Ishqbaaz FF by Goms -Intro


Hi all,
This is Goms. Am a Huge fan of Ishqbaaz..
Well some may know me and some may not.
This is my first FF.
I’ll try my best to entertain you all..

Let me start my FF..

Guys the present situation is same as in the ishqbaaz serial.. But a small change.. “Ishana is not a con girl.. ISHKARA was going to marry with parents approval..(I’ll explain this part in the upcoming episodes how they make their parents agree with their marriage)
Shivaay-Tia, Omkara-Ishana are going to get married at same time..

Ishana – (in my FF) she lost her family in car accident..she was adopted by Sahil parent. Now she is living with Anika & Sahil. She is working as a dance teacher in a dance school..

Shivaay, Omkara, Rudra, Anika, Mallika, Soumya, Dadi, Siddarth vikram rana, Tej-Janvi, Shakti-Pinky, Priyanka, are same as in the serial..
As you all know Anika is working as a marriage contractor for Shivaay-Tia.. But here now she is working for both marriages (ie., Shivaay-Tia and Omkara-Ishana)

In this FF I introduce a new character “ADITIYA VIKRAM RANA ” to make Shivaay jealous as Mr.Jealous Singh Oberoi and Rudra to feel his love for Soumya..

Let me introduce Aditiya s family..
Prem Vikram Rana :
Owner of Rana industries.
Business rival of Oberoi industries.

Ketki Prem vikram Rana :
Wife of prem vikram Rana.
Mother of ADITIYA, Siddharth, Aryan.
She hates her would be daughter in law Mallika.

SIDDARTH vikram Rana :
Boyfriend of Mallika.
Brother of Aryan, Aditiya.
Next heir of Rana industries..Business tycoon..

ARYAN vikram Rana :
2nd child of prem-ketki.
Brother of siddarth & aditiya.
He does shayari like om.. And a sculptor..

ADITIYA vikram Rana :
Last kid of prem-ketki.
Brother of siddarth & Aryan.
Fitness Freak like Rudra.
(He is one who is going to make shivaay and rudra jealous)

Upcoming episodes :
Anika, mallika, ishkara, rumya, planning to reunite Shivaay-Tia…. ADITIYA entry in oberoi mansion..ADITIYA goes to hug anika and smiles at her..shivaay looks on..

Aditiya s birthday -Aditiya 3yrs younger than Anika.. Rudra insist him to call anika as “didi” Aditiya refusal to call Anika as “didi” (sister)..
Shivaay looks on..anger

Upcoming episodes part2 :
Shivaay pulls anika towards him about to kiss.. Tour to shimla.. Shivaay-anika, om-ishana, shivaay-anika, om-ishana, siddarth-mallika, aditiya-souyma-rudra stuck in separate rooms..

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in my FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

Please do feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments if should I continue with this FF.. Negative comments are also welcomed..
If you want any changes kindly feel free to suggest me both in private chat or comment below..

Hope you all will accept me and like this FF..
Stay Blessed..

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  1. Nice start!!!!!!!!!

    1. Goms

      Thanks for commenting mukta.. Happy you liked it..

  2. Akshaya

    Loved it go ahead goms

    1. Goms

      Thanks for commenting akshaya.. Happy you liked it dear

  3. Nice start can’t wait for more

    1. Goms

      Thanks for commenting fiza..
      Happy you liked it dear..

  4. Shaza

    Wow ..nice start …but smaller..if Just that u can change tags and at least let them be of same age …just a suggestion

    1. Goms

      Ok shaza I’ll change it..and next time I’ll make it lengthier..
      Thanks for commenting shaza..

  5. Dobhsh

    Nice. Pls continue and make it lengthier.

    1. Goms

      Happy you liked it…next time I’ll make it lengthier dobhsh.. Thanks for commenting dear..

  6. Goms loved the ff from the core
    But why aditya is young n y he will flirt with both the female leads just a doubt….
    Nice start spell bounded …..awestruck

    1. Goms

      Shama am very happy you liked it..
      Thanks for commenting dear..
      I’ll clear all the doubts in next epi ma..
      Support me always like this guys..

  7. It’s really good. Plz make it longer.

    1. Goms

      Thanks for commenting jazz..
      Happy you liked it dear..
      Next time I’ll make it lengthier..

  8. I guess my dad told me late that ur his friend I am glad that u are here….
    I guess we will meet some day….
    Glad to know that my dad friend is interesting in ff of Ishqbaaz

    1. Goms

      Shama.. I dono your dad dear..

  9. Jara

    Nice start dear continue

    1. Goms

      Thanks for commenting jara…. Happy you liked it dear

  10. Awesome start keep going

    1. Goms

      Thanx for commenting shivika… Happy you liked it dr

  11. Nice

    1. Goms

      Thanx for commenting anuprerna.. Happy you liked it

  12. Awesome start…. but can make the contents even more detailed

    1. Goms

      Thanx ammu for commenting.. Happy you liked it.. Next time I’ll make the contents more detailed

  13. Nice start ….
    Can’t Waiting for more????

    1. Goms

      Thanks medha for commenting..
      I updated 1st epi.. Read that also..
      TU will update it today night or tomorrow morning.. I hope so

  14. Nice start I am sure your story is heart touching

    1. Goms

      Thanq chetna.. I’ll fulfill your hope.. Thanks for commenting chetna.. Happy you liked it..

  15. Sat

    Very nice goms, but please make it lengthier and update ASAP

    1. Goms

      Sat, happy you liked it.. Thanx for commenting dr.. I updated 1st epi already.. Tu will update it today night or tomorrow morning.. Hope you like that also..

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