Ishqbaaz FF by Goms -Epi 1


Hi guys.. This is Goms.
Thanks for accepting me & my FF.. Am happy that you all liked it..
Let me clear all your doubts in this epi..

Let’s start..
Anika, ishkara (ishana+omkara), rumya (rudra+souyma), mallika are planning to reunite tia and shivaay.

Why prinku is not here..wait I will call her also..
But omkara and rudra stopped her..
No anika..She is small child (as per their thoughts)..she will tell our plan to shiv bhaiya in fear..
Mallika :
Yes anika om is rite..
Rudra :
Anika didi, what we are going to do to unite tia and shiv bhaiya. Even though i don’t like that lady baba I’ll do this for my bhaiya..
Omkara :
Yes me too I’ll do anything for shivaays happiness
Soumya :
1st we should name our group. Let’s name it as “TS Mission”
Rudra :
Are we going to buy a machine.?
But I thought we are going to unite shiv bhaiya and tia..
Omkara : (with angry wala look)
Rudra are you serious..?
Everyone keep their hands on head..
Soumya :
Arrey duffer oberoi.. Am saying “mission -a task” not machine..
Rudra : Mission.?
Soumya :
Yes “TS mission ” I mean tia-shiv bhaiya mission..
Rudra :
Oh ok…! And miss sumo am not duffer oberoi..
And for your info my bhaiya should always be Name it as “ST Mission ”
(RUMYA started their arguments)
Ishana laughs rudra and soumya s arguments
Anika, mallika, om says at same time :
Oh guys just stop it.. Plan something..

Everyone hears a voice someone saying “what plan.? ”
Everyone turn to see who is that..

At Rana mansion Siddharth dad, mom, brothers discuss about Siddharth and mallika marriage break-up
Siddharth enter the hall with frustration and mummers “Mallika is not answering my call. I know why she is behaving like this.. It’s all happened bcoz of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI”. He must have brain washed my darling.. She is so innocent, she will believe everything whatever that shivaay says he is her best friend and she trust him alot.. Dono what to do.. ”
Ketki Siddharth mother hears this and says,
Ketki :
Mere hire beta, shivaay is not her friend. He is her Ex.. I mean Exxxxx..
Prem vikram Rana (father of Siddharth) :
Shut up ketki there is no love b/w mallika and shivaay… We know the truth. Mallika and Siddharth explained everything go us at the beginning itself. Don’t blabber..
Aryaan (Siddharth brother) :
I know mallika bhabi is innocent. Everything happened bcoz of you mom. I already told you before siddu bhaiya s engagement “give equal importance to bhaiya and bhabi” but you refused… See now what happened bcoz of you..
Ketki : why should I give importance to her.? She is not my daughter.. She is my would be daughter in law..
Siddharth looks at his mom in bit anger.. Ketki becomes silent..
Aditiya (another younger brother of siddu) :
Don’t worry siddu bhaiya.. I’ll bring bhabi back..
Siddharth :
But how? Oberois are our enemies. Who will go there.?
Aditiya :
Bhaiya, I am ADITIYA VIKRAM RANA younger brother of SIDDHARTH VIKRAM RANA.. I can do anything.. By saying that he made a call to one of the famous Delhi news channel.. He informs that “I have a great news for your channel.. Which will increase your channels trp rate to top, the news is There is rift amid RANA family Aditiya vikram Rana left the Rana mansion by supporting his would be bhabi mallika”..
The reporter asked how you know that.? Who is this.? But aditiya cut the phone call without answering him..
Aditiya looks at his family and says.. Now I can enter oberoi mansion no one will stop me.. Everyone smiles except Aryan and ketki says you proved today that you’re my son..
Aryan (in his mind) :
They are doing wrong.. How can they lie like world and bhabi.. Love should be made by truth and trust not by lie.. I don’t want to be part of this drama.. And he left the place..
FB ends

Back to the present
Mallika & soumya (at the same time) says Aju (in shock )
Aditiya : soumi you’re here.? (In surprise)
Rudra (in mind with anger) he is calling my sumo wrestler as soumi.. How can he call like that..who is he.? How he knows my sumo.? Only I have the rights to call sumo with pet names..

