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Lets start

Precap :
Aditiya ask Anika’s phone number..shivaay looks on.. Anika sees shivaay.. Shivaay signs no.. Omkara noticed this..

—–Epi 4 starts here—

Shivaay hold Anika’s hand from back…Anika stops walking.. Scene… Oh jaana.. Plays…
Anika why are you crying.?

Anika without turning.. Replies him “don’t you know why I’m crying..?

Um… I’m…sor….sorry Panika..
Anika turns to see shivaay..
Suddenly shivaay drags her closer and hugs her… & says I don’t have strength to meet your eyes.. I don’t want to see this crying panika.. I want my nonsense talking panika..
Anika shocked & surprised with his sudden behaviour…music… Oh jaana… Plays…

Soumya sees rudra crying as cry baby oberoi.. Soumya feels sad for Him..

Shivaay continued his talk
Everything happened bcoz of him (aju) and yu.. Nothing is my fault..
Anika broke the hug hearing nothing is my fault..
I know billu ji you’ll say this only.. You always blame me for everything billu ji.. You’re showing your tadibazz.. You’re proving that you’re a bagad billa..
Don’t…. Don’t call me that Name..
Why are you asking me to stay from aju.. He is so good & innocent.. Do I ask you to stay away from you’re saira bhanu..
Hearing the word aju.. Shiv gets angry and make faces.. shiv:
what.? Aju.? You nicknamed him.? Like you nicknamed me.?
See now also you’re blaming me..
Mallika comes to anika to thank her for the idea (pain throwing on siddu) and to say “now she is feeling relaxed” while coming mallika hears anika saying about saira bhanu..
Mallika ask shivaay “who is this saira bhanu.? ”

Mallika you don’t know about saira bhanu.? Billu ji loves saira bhanu so much.. That’s why he is behaving like this..!
Mallika: (shocked)
Kyaa.? Shivaay is this true.?
Mallika am saying the truth.! Do I lie.?
Anika gets a call so she excused and moved away from them to attend the call..

Pinky comes there searching shivaay.. Seeing shivaay & mallika together pinky hides behind the plant and tries to hear them what they’re speaking..
Shivaay this is not rite.! I can’t believe this.!?!
Shivaay :
Why this is not rite.? I love that.!
Mallika confused :
What.? You like that.? How can you say that you love SAIRA BHANU.? ”

Pinky shouted in shock “oh my mata..”shivaay & mallika hears that & looks here and there..finds no one..
Pinky hides and says “I thought mallika is the one who is trying to trap my son but who’s this saira bhanu.?!.. I have to find it.. ”
Pinky angrily goes to shivaay & mallika “beta what are you both talking about.? ”
Shivaay & mallika looks at each other and shivaay says “nothing mom”
Pinky cries:
Oh my mata.. I heard everythings.. Who’s that saira bhanu.? I thought you like tia but.. I can’t believe this.!
Aunty I Also can’t believe what Shivaay said..
Pinky angrily :
You shut ups mallika.. Everythings happens because of you.. You only taught this to him.. I know..
Shivaay shouts in frustration “yes I like saira bhanu.. I’ll not throw saira bhanu out of my life.. Do whatever you want to do. “And turns to other side..
Shivaay realised what he said.. Saira bhanu.? Fhat the wuck.?! Am becoming like this mad girl panika..
Shivaay turns to his mom pinky
Shivaay :
Mom.. Am sorry for shouting at you..
Pinky turns to other side..
Shivaay turns her to him..
Shivaay :
Mom.. Saira bhanu is not a girl.. Saira bhanu is a coffee.. ESPRESSO..
Shivaay nods his head as yes.
Pinky wipes her tears:
Really.? But you said you love saira bhanu.?!
Shivaay :
Yes mom I love saira bhanu.. I mean Espresso.. Don’t you know i love espresso so much.. If I love another girl then would I agree to marry tia.?
Pinky smiles :
Yes I know my beta is golds and diamonds by saying that pinky hugs shivaay..
Shivaay smiles and hugs pinky..
Mallika Also smiles seeing their mother son love..
Shivaay breaks the hug &says ok mom I’ll go to my room.. You go sleep..
Ok mere hire beta.. You go.. And drags mallika with her thinking “if I leave this girl with shivaay for another 5mins. then she’ll bring real saira bhanu in my son’s life..”
mallika I’ll come with you till your room..
Anika finishes her phone call and comes to shivaay.. Shivaay & Anika saw each other.. they share an eye lock.. Music ..oh Jana.. plays..
Anika to Shivaay :
Am going home.. If dadi ask about me inform her..
I’ll drop you..
No thanks I’ll go by myself..
Aju comes there :
Ani darling you’re still here.? Come I’ll drop you..
Shivaay :
What.? Ani darling.? No I’ll drop her.. This is my house &you’re my guests.. You dono her house..
Um.. Ok.. Ani darling meet you tomorrow..
Aju went to his room..
Shivaay :
Fhat the wuck.?! Again he is calling ani dare he.? !

