with tia go to OM and everyone see them and gets tensed but shivaay without answering and telling he will tell them later on go to his room carrying tia….

Omru in om’s room
Om-rudra tumhe kuch ajeeb nhi lag rha(rudra aren’t you feeling something weird…)
Rudra-haan o mujhe bhi bahut azeeb lag rha hai(yes o im also feeling bit weird)
Om-mujhe asa kyun lag rha hai ki tia drama kar rhi hai yeh kidnapping aur yeh sab jhooth hai(im feeling that tia is lieing and the kidnapping was fake)
Rudy-o agent rudy is here what to worry lets go and search for it….
Om-lets go rudra
They both go out in search of some clues

Scene at anika’s place….

Anika is sitting on floor and crying bitterly she notices that she didn’t change yet she starts removing the jewellry and removes them all but when comes to magalsutra she hesitates to remive it and she doent remove it at last……
Anika goes to take shower and come out after that and sits on bed crying and remincing all the things happened the day before

Scene shifts to omru
They are in search of clues and comes around robin who is nervous and in ager seeing them……

Scene in OM after 3 hrs….
All come their of oberoi family except omru as they are out on search of clues against tia….
Tia is in shivaay’s room as it is only family meeting

Everyone is in shocked and anger stste and dadi speakes
Dadi- shivaay whatever u did was wrong i didn’t expected this from u and now as aniks is ur wife at any circumstances u need to accept her as ur wife
Shivaay-dadi no it was just done in a cindition as no other choice was their with me i need to do it
Dadi-but can u forget that u married her whether it was in that condition where there was no option with u
Shivaay-dadi i ll divorce her today as it was only for day and if it is for her then we will pay a big amount to her…
Dadi-crying says-billu u cant buy tge the mangalsutra and vermillion if u add up one one brick of the mansion… is priceless the relatuons and splly marriage cant’t be bought by any rich person….and oberoi mansion didn’t had any divorce in the family till now and u can’t do that…
Shivaay-dadi this is my life and i have full write to choose about my life what i need or not….
Dadi crys and OM gets on heated argument and every person gives his or her point of view….
Shivaay-my decision is final im divorcing anika and getting married tia tomorrow….
Omru arrive ….

Om-wait shivaay u can’t marry a person who is already married
Shivaay-om wat u want to say say it clearly
Rudy-bhaiya om wants to say that tia is already married to someone…
Everyone gets shocked…..
Tej-wat r u both saying
Shivaay-omru plz u don’t start again like anika
Om-rudra bring him in
Rudra brings robin in…
Every one is in trance as wat is happening till then ria arrives
Tia-shivaay baby…..

And she gets shocked seeing robin their and gets in tension
Om-tia u will say the truth or i should
Shivaay-u know tia wat om is talking about
Tia-shivaay baby i don’t know about it….
Shivaay-om bolo kya bol rha tha tum
O-shivaay robin is tia’s husband
Shivaay -fhat the wuck is wat om saying right
Tia-shivaay baby i don’t know what he is saying no i m not married to him he is my brother om y u r doing this to me
Robin-wat u r saying tia tell them u r my wife as we got married when u went to london….
Tia-gets nervous…wat u r saying robin ….
Robin picks the knife kept in fruit bucket kept on table
Robin-tia say the truth that u r my wife or else i ll cut my nerves…
Everyone gets shocked by the sudden action and standing in a big shock becoming statues….
Tia-robin dont be mad just keep that down
Robin- tia speak the truth or else i ll
Tia-stop baby i agree that i m ur wife and we r married and love each other a lott….
Every one shocked and pinky comes near tia and azks that why she did this as if she martied then y she wanted to marry with shivaay
Tua-becoz i need to revenge from u all as becoz of ur shivaay my family got bankrupt in london….
I wanted to spoil u all and wanted to take u on road….
Shivaay was in shock

Jhanvi cimes and slaps tia tightly police arrives and take robin and tia for betryal charges along with mr and mrs. Kapoor whom they arrested earlier only…..
Dasi-billu now u have to agree to accept anika as ur wife as she saved us again
Om-shivaay dadi is rght u need to agree that she saved us as she tried to tell u earlier but u didnt5 accept her …..
Shivaay-i can’t accept that girl as my wife the girl who can sleep with anyone for monay can do anything for money…
Dadi slaps him tightly
Dadi-wat u r saying billu
Shivaay-dadi i m write she took 15 lacs from daksh to spend….
He cut by dadi
Dadi-r u out of ur billu i gave her loan of 15 lacs as she wanted to send sahil to boarding school
Shivaay-ask somya she knows one day she slept in daksh’s room…somya u tell
Somu-bade bhaiya i agree that she slept in daksh bhaiya’s room but….
She is cut by shivaay

Shiv-i think u listened that she slept in daksh’s room
Rudy- bhaiya let her complete first..speak somu
Somu- thnxx rudy.. bade bhaiya she slept in daksh bhaiya’s room but with me as that day i felt some one was their in room and didn’t wanted to distrub any so i went and saw daksh bhaiys was awake i told him and he called anika didi for me and anika didi slept in daksh bhaiya’s room with me….and daksh bhaiya went in study room….
Shivaay gets shocked hearing this and is not able to say anything as he has spoiled every thing as he doubted anika’s character..
Dadi-now agree her as ur wife billu plzz
Pinky-mummyji but how can we forget that she betrayed us such a low class girl can’t be our bahu as she broke our trust…
Shivaay-mom stop it aniak is not at all fault but i forced her to marry me…

Shivaay narrates while story and everyone is vry angry with shivaay pinky cimes and slapes shivaay

Pinky-u could u dos this to a girl who always saved us and splly u …shivaay brings my bahu now

Every one is ready to accept anika whole heartedly and rudy plays the song and starts dancing everyone gets shocked by his sudden action where shivaay is still in his own thinking how to apologise to her…

Om-rudy are u out of ur mind
Rudy-o bhaiya got married we should dance as my brother is not parayadhan as anika didi….sorry bhabhi is nyc and will allow me to sleep with them….
Everyone laughs on his stulidity but gets all together and starts dancing….

Shivaay is still thinking what he has dine how he will do it…
And goes to his room….
Screen freezes on everyone’s happy face…..

Precap- daksh re-entry ……….anika near to her death point……..anika being tortured………ishana to reenter……….

How omru found the truth of tia???
How will shivay convince anika ????

Guys i hope u like the episode
Plzz do comment…splly silent readers plzz comment and give all type of suggestions u wanna give all r welcomed…….

With lots of love???

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