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Hi guys.. This is Goms.
Sorry for the delay actually I attached episode2 & episode3 in this part that’s y taken more time. Am back with epi2 & epi3.
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(The epi1 shivikas fight, jealous, aditiya s (aju) entry everything happens in night) (epi 2 & 3 also takes place in night)

Let’s start
Episode 2 & 3
Anika thinking why this SSO is behaving so weird..whats happening to me.? Why I didn’t resist him..? Remembering SSO s harsh behavior tears filled her eyes.. (At the same time)
Shivaay in his room gets tensed and confused.. Why I am behaving like this.? She is just an employee.. Why I am caring for her..? She is not my gf or wife, we don’t share any relation.. Even aditiya hugged tia but I don’t get angry.. But when he moves to anika to hug.. Why I get tensed and angry.? Why I feel so strange.. She doesn’t have surname, status..why I feel like she belongs to only me.. Fhat the wuck..! I think I should stay away from her..
Shivika thinks about each other.. Music..Oh Jana..Plays.

In Om’s Room..
Where are you kidnapping me om.? Where is my gift.?
Om: (smiling)
Really.? You need gift.?!
Isha: (with confused look)
Kyaa.? But yu said yu bought something for me.! (Isha realized that Om lied) so you lied to me Om.? I’ll not talk to you & turns opposite to Om.
Om hugs ishana from back & whispers in her ear’s “isha do I lie to you.? Hmm ok baba close your eyes, I’ll give you’re gift” ishana closes her eyes.. Om turns her to him..while om turning isha to him.. Isha’s dress got stuck in bed’s nail as they both were standing near Om’s bed.. Ishana was unaware of that and still closed her eyes.. Om cupped her face with his both hands and kis*ed her.. In head, cheeks.. Ishana opened her eyes in shock and blushed.. Om and ishana share an eye lock.. Music…plays..
Ishana: (in low voice)
So this is your gift Om ji.?
Om with smile:
Yes dear.. Wait.. What did you call me.? (Still cupping her face with his hand)
Ishana says I said Om ji.. Why.? What happen.?
Om smiling and says “my would be wife giving me respect.?”
Ishana blushed more her cheeks turns into pink colour.. Om noticed this and moved his head closer to plant a ki*s in her lips..
Rudra entered om’s room by calling louder “bhaiya.. Bhaiya..” He gets shocked seeing..

In pinky’s room, pinky walks here and there restlessly… Mummers “oh my mata I can’ts tolerates this mallika anymores, I have to do something to send this mallika out of my mera betas lifes…what to do..what to do..yes I gots ideas..I will try to unite siddarth vikram Rana and that she will forgets my son shivaay.. Pinky goes to check shivaay room whether mallika is there..door is closed, pinky pushed the door but the door was locked inside.. She gets shocked “oh my mata.. Shivaay don’t have the habit of locking his room doors but now mere beta locked his room doors for the first time.. Everything happens bcoz of this mallika..pinky gets angry & she was about to knock the door but she stopped.. “Why I am checking my beta rooms.. Mere beta has no faults.. My beta is golds..golds.. I think I should check mallika rooms what she is doing”.

Back to Om’s room..
Rudy gets shocked seeing no one in the room..and says I heard Om bhaiya and ishana bhabi voice..and I heard some too noises like rat sound “muchch.. Muchch”.. (Actually it was Om+isha’s kissing sound)
Ishkara hides in restroom..
Ishkara speaks “sometimes Rudy’s ears are so active”.
Rudra :
Checks the entire room and even under the bed to find if there is any rat in Om room.. Thinking of “If I get that rat I’ll leave it in sumo wrestler or aditiyas room”and smiling..
Ishana why we’re hiding in restroom.? This is our house our bedroom and he is my brother.. He won’t think wrong come let’s go out..
No om.. You go out.. I’ll hide here.. You leave.. I’ll come out after Rudy leaves..
Flash Back:
Some time before.. Om and isha gets separated hearing Rudy’s voice.. By moving away forcefully ishana dress (chudi)torn till her waist.. Isha+Om gets shocked.. ishana covers her dress with her hands..Om covers her with his jacket..
FB ends

Why isha.. Am with you come dr..
Om, Rudy is my brother-in-law.. Our relations is like mother-son.. No I can’t come in front of him like this..Yu go..
She pushed him..Om hits the shower tap unknowingly, shower tap breaks and water falls-both of them drenched..
Rudy hear the water sound.. Thinks Om is bathing that to in night.?! And goes near to restroom..he called Om bhaiya.. But hearing Aditiya voice “soumi, soumi.. Wait for me”..Rudy rushed out to see sumo & aju..
Om came out of restroom but Rudy left already, Om asked Isha to come out rudra is not here..