Shivaay & Anika reached Anika’s home.. During the travel they both didn’t utter a single word.. Silence filled the gap between them..Anika bids bye… Shivaay tried to talk but Anika doesn’t listen to him..
Stop it Shivaay Singh oberoi.. You don’t know what relation aju & I share.. And you can’t see it bcoz you don’t have OM eyes.. Did you see om eyes.? His eyes speak love.. His eyes shows kindness.. But you.. You’re bagad billa.. You don’t know emotions..
Anika went to her home.. Shivaay drives from there angrily..reaches oberoi mansion..

Rudy cries thinking of sumo’s behavior.. Soumya enters rudras room.. Tries to console him..
Hey cry baby oberoi.. Again you started your drama..
Kyaa..?? drama.? See my eyes these are real tears not drama..
Why you came to my room.? Do you want to occupy this room also.?
You go talk to your aju..!
Sumo understands Rudy is feeling jealous..
Rudy are you jealous. ?
Why should I.? You’re not my rumi.?!
Then why are you feeling jealous.? Rudy see I and aju are just friends.. He is so jovial, kind hearted, fun loving person and he haves style too..
What do you mean.? You’re trying to say that I don’t have style..
Sumo :
Not like that dumbbell oberoi.. Bade bhaiya (shivaay) has some signature step/style.. What do you have.? You have only muscles and tears ..
Rudy: kyaa.?
Rudy we are discussing about studies only..I’m not flirting with him.. If you want.. You can also join us..
Rudy thinks this is the rite chance so that I can watch them carefully..
Rudra nods his head as yes..
Ok cry baby good night.. And… Am sorry for hurting you..
Rudy smiles.. sumo went to her room..

Om reminisces about ishana & there moments.. He does shayari.. And slept..

Morning :
Anika’s home:
Ishana thinks about om & their moments.. How on kissed her.. And how om dragged her from aditiya..
Sahil comes from bath asking ishana “didi where is my school uniform.? ”
Sahil sees ishana lost in her thoughts.. Sahil shakes ishana didi didi what are you thinking where is my school uniform…ishana comes out of her thought..
And makes sahil wear uniform.. Anika comes to them saying today I have lot of work In oberoi mansion so I’ll come late.. You both have dinner, lock the door and sleep.. Ishana says sahil your school bus arrived.. Sahil bids bye to both didi’s went to school..after sahil went anika says about shivaay Singh oberoi.. He is behaving weird now a days.. He is asking me to stay away from aju.. I mean aditiya..
Ishana says I think bagad billa must me jealous of him..
He is your jeth ji.. Don’t tease him like that.. Give some respect to him..
Ishana surprised and says:
Ohhhhhhh….. Ok didi.. Only you have the right to tease him.. Rite didi.?and smiles..
Anika without looking at her says…. Um.. Not like that… Ok am going.. I prepared breakfast for you eat it.. Lock the door.. Go safe to dance studio.. After anika left..
Ishana thinks about he dragged her from aju.. And realizes om is jealous.. And says I always saw om as an understanding person.. Now I want to see om how possessive he is.. And smiles…
Ishana called Om..
Om was very enthusiastic seeing ishana s call in morning.. And picked the call..
Sweety good morning.. I love you..
Ishana blushes..
Ishana : good morning omji.. Om:
So again my would be wife is giving respect.. Ohhhh..
Om continues his shayari..
Ishana smiles..
Om says “I think you need a gift again.. I feel like I want to give you a gift.. ”
Ishana blushes more and understands what he is saying about..
Ishana decides to see jealous Singh oberoi in om so she says “om ji yesterday when I came to your house I saw one new person (aju).. I think his name is aditiya.. Paaa what a muscle he have..what a man he was.. He is so strong.. I think No one can stand in front of him.. She says this and that.. ”
Om gets shocked hearing those words from ishana.. Om feel so possessive and says “what.?” make sad faces seeing his muscle.. He says “ishana you know no one can does shayari like me in my house”
Ishana controls her laugh.. And says ok bye omkara ji I have lots of work catch you later..&cuts the call..
Om sadly enters shivaay room where rudy is also present…rudy and shivaay looks tensed..3 of them sat in the bed.. Discussing..
Om+shivaay +Rudy talking about their loved ones without mentioning their names..
How can she say that to me.?
Ya how can she say that to me..?
I will not lose this opportunity.. And prove her my worth..
Three of look at each other.. Shivaay looks at Om’s eyes and says.. Why you’re allowing your eyes to speak.?
Om confused and looks at shivaay..
Rudy looks at shivaay saying “why you do signature step bhaiya..?..teach me also some signature step.. ”
Shivaay looks at rudy like “what..? ”
Om says I think I should do some exercises and enlarge my muscles.. Rudy make some diet plan for me..
Rudy & shivaay looks shocked.. Asking at the same time.. “Kyaa..? Are you serious Om.? ”

