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Hello guys.. This is Goms.. Back with epi 10..
Sorry for not updating past Sunday.. Actually my cousin sister is getting married so we were so busy in shopping, preparing, ordering etc.. My jiju’s brother is simply annoying me.. Give me some ideas to annoy him..
And I am so happy about your comments.. Your comments make my day memorable.. And many of you were posted in my wall to update next post.. And many of you asked in private chat to update daily and in comments section- some commenters asked me to post daily.. And I thank you all from my whole heartily for all those supporters.. Who accept this ff.. And I loveeeee you all.. Loads and loads of love..

From Wednesday I have submitted this part 3 times but do no why telly updates is not posting this.. And today This is 4th time am updating this..

Let’s start epi10..

A family gathers in city hospital at 2am.. All are praying God..
A man was tensed walking here and there outside the operation theatre..
Two chief lady doctors comes outside the operation theatre and informs him patients condition is critical.. Well we’ll try our best to save them.. If it fails.. Then God is the last hope..
Hearing those words from them.. Man’s tension, angry, frustration, fear of loosing them (patient) everything hits the sky and he shouts in anger..
What the hell.? What you mean you’ll try.? I gathered you all here.. You 10 doctors are the worlds best doctor.. You have to save them otherwise I’ll make your life hell..

A nurse rushes outside the operation theatre informs the 2 doctors that other 8 doctors are calling them..

Family members are tensed about patients critical condition.. An older lady prays to the lord ..two young woman consoles her..

Man’s tears roll down thinking about the patient..
Man-2 pats man1’s shoulder and console him saying “nothing will happen to them till you’re here.. We are here”

After few minutes later everyone hears a baby voice crying..everyone looks at each other with smile..

Chief doctors came outside the operation theatre with big smile and relief.. Informs man1
“Congratulations Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. It’s boy baby.. And your wife and son both are healthy and safe.. (Yes the man1 is none other than our great wall bagad billa) And another surprise for you Mr. Oberoi your son got your eyes.. I mean kanji ankhon..

Everyone cups their mouth in happiness.. Pinky shouts in happiness “kanji eyes”
Shivaay was hell happy.. He was flying in moon.. Dying to meet his son and wife anika.. He was smiling widely saying dadi I became papa.. And hugs her.. Happy tears roll down from his eyes.. Prinku janvi and sumo smiles seeing each other..

And doctors to man2:
Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi congratulations you became chotti papa.. Baby and mother will moved to special Ward in 10 minutes and you can meet them there..
Rudra and sahil dances in joy.. And says “om, sumo, prinku I became chotti papa.. And he has kanji eyes so sweet na.? ”
Oh my Mata.. I became grandmas in this small ages and jeethanji, mummy ji you also becames baade grandma and great grandma.. Atlast my wishes came true.. Now I am going to see my kanji ankhon grandchilds..

Nurse informs them “only one person can visit the patient at the time as this is not visiting hour.. You all can visit the patient after 8am”
Rudra says what.? Do you know who we are.? We are Oberoi’s.. Nothing can stop us..
Doctor ask the nurse to stay quiet..
Nurse say but doctor time is 2am this is not visiting hour.. And hospital rules..
Doctor ask the nurse to be quiet and go to Ward 12..
Sorry mr. Oberoi she is new to work you all can visit Mrs. Oberoi.. And doctors moved away with smile..

Rudy :
Then I’ll go 1st to see my bhabi and child.. You all wait here..
Sumo and om pats rudra’a head..
Arrey duffer oberoi.. First shivaay bhaiya should meet anika di & child.. Anika didi will be waiting for shiv bhaiya to share her happiness..
Shivaay smiles hearing them.. Janvi phoned tej to inform about the child and anika.. As tej and shakti heading business meeting in London..
Nurse informs them that Mrs. Oberoi and child moved to special Ward.. Everyone gathered outside the special Ward..
No one can stop me.. Ill go first to see the child.. And he was about to open the door..
Shivaay smiles.
Sumo and om holds rudra’s hand asking shivaay to go first otherwise Rudy will enter.. Sahil holds shivaay hands requesting him that he also wants to see his didi and child.. Can he come with him.. Shivaay om sumo dadi prinku janvi smiles except Rudy as he is trying to free himself from om and sumo’s grip..
Dadi asked shivaay to take sahil with him.. Shivaay smiles nods his head as yes..
Shivaay rushed inside the ward saw anika and baby.. Anika lying in bed half conscious and half unconscious.. Baby sleeping.
Anika smiles at him.. Shivaay kissed her forehead holding her hands saying “you gave me a big gift which I can’t repay you back.. Love you my panika”
Anika smiles & kissed his hand saying “love you too billu ji”
Sahil was standing near baby holding baby’s soft pink hands saying anika didi at last I got some one to play with me.. Shivaay anika smiles seeing sahil..

Outside the Ward..
Om sumo still holds Rudy’s hands and not allowing him to enter the Ward..
Rudy was very eager to see the child..
Rudra was crying like small child (cry baby oberoi) requesting them to leave him.. he wants to see the child.. As he doesn’t see any new born child till now.. ”

Inside the Ward..
Shivaay says I was scared when doctor says you were in critical condition.. I don’t want to miss you and my son till the world exits
“Your son.?? ” billu ji he is our son.. Again you start your bagad billa, tadibaaz type..
Okay our son..
Anika: in angry tone..
Then billu ji why you gathered so many doctors in operation theatre.? Is that operation theatre or cinema theatre.? Uh.? I feel so embarrassed..
Why you feel embarrassed.? They’re the worlds best top 10 lady doctors..
Ani darling I want you to be safe.. Your safety is my first priority.. I can’t afford any chance to lose you.. You have to take rest now.. You’re weak.. When we go home we can fight there dear.. And we can romance too..
Anika blushes but hides her smile and says what romance.? You became father and you need romance now ah.??
Shivaay gives her confused look saying “what.? If i became father.. Can’t I romance.?”
Anika laughs.. Shivaay mesmerized in her smile…and he smiles..

