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Let’s start

Shivika, ishkara, rumya, aju, Tia, mallika, enters oberoi mansion.. Pinky, janvi, dadi, priyanka, cups their mouth in shock seeing tia, mallika fully drenched.. Pinky in shock “o my mata..whats happens to my future bahus..” dadi says “arrey bhaavan.. Again rain started in Oberoi mansion..”
(ishqbaazi turns into paanibaazi in oberoi mansion)


Aju rudy brings 3 bucket full of water and pours on tia, mallika, siddarth..
All three came to sense.. And drenched fully…
Tia :
What’s this.?
Siddarth wipes his face holds mallika’s hand.. Mallika and siddu share an eye lock.

Tia straightly went to shivaay and hugs him saying sorry shivaay baby.. Hereafter I won’t hurt you..
Shivaay doesn’t reciprocate.. Shivaay – anika looks at each other reminiscing their moment..

Siddarth hugs mallika apologizing to her what happened in RanaMansion will never happen again.. And asking her to come with him.. But mallika refuses..

Everyone looks at them tensed..
But our great wall
Shivaay is still looking at anika.. Anika avoids his eye contact..

Rudy tries to talk in between mallika and siddarth but aju stops him saying “no one should go in-between lovers/husband-wife fights because it will back fire to him or it will cause more damage in their relationship.. Let them clarify their doubts and fight more so their burdens will come out and they can understand one another more and eventually love will increase more..”

Om and ishana says:
Rudra he is rite..

Wa… Aju… You’re rocking..

Hearing those words from anika shivaay came to sense..

Rudy whispers in omkara and anika ears.. And makes faces

Arrey anika di, om bhaiya.. Those words are said by love angel not him… He is a copy cat.. Ishana bhabi and sumo you to come here..
Sumo ishana overs hears this and says..

Arrey duffer oberoi.. I remember I didn’t say those words..

Hey sumo.. Who said those words are said by you.?? Am saying my love angle said those words.. You’re not love angel.

Sumo in shock realized what she said and smiles as if nothing happened..
Omkara waves a confused look at her..

Aju serves cool drinks and snacks to ani, sumo, rudy, om, shivaay, tia ishan… They all sat on the sofa (rounded shape) in hall where siddarth and mallika fighting in middle..
Everyone (shivika, tia, ishkara, rumya, aju) watched their fights as if like they are watching cricket match..

They all sit in the order of “ishana-om-rudra-sumo-aju-anika-shivaay-tia ended with ishana”

Omkara and ishana sits next to each other.. Rudra sits next to om and sumo sits in between aju and rudra.. Where as Shivaay sits in between tia and anika..

Ishana holds Om hands in tensed seeing their fight..
Om says “don’t worry ishana.. I know what you are thinking.. We will not fight like them at any costs..
Ishana smiles at him saying “so Mr. Omkara Singh oberoi understands what I am thinking”

Rudy whispers to Om:
What happened to them (siddu-mallika) mallika di were fighting like they where in Cargill war..siddu was looking like little puppy.. Am feeling bad for him.. Why should boys always forgive in relationship.. But it’s fun to see lovers fight.. (Smiles making faces)

Sumo to aju and anika:
Anika di and aju when will their fight ends.. We are watching their fights for an something when we will go home.. It looks like we will go home next year..
Anika cups her mouth in shock..
Aju smiles..
Shivaay-tia looks on..
Hey sumo.. I know why you want to go home.. Bcoz you finished your snacks..
Chup dumbbell..
Om-ishana-anika smiles
(Everyone starts drinking their cool drinks)

Shivaay baby we have understanding.. We will not fight like this.. And she smiles..
Yes understanding but not pyaar..
Shivaay looks rudy..
Kyaa matlab..
Vo… Bhaiya.. I mean shivaay bhaiya is paraya dhan..

Siddarth :
But mallika you said you still love me and you kissed….
Mallika interrupts “siddu am not in conscious that’s why it happened forget what happens in room..

Omisha, rumya, aju, tia cupped their mouth..
Anika and shivaay spits their cool drinks hearing the word “kissed..”
Everyone looks at them..
Shivaay looks on..Anika avoids eye contact..
Rudra mummers “something is fishy..”

Rudy in curious :
Mallika di what happened in room.?
Siddu mallika looks at each other..
Nothing rudy..

Shut up rudy..
Let’s move.. Everybody will be waiting in oberoi mansion..

Everyone came out..
Scene : at the entrance of Honeymoon house..

This house is really a honeymoon house.. It has magic in it.. I wish I could have one like it.. ShivOm bhaiya will you both buy me one like this.?

Oh come on..

Siddu and aju in one car..
Siddu bhaiya I’ll drop you at rana mansion..i want to see aryan bhaiya, mom & dad am missing them so badly..
Ani darling Am not going to stay at rana mansion.. I’ll be at oberoi mansion tomorrow..
Anika sumo waves bye to aju.. Mallika looks at siddu.. And siddu looks at mallika..

Rudy, sumo, tia sat in shivaay car.. Rudra asked anika to come with them but anika refused saying that she will come with om and ishana..
Shivaay looks at her..
Rudra stops her “anika didi you come with us.. It’ll be fun being with you.. Come didi pls.. Pls.. ”
Anika you go with rudy otherwise he will become cry baby oberoi
Everyone laughs except shivaay and anika..
Anika nods her head as yes..