If om bhaiya is planning to do this, then it’s for ishana bhabi..
If I’m trying to learn signature step then it’s for rumi and sumo..
But shivaay bhaiya for whom you’re being tensed.? I don’t think that lady baba will not be the reason for your tension.. She ask only for painting purple our mansion..who is the reason behind your tension shiv bhaiya.?
Shivaay stands and turns to other side…
Shivaay says “its her”
Om+Rudy says at the time.. “Anika”
Shivaay shocked.. How they found.?!
Shivaay turns to see anika standing behind him..then realised OmRu didn’t found.. They just say Anika seeing her..
Dadi called everyone to hall..
Everyone gathered at hall.. Dadi ask them to choose their dress colour for Billu & tia party to announce the marriage date as every business man, social workers, politicians, press reporters will gather… Shivaay says but dadi “we didn’t decide the marriage date till now.. Dadi say Billu puttu one day we are going to decide the marriage date na.. So you people just choose the dress colour we can book famous dress designer for designing the dress.. Pinky says ma says rite..
Pinky chooses bright pink & orange colour.. Janvi chose elegant green colour.. Tej chose black blue… Shakti chose white colour.. Prinku chose baby pinky colour.. Pinky shakti tej janvi went to their respective rooms..
Aju comes to the hall.. Dadi asked aju to select dress &colour for him.. Rudy looks at his muscle.. Shivaay looks at anika..dadi ask mallika, anika, aju, soumya to choose the colour..they looks at dadi.. Dadi says You’re also like our family members.. Mallika chose white colour dress for her.. Aju chose black colour dress for him.. Soumya choose black and white colour for him.. Rudy also chooses the same.. Om says dadi I’ll ask ishana which colour she wants.. Anika says I asked her she said blue.. Om chooses blue colour for him.. Dadi says so shivaay and Anika is remain..chose the colour puttu puttar.. Shivaay anika share an eye lock..
I’ll chose dress colour for ani darling.. He choose bright red colour for anika..
Anika smiles..
Shivaay looks at them..
Shivaay says for me.. Black
Om+rudy+prinku+mallika+dadi says we know you always choose black colour.. And smiles..

Mallika says to everyone Tomorrow is aditiya birthday…
Soumya anika happily asked what.?
Dadi :
Really puttu.?
Yes dadi..
Dadi blessed him
ani darling, soumi when is your birthday..
Soumi says her birthday date and year.. Anika didi when is your birthday.?
Anika eyes filled with tears and says with smiling I dono my birthday date but I know which year I born.. Sahil parents told me when they adopted me I was 10 years old.. So they calculated and said which year I was born but I dono my birthday.. I celebrate my birthday on sahil birthday date..
Everyone looks at Anika.. Anika smiles.. Shivaay looks at tears in her eyes and smile in her lips…
Rudy calculated the anika sumo and aju’s birth year..
Rudy says to aju “so you’re 3 years younger then anika didi.. “Hereafter you should call anika didi as “didi” not “ani darling” but aju refused.. Shivaay looks at him angrily..
Aju says in future I’ll marry a girl like “ani darling, soumi, & prinku”
Rudy cupped his face in shock.. Om, shivaay gives shocked and angry wala look… Dadi, mallika, anika, soumi, prinku smiles..
My would be wife should be brave as ani darling,
Intelligent as soumi,
Innocent as priyanka..
Dadi wished him that he will get wife like them..
ShivOmRu was he’ll shocked.. Dadi, prinku leaves the hall..
Aju talks to mallika saying we should find good girl like ani darling for Aryan bhaiya.. I think Ani darling should meet Aryan bhaiya..
Hearing this shivaay was damn angry.. OmRu noticed this and holds shivaay hands to control his anger
Will you meet my bhaiya Aryan..he is so good at heart like you..
Anika sees shivaay… Shivaay nods no..
Anika say ok I will meet your bhaiya..
Shivaay looks at her. Rudy whispers in shivaay ears “bhaiya don’t you know what girls will do.. They always do opposite what we say them”
Shivaay gets an idea..
Ok ani darling give me your number.. I’ll pass it to Aryan bhaiya.. So you people can contact each other easily..
Anika looks at shivaay.. Shivaay smiles saying give your number..
No aju.. I have some work..dadi called me.. Catch you later..
Shivaay smiles and thinks “hey panika now i know your weakness.. Now I know how to control you..and how to keep you away from that idiot aditiya ”
Everyone leaves the hall..

Shivaay Rudra Omkara discussing about Aditiya..
Shivaay :
I know how to make a business deal.. But I know how to solve this.. (Thinking about anika & aju)
Yes me too..making statues and Shayari is so easy for me but this… This is so difficult.. (Thinking about aju’s arms, muscles)
Business deal, statues, shayari is not hard comparing to my work..
Everyone doing your duties but my duty is OVER duty in this house..
Already am watching Anika didi, sumo to protect them from aditiya.. Now he adds our sister prinku in his list.. Am going to kill him..
Omkara takes water to drink and says:
Don’t over react rudra.. Aditiya is just saying..
Omkara drinks water
Om you don’t realize the seriousness.. If ishana bhabi was there with us, then that jerk aditiya will say
“brave as ani darling,
Intelligent as soumi,
Innocent as priyanka.. And
Beautiful as ishana bhabi”
Then only you will realize the seriousness..
Hearing this om spits the water..

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