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Hello all.. This is Goms.. Am back with epi 7..
(After reading this epi 7 please read below bcoz I had written something..)

Let’s start

A short summary of last epi’s:
Aju alias Aditiya Vikram Rana entered oberoi mansion to take his would be bhabi mallika with him to Rana mansion.. But mallika refused to go with him.. Dadi let aditiya to stay in oberoi mansion as long as he wants.. till mallika accepts to go with him to Rana mansion..
Aju’s presence in oberoi mansion makes 3 oberois (our hero’s shiv, om, Rudy) as jealous Singh oberoi’s..
Aju-Anika-sumo-rudy-dadi planned to unite shiv-tia, siddu-mallika and make them meet at “honeymoon house” (ie., Rana guests house)
Shiv+anika+tia stuck in one room, whereas Rudy+sumo+aju in another room, and mallika+siddarth rana vikram in next room..

Shivaay anika kissed each other… Mallika forgives siddarth.. Rudy slept in sumo’s lap.. Om-ishana, shiv-anika, rudy-sumo, aju, tia, mallika, enters oberoi mansion.. Pinky was hell shocked..

Now on present epi-7
Om smiles and says to IShana :
I love you isha.. I’ll do anything for you and your happiness.. I need you till this world exist.. Not only for this birth.. You should be my beloved wife in seventh births..
Om kissed ishana’s forehead…ishana smiles and buried her head in om’s chest..

At honeymoon house:
Shivika sitting in bed & tia lying unconscious in wheel chair..
Shivaay controls his laugh.. Anika feels strange.. Tia mummers “shivaay baby.. Purple painting ”

(Aju+rudy+sumo in one room talks loudly in order to converse with anika shivaay.. As they are in another room..) (Both rooms located next to each other)
Ani darling.. I wish I would be with you in that room..

(Shivaay anika in another room)
Hearing this shivaay’s laugh vanished..
Shivaay (in mind) :
How can he say that.?! I dono what he likes in anika..

Rudy smiles & thinks “he doesn’t say anything about my sumo, I think his full focus is only on Anika di”

It’s so boring with Rudy.. But am happy at least my soumi is with me..

Rudy(angrily) :
What me boring.?
Your soumi.?
Don’t say “my soumi” hereafter.. She is not your soumi.. She is sumo, my sumo wrestler.. Ask her..!

Aju looked soumya..
Soumya sign’s aju “leave it.. He is like that only”

(Hearing their fight.. Anika tries to converse with them)
Oh guys.. Don’t fight..!
I wish I could have be with you all.. Here in this room full of michmichi.., cockroach, dirt, dust etc..

(Shivaay raised his eyebrows)
Shivaay to anika :
Am I not human.?
Am I looking like a michmichi & dirt to you.?!

Billu ji.. You’re mistaken.. Am not saying about you..
Am saying about this place & cockroaches.. See (anika pointed her finger to the dirt & dust in the room)

Shivaay with little anger taunts her :
If you be with your aju in that room..then There won’t be a dirt ha.?

Anika looks at him.. Shivaay stopped suddenly realizing his jealous & anger..

Anika waves a confused look at him.. Tia mummers again “shivaay baby… Purple painting.. Oberoi mansion ”

“Fhat the wuck..! ”
What’s happening here.?
What’s with this purple colour.?!…I hate purple..
Every girl in oberoi mansion becoming mad..

What’s wrong with you Billu ji.?!
If you hate purple.. No one should love purple colour ha.?
Don’t… Don’t call me that name..!!

Aju, rudy, sumo hears their conversations
Again their fights starts..
Rudy smiles and says “like you & me”

Aju thinks something & says:
Hey soumi, I can solve their fights..
But how.?!
Wait and watch dear..

Aju to anika:
Ani darling could you hear me.?..
Anika with angry wala look at shivaay :
Yes aju.. I can hear you..

Ani darling why are you getting angry.? Everyone has personal choice.. Some may like purple & some may not..but I like purple… I like all colours.. I’ll tell you a story why I like purple colour.. “In my school days I like a girl sitting next to me.. She has purple bag, purple box, purple colour water bottle.. Then I came to know she loves purple I used to bring purple crayons for her during drawing class.. ”

Anika smiles hearing this.. Thinking of sahil.. He is talking like sahil.. Sahil used to talk about his love for a girl in his class..

Shivaay looked anika’s reaction..shivaay was tensed..
Shivaay in mind :
I think I should make this Aju run away from this country..

Shivaay tries to talk to anika..
Anika… Vo… I also… I mean I don’t hate purple colour..

Anika turns her face opposite & mummers..
“Bagad billa always confuse me.. First he said he hate purple.. Now he is saying he don’t hate purple.. No one can understand this kanji eyes bagad billa.. ”

Shivaay stands saying “hey paanika.. When I talk to you look at me.! Why are you facing that side.?! And what are you mummering about me.?!

Anika turns her face to him saying “I said I pity for Tia..”
Bcoz she is marrying you..!

Shivaay eyes widened : “what.? ”

Shivaay bend towards anika asking “what do you say.? ”

Tia in unconscious state kicks shivaay unknowingly (as the wheel chair is placed near the bed) and mummers “shivaay baby… Purple painting ”
Shivaay loses balance & fell over Anika… They both on bed now.. Shivaay lips locked Anika’s lips..
Shivaay -Anika’s eyes widened in shock.. They share an eye lock.. Music… Oh Jana.. Plays..
Shivaay is now all over Anika..
Anika lost in shivaay eyes.. Anika feels shivaay warmth all over her body
Shivaay searches himself in Anika’s eyes.. Anika’s perfume smell drives him crazy.. Shivaay felt her soft lips and warmth of her body..
They’re very close to each other.. They both can count their breaths.. Shivaay holds anika’s head.. Moved forward and kissed her.. Anika closed her eyes hugged shivaay tightly and supported him.. They both share an passionate kiss..

Silence filled the space in room..

Rudy,sumo, aju was confused as they can’t hear any sound from “shivaay-Anika-Tia’s room”

Rudy, sumo, aju scream.. On ishana rescued them (shiv, tia, ani, mallika, siddu, aju) tia hugged & kissed shivaay… Shivaay looks at anika..

Am sorry frnds for not updating.. Am not well.. Fever + cold and my college assignment works killing me..

Actually there is another reason too for not updating ff.. The reason is… I thought you people didn’t like my ff..becoz I got very low response in previous epi5,6 compared to epi 4,3,2,1.. That makes me feel so low.. So I thought to drop my ff..

And thanq so much shaza, ayath, jazz, yazh and choco (I mean shama) and everyone who encouraged me to write this part..

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

Please do feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments Negative comments are also welcomed..

Hope you all will like this FF…keep supporting sweeties..
Love you all..
One for All.. All for One..!!
Dilbole Oberoi..!
Stay blessed..

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