Mallika : what are you doing here.? Does your bhaiya came with you.?
The “TS mission group ” gives a confused look.
(I mean anika, om, rudra, soumya)
Mallika to soumya “soumya do you know him.?”
Soumya :
Yes didi I know him.. He is my class mate..
Rudra interrupts “I dono him.. Does he is studying in our college.? ”
Soumya :
How come you know him.? You always stay in canteen.? When you came to class.?
Anika laughs hearing this.. Rudra makes faces..

Shiv, tej-janvi, shakti-pinky, dadi, prinku, tia came to hall where TS group is present..
Shivaay saw aditiya and says… “Tum.?…yahan..? ”
Dadi : kyaa Billu..? Who is this.?
Tej :
He is ADITIYA VIKRAM RANA.. Our business rival Rana’s last kid..
TS group (except mallika) and pinky, prinku, dadi, tia cupped their mouth..
Pinky :
Oh my Mata…why he is here.? That too with luggage..
Janvi :
I know why he is here..and switched on the tv.. And says This is the reason..
Everyone saw the news which shows “there is a rift amid Rana family bcoz of mallika.. Aditiya vikram Rana left the house by supporting his would be bhabi Mallika”
Pinky :
Jethaanji pls switch offs the tvs.. It makes me ills..turns to mallika and says this mallika is troubles for everyones..See first she came then her would be devar comes then her whole family will come..I dono whether this is our home or some ashram..
Dadi : pinky chup..we are oberoi’s.. Oberoi’s always help others, we won’t think others as burden..
Aditiya :
Dadi sorry for interrupting i fought with my family came here to see my bhabhi and I’ll take her to Rana mansion, I thought if my bhabi don’t come with me to siddu bhaiya then I’ll also don’t go to my house..Bcoz now I have no place to go.. And he make sad faces..
Dadi looks at tej, shakti, janvi, pinky, shivaay, omkara, and rudra..and signs “may I let him stay here.? ”
Everyone nod their head as yes but pinky and rudra nod their heads as no..
Dadi smiled and told aditiya to stay here as long as he wants till his bhabhi accepts to go with him..
Aditiya thanks dadi and hugs her..
Tej thinks this will hurt Rana empire..when they come to know about aditiya gonna stay here this will increase oberoi’s respect in media “that they are great people and kind hearted that they allow their business rival to stay in their mansion” and smiles..
Dadi ask rudra and omkara to show guest room to rana, he can stay there..
Dadi, prinku, janvi, tej, shakti, pinky, leaves the hall and went to their room..
Leaving tia, shiv, om, Rudy, sumo, anika, mallika, ishana in hall..
Aditiya introduce himself to everyone and have a friendly hug with om, shiv, tia, mallika, Rudy, and he goes to sumo and hug her.. Rudra Burns in anger and thinks “omg he is hugging my sumo wrestler..Why sumo is not saying anything to stop him..She can welcome him by not hugging also na..uff am going to beat him with my thumbells”
Then aditiya goes to hug ishana..but om interrupts and says ishana I bought something for you..come with me pls and holds ishana’s hand and take here from there.. Shivaay smiles at om that he knows why omkara is not allowing aditiya to hug ishana..bcoz om is so possessive..

