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Lets start

Shivaay smiles and thinks “hey panika now i know your weakness.. Now I know how to control you..and how to keep you away from that idiot aditiya ”
Everyone leaves the hall..

Shivaay Rudra Omkara discussing about Aditiya..
Shivaay :

I know how to make a business deal.. But I dono how to solve this.. (Thinking about anika & aju)
Yes me too..making statues and Shayari is so easy for me but this… This is so difficult.. (Thinking about aju’s arms, muscles)
Business deal, statues, shayari is not hard comparing to my work..
Everyone doing your duties but my duty is OVER duty in this house..
Already am watching Anika didi, sumo to protect them from aditiya.. Now he adds our sister prinku in his list.. Am going to kill him..
Omkara takes water to drink and says:

Don’t over react rudra.. Aditiya is just saying..
Omkara drinks water
Om you don’t realize the seriousness.. If ishana bhabi was there with us, then that jerk aditiya will say
“brave as ani darling,
Intelligent as soumi,
Innocent as priyanka.. And
Beautiful as ishana bhabi”
Then only you will realize the seriousness..
Hearing this om spits the water..

Rudra am not possessive..
Shivaay raised his one eyebrow : really.?
Om we saw “how you were dragged isha bhabi from aditiya..
..vo.. Vo..
Om you don’t know to lie… So don’t try.. I’m going on office..we can talk about this later..
Bhaiya.. If you go..! How I will handle everything alone.? How I’ll protect anika do, sumo, prinku from that jerk..

Rudy.. Let him go.. I’m with you an.?!

Shivaay went to office..

At home sumo, anika, aju discussing about mallika-siddarth, tia-shivaay reuniting at aju’s room..
Rudy while crossing aju’s room hears anika, sumo voice and stepped into aju’s room..
Anika, sumo, aju sitting in bed.. Talking about mallika siddarth.. While talking aju holds sumo hand..
Rudy was hell shocked to see this..
What you all doing here.? Sumo.. You said you’ll call me for group studying with this aju.. But now you called anika do instead of me..??
Arrey duffer oberoi..! We are planning to unite shiv bhaiya with tia and mallika do with siddarth vikram rana..
Come you too join our group.. But you should not say this to anyone..
Ok sumo.. Pinky promise..
Rudra separates sumo-aju’s hands and sits in between them.. Thinking I’ll not let anyone to hold my sumo hands..
First we should make them meet.. Leave them alone in a room so that they can share their emotions, love, problems with each other.. They can understand each other clearly..

Ok ani do.. Then you call tia and siddarth here..
No soumya..pinky aunty janvi aunty and dadi are here.. And…
And siddarth bhaiya will not come here.. Even if he come SSO will not allow him..
Yes that’s rite..! Wait.. Who is SSO.?
Shivaay Singh oberoi..

Rudy(in mind):
Oh God.. He is naming bhaiya as SSO.. First he named my sumo then ani di.. Now my bhaiya..
Am pretty sure.. One day he is going to die in my hands.. I’ll not leave him..
Aditiya :
Ani darling.. We will make them meet in RANA guests house..
But how aju.? Shiv bhaiya will not come to Rana’s guest house..
No worries sumi.. No one knows that it is rana guests house.. Bcoz it is my grandpa and grandma’s honey moon house..
Kyaa.? Honeymoon house.? Does anyone have honeymoon house.? That to your grandpa and grandma.? I wish I should have one..
Rudy.. I mean whenever my dadi is angry with my grandpa.. Or my dadi fight with my grandpa.. My grandpa takes my dadi to that house.. Bcoz that’s the place where my grandpa and grandma first met.. Remembering their first meet, love, happy moments.. My dadi will forget their fights and forgive my grandpa… Then my papa born.. After second fight my choti papa born.. My dadi used to say these stories when me, siddu bhaiya, aryaan were kids.. That’s why we call it as honeymoon house..
?Awww.. So cute aju.. Then that’s the right place to unite shiv-tia, sidd-mallika..
Rudy(in mind):
Cute..? ?

But who will bring them there.?
Me& sumi will bring siddu bhaiya & mallika bhabi there..
Rudy interrupts:
No.. Me & sumo will bring mallika di & lady baba tia there..
You aditiya bring siddarth..
Then who will bring SSO.?
Aju, Rudy, Sumo:

You didi..
Kyaa.? Main.?
Ani di.. Only you can do this.. If I, rudy or aju ask shivaay bhaiya.. Then he’ll doubt us..
You’re the one can do what shivaay bhaiya didn’t expect..
Expect the unexpected di..!
Hey Rudy.. Why are you saying this now.?
Simply.. Sumo don’t you remember this.?.. Shiv bhaiya dialogue on you girls.. When you all play ghost prank..
oh shut up rudy..!
Rudy & sumo starts their fights
Ok I’ll do it.. You guys don’t fight.. Why always am the one who is facing this DANGER Singh oberoi..