Rudy makes faces and says to om and sumo “you two didn’t allow me to see the child.. So i will also not allow you both when your child’s born..”
Dadi Om and sumo laughs..

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

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Love you all..
One for All.. All for One..!!
Dilbole Oberoi..!
Stay blessed..

For epi-9 click the below link..

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  1. Yazhu

    Awesome as always Goms…loved it so much…Shivika moments…Rudy’s struggle to see the baby…everything is nice…superb..,

    1. Goms

      Thank you yazhu ?

  2. sorry goms i didnt understand ur ff because in episode 9 it is different story now in episode 10 it is different story sorry but plz clarify me but i loved the episode of shivika especially caring shivay

    1. Goms

      Sadia.. Don’t panic’ll come to know why I bring this track in next epi..
      Epi 10 is the dream of someone in oberoi mansion.. Guess who.?? (Shivaay.?? Om..?? Rudra.?? Dadi.?)

  3. Akshaya

    Goms love you . Finally you returned. Awesome episode. How did they got married dear? Loved crybaby’s sequence

    1. Goms

      Akshaya love you too sweety.. Happy you liked it ???

  4. thanks goms for clarifying my doubt i think it is shivay s or dadi dream

  5. Ananya7044

    Aww whatcan ff..just mind blowing

    1. Goms

      Thanq ananya ?missed you baby..

    2. Ananya7044

      Missed u too alottttttt…a ton….

    1. Goms

      Thanq stg ??

  6. Superb one dear plz post next soon na?

    1. Goms

      Jara thanq for the comment dr ?? I posted the next part.. Read that to ma..

  7. Tulasi

    Omgg gomsss…..u made me hell shock….i was surprised….i was thnkng whether u gave it a leap!!!…dream sequence…hahaa…toooo gd….

    1. Goms

      Thank you tulasi ?

  8. Nithu

    Oh my god diii….loved it…di….i was like is he the sso we know…!!

    1. Goms

      ??Thanq nithu.. Am happy you loved it..

  9. Awesome…. superb…. but I’m a lil bit angry with u coz u hav not posted since so long!!!!! But happy to read this one….. a humble request….. can u give a small recap… I sometimes forget the story!!!!!!!

    1. Goms

      Oh sure mukta.. From now on I’ll give recap.. Angry with me .?? Forgive me sweety.. (With puppy face)

  10. It was really awesome especially that rudra acting
    Post the next episode very soon. Plz

    1. Goms

      Namrata thanq for commenting dr ? I posted the next read that and comment baby

  11. Aww… was such a feel good part…..too gud…*moves to shivika land*

    1. Goms

      Kashika thanq for commenting sweety.. ?

  12. But didnt understand that how did they get married???

  13. Nida

    Nice ? it’s great.. shivaay became dad ??

    1. Goms

      Thanq nida ?

  14. Ishqkum

    Supper Dr just awesome. I loved it.plz tell me when u will update the next one I am so egar plz

    1. Goms

      Ishqkum I updated the next part sweety.. Read that also..

  15. Nice ??

    1. Goms

      Kashika thanq for commenting sweety.. ?

  16. Vincy


    1. Goms

      ???Tq vincy

  17. Even I was confused… As ur 9 epi story was diff & 10 iz diff… Anywayz its amazing & plz from next tym mention that’s a dream or somthin… At least a small hint… Bcoz I literally searched it 4 tyms to confirm ittt

    1. Goms

      Oh remo.. Sorry for the inconvenience Dr.. Next time I’ll do mention whether it is a dream sequence or not.

  18. Ayath

    hi goms i missed ur ff but finally u uploaded thanku somuch coming to epi is it dream of shivaay bcz epi 10 is different from epi 9 but today epi was awesome dear

    1. Goms

      ??Thank you ayath.. Missed you too

  19. oh…it’s a dream sequence..i was wondering this throughout the episode…lol..anyways…I wish it comes true for shivika…n’s always the same

  20. Alekhika20

    Nyc updt

    1. Goms

      Thanq dr ?

  21. Soha

    it’s awesome everyday i was waiting for ur ff atlast you uploaded it thanks gom

    1. Goms

      Thanq dr ?soha..
      And am sorry for making you wait so long.. I hope it won’t happen again

  22. oh goms.. i have no words to say how i feel while reading ur ff.. i thought its real nd u will say hw its happen in next ff. but u cheated me dr u said its gonna be someones dream too bad darling..p ls cant we make it as real

    1. Goms

      Hahaha malu ?thanq for commenting Dr.. Don’t worry it will happen soon..

  23. Hey where the hell my comments vanished TU … ???
    Coming back to my humor Queen ff ur always awesome and I don’t understand from where u bring such a humor in ur writing just loved it …
    # humor Queen is back with a big bang and yaa coming to ur jiju brother do paanibaazi with him just kidding… If he is young to you forgive him & ignore.. Or u both r of same age so .. (tell me how he irritated u in pm ) OK ..

    1. Goms

      Ok done shama..
      He is one and half year elder than me..

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