Ishqbaaz FF by Goms -Epi 11

Hello.. Hi.. Sweeties.. This Goms.. Here is the part11

So here is the recap of previous epi..

Rudy makes faces and says to om and sumo “you two didn’t allow me to see the child.. So i will also not allow you both when your child’s born..”
Dadi Om and sumo laughs..

Epi 11

What romance.? You became father and you need romance now ah.??
Shivaay gives her confused look saying “what.? If i became father.. Can’t I romance.?”
Anika laughs.. Shivaay mesmerized in her smile…and he smiles..

Rudy shouting leave me I want to see the child..while making sound he fell off from the bed.. ShivOm’s sleep disturbed by Rudy’s act..
ShivOm at same tone :
“Kya hua rudra.? Why are you sleeping on the floor”
Rudra stood up went to shivaay..
Bhaiya where is the child.? And you see him na.? How he looks like.? Does he looks like you or bhabi.?

Bhabi.?? Who’s child rudy.? What are you talking about.?

Your child bhaiya.?

Shivaay coughs.. Om was shocked..

Om questions shivaay..
Shivaay you got child.? You didn’t inform me.? When did you got married.?

Om you also.?
How I will marry without you two.?
I think he drunken fruit punch.. Or he dreamt About something..?
Maybe.. Rudra tell the truth did you drunk fruit punch.?
Oh shut up om..I didn’t drink any fruit punch.. Because of you and sumo I can’t see the child’s face otherwise I would have seen him..

ShivOm was confused..

Wait where is bhabi.? I’ll ask her.?

Om: arey duffer oberoi.. Which bhabi you’re searching.. Ishana will be in her home..
No Om I am searching anika bhabi..
Om looks at shivaay raising his brows signing “what is this.? ”
Fhat the wuck.? Come out of your dream rudra..anika and I didn’t marry.. We just got stuck in that house and we accidentally kis (shivaay stopped suddenly realizing that he is going to tell about the kiss which they (shivika) shared in honeymoon house..

Rudra: dream.? It looks like real to me.. And I thought lady baba will not enter our life hereafter.. I wish it was real.. I was so happy in my dream..
Rudra sat sadly on the bed

Om enquired rudra what he dreamt about..
Rudy says Om I dreamt anika di and shiv bhaiya got married.. Anika bhabi gave birth to boy baby..he has kanji ankhon like our bhaiya.. Dadi, prinku, ma, choti ma, sumo sahil all are happy with this news…
And shiv bhaiya kissed anika didi..
Shivaay stands up hearing the word “kissed” he says stop it rudra…
Om signs shivaay teasingly and smiles at him…

Fhat the guys are impossible.. I’m going to freshen up…

While bathing shivaay thinks about anika and their moments in honeymoon house…

Rudra comes near dinning table where soumya and dadi is eating .. Rudra makes faces seeing sumo…dadi silently noticed this…

Hey sumo..stop eating parathas…leave some for dadi…
Sumo waves a angry wala look. .
I think paratha is the secret of your energy.. That’s why you holded me so strong.. Not allowing me to see the child…sumo wrestler from now on am going to call you as paratha wrestler..

Soumya apologize dadi for what she is going to do now. ..dadi asks her what soumya. ?
Soumya angrily throws the water on rudra and left the table taking her plate…saying dadi am going to eat in my room. .
Dadi shocked and smiles saying people are suffering for paani outside but in our house water is overflowing everywhere…
Rudra complains about sumo to dadi…

At art studio…
Ishana is searching for Om..
Someone hugs her from back…ishana smiles saying “I know it’s you omkara ji..
I can feel you even when you stay far away from me”
Om kisses her cheeks saying “love you Ishana”
Ishana: omkara ji how many times you’ll say this in a day to me..? Morning in text you said this..and after breakfast you phoned me and said this…again now you’re saying this…!
Om says isha you’re not a part of my life…you’re my life…my living for you.. So I’ll say this till love exits in the world…ishana+om lost in their eyes..

Where at oberoi mansion… Shivaay thinks how rudra knows that we (shivika) kissed..? How it comes in his dream…?

He sees anika entering oberoi mansion talking (video call) with sahil..
He touches his heart.. It’s beats faster.. He runs away another side cursing love angel.. She inserted some nonsense in my mind..

No precap

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

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  1. Awesome
    What a dream by rudra
    Enjoyed it very much
    Waiting for next epi. Goms

  2. Ishqkum

    Wow super Dr dream sequence made me laugh .Rudy so crazy shivika baby dream I loved

  3. Tulasi

    Rudra baccha dreams iss soooo nycccc…..i luvd it….bt its a bit shorter

  4. Ayath

    woww dream by rudra right i thought its shivaay’s dream this epi i missed anika its okay but when will u upload the next one am eagerly waiting for it]

  5. Dream was cho chweet superb yaar

  6. Gangu

    it was awsome goms . you really made me in shock after reading episode 10 nice twist

  7. Goms seriously dear…
    Hahaha haha ravan wali hansi OK …
    What an episode dear …
    Rudra was too sweet and cute

  8. Akshaya

    Hahaha loved it . Rudra’s dream it’s nice

  9. Alekhika20

    Asum update,cont soon.

  10. rudra ki dream …okk…I love this episode..

  11. rudra ki dream was awesome

  12. Priyanka_22

    cutest dream rudy can ever see 🙂
    loved it 🙂
    billuji is finally falling for paanika 🙂
    keep it up
    nd come back soon wid next part

  13. Priyali

    Loved it Goms.

  14. Awsm episode……. Update new episode ASAP………

  15. Continue with such episode.really exciting!

  16. Yazhu

    Awesome epi Goms…loved it…Rudy is so hilarious…sooo nice epi….

  17. Priyali

    Hey dears. Priyali here. I’m new here and plz check out my wall post. I have posted a question there. Plz answer it and tell me your views!!


  18. Sat

    Goms di, please forgive me if you can as it is a late comment.
    J am very busy,
    Niw coming to the episode it was lovely fantastic and fabulous
    And rudra dream seen was really wonderful.
    Loved it to the core. Please update the next episode ASAP

  19. loved it……waiting for next

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