At Oberoi industry..
At office entrance..
Shivaay (on phone):
Ok Mr. Gupta I’ll be there in 20 mins.. Yes I arranged everything.. I want everything to be perfect ..this meeting is very important to me..
Shivaay heads toward his car.. And Saw 2 children’s (age 7) talking with each other..
Hey arshi I’m in love with you.. Will you be with me forever..
Girl with smiling face:
Pyaar.?? Me too jingesh..!

Fhat the wuck.?! What’s happening here.?
Hey kids come here..
Boy & girl:
Kyaa uncle Ji..
What you both talking about.?
Boy & uncle :
We are talking about love uncle Ji…

Hereafter I don’t want to see you both together..
Kyun uncle ji..?
We are friends & we love each other lot.. Why you don’t want to see us together.?
Shivaay to the girl:
If you be away from him then tomorrow I’ll give you more chocolates, sweets…
Girl :?smiles
Really.??? Then ok uncle ji hereafter I won’t talk with him…
And the girl leave the place left the boy in shock..
Shivaay to the boy:

See..for chocolates and sweets she left you alone.. Hereafter do you believe her.?!
You’re rite uncle ji.. I won’t believe her hereafter.. You’re my role model..bye uncle ji..

Anika watches everything sitting in rickshaw..
He bhagavaan ?..
Can’t he see the love b/w those kids.. Bagad billa separating the puppy love.. Then how he will love tia.? How come he will come with me.. I’ll call aju & say about what happened her..!
Anika called soumya.. Asked her to give phone to aju..
Anika(on phone) :
Aju do you know what bagad billa did.?
Shivaay saw anika.. Thinks panika.. what she is doing here.?!
Anika(on phone) : ok aju I’ll come there..
Shivaay :
Shivaay called Mr Gupta “Mr Gupta cancel the meeting.. I have important work.. No buts…just do what I say.. ”

Anika reaches rana guests house I mean honeymoon house..
In Rana guests house..
In hall
Anika, aju, sumo, rudy gather..
Ani di where is shivaay bhaiya.?
Vo… Vo.. I can’t bring him here..
But anika di.. Shivaay bhaiya is here.. See he is searching someone..
Everyone see shivaay & hide behind the sofa..
Where is mallika, siddu, tia.?
I lock them in room..
Siddu-mallika in one room and tia in another room..
Why you locked them.?
Bcoz we drugged them.!

What.? We’re not kidnapping people..! We’re trying to unite love birds..
Love birds.? But I thought..
Oh shut up rudra.. Love birds means lovers “siddu-mallika, shivaay-tia”
Oh ok..
Why you drugged & locked them in a room.?!
Bcoz if they’re in conscious they will again start their fight.. That’s y..!
Anika looking at rudy.. :
Now I came to know ..who give those idea’s to you people..!
Rudy signs in proud..

Pinky promise rudy.. I’ll not drink anything from your hand..
Rudy smiles..
Shivaay searches anika thinking..
who’s house this is.?
Where is anika.?

Why she came here.?
Whom she is going to meet.?
shivaay remembers aju saying “ani darling should meet Aryaan bhaiya”
Oh… So she is Here to meet Aryaan Vikram Rana.. Now I’ll see how she will meet him..!

Rudy, sumo, aju hides in one room.. When anika heads to the room.. Shivaay drags her to him & take her to the next room where tia is lying wheel chair unconscious..

(Siddu-mallika in first room, rudy-sumo-aju hides in second room, shivaay-tia-anika in 3rd room)

Rudy: aditiya why this place is so dirty.? Don’t you clean this house.?
Aju: after grandpa died.. Dadi left this one came here..that’s why this place is so dirty..
No worries aju… After siddarth and mallika di marriage.. This house again will be honeymoon house for them..
Rudy, aju, sumo laughs..

Siddarth and mallika lying unconscious in one room holding each others hands..

At oberoi mansion..
Pinky, janvi, dadi in hall..
Pinky :
Oh my Mata..Mummy ji.. Why todays house is emptys.? Where are children’s.?
Dadi thinking about Anika, rudra, sumo’s plan And her commitment to help them..
Pinky, shivaay went to office.. Rudra, aju, sumo went to college.. Om went to meet ishana.. And I sent Anika to buy some materials for marriage..
Where is prinku janvi.?
Mummy prinku went to music class..