Then aditiya goes to anika to hug..shivaay gets tensed.. But anika step aback and wished “Namaste” shivaay smiled said to himself “that’s my panika”
Aditiya give a confused look..
Mallika to aditiya :
Aju this is anika, she is my best partner here don’t take it wrong.. Anika don’t like this type of western culture..
Aditiya smiles at anika and says good… I like these type of girls…I like you..
By hearing the word “I like you” shivaay gets angry..and called anika to come to his room..and he left the place..
Everyone leaves..
Dadi comes and informs anika to take care of aditiya ask him what he needs for food and let me know if he is comfortable in guests house..
Anika goes to aditiyas room asked him whether he is comfortable here.. And he says mallika bhabi told me that you work here as marriage contractor and you only supported bhabi to stay her…Bhabi told everything to me what happened here..thanks for everything..i feel like you are my sister.. But I’ll not call you “didi” bcoz I don’t want to accept you as didi by words but I want to accept you as mere didi in my heart.. So I’ll call you with as “ani”..anika smiles at him and says so I got another bhai..
Aditiya tells her that you must handle my marriage also as a marriage contractor.. Anika says ok baba.. And leaves the room.. Aditiya smiles at her..
Rudra was crossing the guests room and heard some words like “I will accept you, my heart, I will not call you “didi”..rudra gets shocked and says “Omg I think he is big Romeo.. First he hugged soumya and called her with pet name.. Now he is acting like this with anika do” I think I should inform bhaiya’s… He goes to their room where shivaay is present, he says everything what he heard in aditiyas room..
Shivaay anger increased and says to rudra “I’ll take care of this.. Don’t say anything about this to anyone Rudy” rudra nods his head as yes and left the room.. Shivaay breaks the flower vase near to him.. And messaged to anika..

“Come to my room within 3mins it’s urgent”
Anika saw the text and went to his room..
Shivaay :
What do you think about…. Him.?
Anika :
About whom Billu ji..?
Shivaay :
Don’t…Don’t call me that word..! Am asking about aditiya..
Anika :
He is so sweet and innocent..
By hearing the word “sweet ” that to from anika s mouth.. His anger bursts out..
Shivaay with anger tone :
You Just stay away from him..
Anika with confused look:
Why.? Does he is a human bomb.?
Shivaay with anger:
Don’t ask me questions.. Do what I say.. ! (This time he ordered her)
Anika got angry with his gesture and says “why should I obey you.?? You’re not Lord or my brother sahil or my husband..! Who are you to order me.?? Am not your slave and your employee..!
This time shivaay can’t control his anger and his anger bursts as volcano..
Shivaay :
Don’t you obey my words.. Do you want to know what can shivaay Singh oberoi can do if you don’t obey his words.?
He holds her hand tighter and draws her closer.. Anika was stunned with this gesture.. And he draws her more closer by holding her waist they see each other.. They share an eye lock.. Music.. Oh jaana…. Plays…. They both can feel their breathe… Anika s heart beats faster..
Shivaay forgot his anger.. Lost in her eyes.. By holding one hand in waist and he touches her cheek with other hand… He was about to kiss.. Anika s heart beats more faster..
This time shivaay with low voice says to anika.. “Do what I say. I’m not lord or your brother sahil. But I’m your (he pauses for a second, came to sense what he was going to say.. He leaves her and step aback and says)
I’m…. I’m your employer… Understand..
Anika nods her head and went out of the room..
Anika thinks why he is behaving so weird..

Ishana says om where is my gift…? You said you bought something for me.. Om says here is my gift.. Om kisses ishana.. Ishana blushes.. Rudra comes there… And gets shocked..siddu called mallika.. Aju ask anika s phone number..

If there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes in my FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

Please do feel free to express your opinions by dropping your valuable comments if should I continue with this FF or not… Negative comments are also welcomed..

Hope you all will like this FF..and your doubts cleared..
Stay Blessed all..

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    @ akshaya, fiza, shaza, stormy, medha, priyanka. N, jazz, devshi, shama, devi

    Thank you all for your sweet comments sweeties…

    Yes Aditiya is positive ma.

    Aditiya likes anika as sister..
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    Aditiya likes sumo as friend at 1st.. Later he will feel his love for soumya..

    Next part will be a treat for all (shivika+ishkara+rumya fans)..I will include all 3 couples romance, shivaays arrogance, shiv+om+ru= possessive ness.. Keep commenting sweeties.. Bcoz you’re comments make me to write more.. Love you all.. Stay blessed and happy..

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