Mallika says she’ll come with om and isha in order to avoid Rudy’s questions asking “what happened in room”

Omisha mallika in one car and shivika, tia, rumya in another car.. Drives to oberoi mansion..

Shivaay drives the car.. Tia sits beside him.. Anika sits between rudy and sumo in back seat.. Shivaay continuously stares at anika through front mirror Anika avoids the eye contact..
In another car om drives.. Isha sits beside him.. Mallika sat in backseat thinking about siddu.. And their moments..

Everyone reached oberoi mansion.. Dadi pinky janvi prinku chats something in hall..

Shivika, ishkara, rumya, aju, Tia, mallika, enters oberoi mansion.. Pinky, janvi, dadi, priyanka, cups their mouth in shock seeing tia, mallika fully drenched..
“o my mata..whats happens to my futures bahus..”
Pinky it’s not futures bahus.. It’s future bahu..
Ya ya I knows..
What happens.? Why you drenched tia.?
Bolna tia.. Kyaa hua.?
Tia ask shivaay, rudy, om what to say..
Lady baba say you drenched in rain.. Last time I used this excuse only.. And I escaped..
Tia says dadi I and mallika drenched in rain..
Rudra laughs behind tia
dadi says “arrey bhaavan.. Again rain started in Oberoi mansion..”
Rudy winks his eyes signs dadi.. Dadi smiles and says “I got it”

Everyone go to your rooms.. Tia mallika go change your clothes..

After freshen up.. Tia, mallika gathers in pool where rumya, shivika, omisha present..

Tia says shivaay baby I got one dream when I am drugged..
The dream is “shivaay baby.. ”

Omisha, shivika, rumya in chorus says “purple painting”

Tia :
How you all know that I got this dream only.?! I think universe wants you all to know this..

Not only us.. The universe knows it.. Even in radio they’re going to announce this.. Lady baba..
(Rudy taunts her)

Omisha, shivika, rumya smiles..
Mallika lost in her thoughts.. She gave lame excuse & went to her room..
Shivaay says let her take rest.. She needs some space now..
Ok om.. Am going home sahil would have return home from school.. Anika didi do you finished your work..? If you finished you can come with me..
Om waves a sad look..
No.. Come to my room.. Shivaay left pool and went to his room..
Anika looks at him confused..
Anika to isha:
Ok you go home.. I’ll come home after finishing my work..
Om hugs isha and bids bye to her.. Sumo rudy smiles seeing their love..
Awwww.. So sweet.. Om bhaiya loves isha didi so much.. Even he can’t say single minute away from her..
Om went to drop isha..
Sumo says am going to take rest as am feeling tired and am going to have my paratha..
Am also going to take rest..
Why what did you do.?
You do nothing and you’re feeling tired.? I and aju worked hard in kidnapping them but at that time you were drinking your protein shake.. What makes you tired ah.?
You dono nothing sumo..
(Thinking I worked hard to protect you and anika di from that jerk aju.. I need rest today because he’ll not come today.. From tomorrow onwards again my spy work started as he (aju) is coming tomorrow)
Evey one left..

Anika stands near shivaay room.. In dilemma whether she should go in or not.. Thinking their romantic moment.. What will he say.? How I will face.?
Slowly she enters the room finds no one.. Suddenly someone hold her waist from back, turned her and pinned her to the wall..
She surprised say “Billu ji” in low tone..
Shivaay cupped her mouth..
Why you did that to me.?
Anika raised her eyebrows signing “What I did.? ”
And loosens the grip frees her mouth..
What that.?
Anika: in anger
Billu ji you only kissed me..
Shivaay tightens the grip and pinned her to the wall one hand holds her waist and another hand on the wall..
Ok I agree.. But why did you reciprocate.? You should have stopped me..but you didn’t why.?
I.. Vo…. Vo… I..
Tia enters calling shivaay baby.. Hearing tia’s voice anika-shivaay moved away..
Anika make an excuse pretends as if dadi calling her.. Shivaay looks at her.. Anika looks on and leaves the place..
Anika meets dadi.. Dadi I finished today’s work shall I leave sahil and isha will be waiting for me.. Om comes there.. Dadi asked om to drop anika.. Om agrees.. Om dropped anika and asked about ishana.. And returns to oberoi mansion..
Shivaay baby I came here to inform you mom & dady landed n London..After finishing their board meeting they’ll come here as soon as possible.. Till then I have to stay here.. And dadi, pinky aunty, janvi ok with this..
Good night shivaay baby.. Am going to my room..
Ya..good night..
After tia left..
Shivaay thinks about anika and their kiss.. Smiles unknowingly.. Seeing his reflection in mirror.. Controls his smile.. What’s happening to me.. Why iam going behind that girl.. She doesn’t have surname, family, status, blood line.. I think I should stay away from her..
Om rudy talking about love while entering shivaay room..
Love happens with no reason..when it comes no one can stop it.. Love doesn’t see blood line, surname, family status, colour, height, weight,..bcoz..
Bcoz it has no eyes.. Rite om.?
Om smiles.. No rudra bcoz it happens with heart and emotions..
Shivaay hears this.. Lost in his thoughts..
Shiv bhaiya what happen.?
Shivaay :
Nothing rudra.. Come let’s sleep..
But shivaay.. You’re going to get marry…he should practice to sleep without us..
Shivaay smiles and says:
Not today om..
All three hug each other.. Share some brotherly bond.. And slept..

On other hand anika thinks about shivaay and their cozy moments.. Slept holding sahil..

No precap

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