At Rana guests house
Shivaay without noticing tia…still holding anika closely
Shivaay to anika:
I know why you are here.?!
Anika shocked how he knew,
What..! Do you know.? Actually.. I… We.. Are planning..
A date.. Rite.?
Vo… Vo… Yes.. A date for..
Shivaay :
For you and Aryan Vikram Rana..
Anika confused look..
Shivaay :
I know everything.. I’m shivaay Singh oberoi..
Billu ji you don’t know the truth..
Shivaay :
Don’t… Don’t call me that..
Bill..i mean shivaay Singh oberoi.. We (rudy, siddarth, sumo) planned to unite siddarth -mallika and you with tia..
Don’t blabber..
Am not blabbering.. Am saying the truth Billu ji..
Tia in unconscious state says “shivaay baby… Purple painting.. ”
Hearing tia’s voice.. He turns to see tia in wheel chair in unconscious..
Shivaay breaks the closeness and moves a bit away.. From anika..
Anika mummers “bagad billa will not understand anything.. If I try to explain he will not listen to me.. God why you created him like this”
Will you just stop it.. What are you mummering..?
If you listen to me what I am saying.. Then why I will mummer.?

In another room
Rudy, aju, sumo
Sumo: come let’s go out.. I think shivaay bhaiya will be with tia..
Ok let’s go out..
Rudy pushes the door.. But the doest open.. Rudra used his full strength and pushed the door.. But the door doesn’t open..
Sumo and rudy saw aju sitting…
Aju sits in sofa supporting his hand to his head…
Aju.. This door is not opening.. Come open the door..

Aju in low and sad voice:
Sumo.. We planned everything clearly but I forget to say something about this house..
In this house every room door can be opened by outside.. Not by inside.. If anyone get stuck inside they have to wait till someone open the door from outside..
Rudy & sumo was hell shocked and shouted: kyaa.?!

Anika-shivaay hears rudy and sumo sound.. Anika asked them what happened.. Rudy sumo told everything what aju said.. Anika-shivaay was shocked to hear this.. Bcoz their room door is also closed.. Shivaay and anika tried a lot to open the door but failed..
Shivaay sat in the bed in holding his head..
The power went off in rana guests house..
Rudy shouts in fear.. Sumo & aju laugh at him.. Sumo makes rudy sit with her and hold his hand try to control him..
On the other hand.. Anika in fear sits in shivaay lap.. Anika breaths fast..
Shivaay was shocked and noticed anika breathing fast.. Shivaay holds anika hands whispering in anika’s ears.. “No don’t fear.. Am with you.. Hold my hand.. Nothing can harm you when am with you anika” anika calms down..
After power came..
Rudy smiled seeing sumo holding his hands and sitting beside him..
Anika saw she is sitting in shivaay’s lap..and shivaay-anika holding each other hands..they share an eye lock.. Anika saw cockroach in curtains and shouted in fear michmichi.. (Still sitting in shivaay’s lap)
Rudy, sumo, aju hears anika screaming..
Aju: michmichi.?!! ani darling are you alright.?!
Anika di what happen.?

Anika di is there any problem.?!

Shivaay cups anika mouth nodding his head as no “don’t shout”
Anika controls and nodded her head as yes “okay”

Aju: ani darling.?! You there.?

Yes aju..
No problem.. I… I.. Simply shouted..
Shivaay smiles..
Shivaay :
Anika.. Vo.. You’re.. You’re sitting in my lap..
Anika stood up..
Shivaay asked her to sit beside him..
No it’s ok I’ll stand..
Ok you stand then those cockroach will think you as curtains and come too..
Anika sits suddenly hearing this..
Shivaay laughs seeing anika he controls his laugh..

At art studio
Om romances with isha..
Isha saw thumbells near the flower pot..
Om are you doing exercise.?
Vo.. No isha.. I don’t want to become like aditiya bcoz you like him.. I don’t want to get his muscles
Ishana laughed seeing om ‘s innocence
Isha why you’re laughing.?
Ishana (Smiling):..
Om I know you can’t lie to anyone..but you don’t know that you can’t hide anything from me..your eyes speak to me before your words..
Om I know you’re doing this bcoz of me & for me..
Om looks at ishana
Om I love you.. I love what you are.. not bcoz of your money, name, or anything.. I just love you bcoz of your simplicity, your innocence, Love happens b/w soul and heart.. Not for muscles and body..
Ishana hugs om.. Om smiles and hugs her..
Sorry om.. I did this just to see what will happen if zulfi Singh oberoi turns into jealous Singh oberoi..
And hugs him tighter…
Om smiles and says..

I love you isha.. I’ll do anything for you and your happiness.. I need you till this world exist.. Not only for this birth.. You should be my beloved wife in seventh births..
Om kissed ishana’s forehead…ishana smiles and buried her head in om’s chest..

Shivaay anika kissed each other… Mallika forgives siddarth.. Rudy slept in sumo’s lap.. Om-ishana, shiv-anika, rudy-sumo, aju, tia, mallika, enters oberoi mansion.. Pinky was hell shocked..

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