Pinky enters mallikas room.. Mallika standing with glass full of water closed her eyes remembering siddarth.. And she says “just stay away from me siddu..thinking abt siddu & their old moments… Still closing her eyes, throws water on pinky face thinking of throwing water at siddarth face.. Pinky leaves the place angrily without uttering a single word.. Mallika opened her eyes & says Anika’s idea I feel relax.. She looks at the floor gets confused, where is the water I thrown..
Pinky says oh my mata.. She threw water on me..I’ll not leave her..

Rudra saw aju-sumo talking about classes, exams.. After chatting a while aju went to his room.. Rudra angrily stepped in sumo’s room pushed her on the wall locked her by keeping his hands on the wall asked her why she is flirting with that jerk aditiya.? Soumya frees her from Rudys lock.. Takes a glass full of water which is kept near the table, throws water on rudy face..says you’re saying I’m flirting with aju.? Juz get out of my room..
Rudy wiped his face & says hey sumo this is my room you get out..
Why should I.? Did you forgot what dadi told this is my room till I go to Mumbai..
Rudra angrily leaves the room as cry baby.. Ishana bids bye to Om.. Om ask how you will go in this condition I’ll drop you.. Ishana says no om you change your dress otherwise you’ll get cold..
Om asked what about you.. You’ll also get cold..wait I’ll get prinku’s dress for you..
No Om it’s already getting late sahil will be alone..I have to go..she gives Om jacket to him.. She leaves the room

In hall
Dadi is sitting in sofa..she saw rudra coming drenched..she asked why are you drenched rudy putty.?
I drenched in rain dadi
Then why you’re crying.? Anybody scold yu.?
No dadi.. It hurts.. The rain it hurts thats y am crying dadi.. Am going to my room dadi..

Ishana comes to hall
Dadi :
Ishana what happen.? Why you’re drenched.?
Dadi… Vo.. I’m.. It’s raining dadi that’s y am drenched.. Dadi I’m going to home sahil is alone at home.. If anika di asked about me.. Say that I’m went home..

Pinky comes to hall
Dadi (shocked) :
Oh my mata..
Why you’re drenched pinky.?
Vo.. Vo.. It’s raining ma.. I drenched in rain (smiling) and she moved to her room by giving lame excuse..
Dadi: uhhh.? Dadi gets confused..

Shivaay comes to dadi.. Looks at her..
Dadi what happen.? Y look confused.?
Is it raining outside Billu..?
No dadi.. Why dadi.? Do you want rain.?
Billu i dono whats happening today.!?

Anika enters the hall
Anika puttar come here..
Anika goes near to dadi…by hearing anika’s name shivaay turns to other side..
Anika: Ji dadi..
Dadi: puttar why are you crying.? What happened .?

Shivaay turns to see anika..

Anika :
Nothing dadi ..vo.. Vo…
Its raining and your eyes drenched.. Rite.?
(Without knowing what dadi says) yes Dadi.. After realizing what dadi said..
Vo… Vo…nahi dadi..actually.. Vo.. I dono dadi I think dust fell in my eyes..

Shivaay looks on Anika.. And Anika’s reaction..

Yes dadi it’s raining out..
Dadi looks at shivaay in shock and smiles :
Oh mere puttu Billu.. It’s raining out.? Just now you said it’s not raining out..?! ?
Dadi I’m having work.. Soumya called me.. Can I leave.?
Ok puttar you go..

Anika leaves..Shivaay looks at Anika..

Shivaay: dadi am also having work…I’ll leave now..
Shivaay leaves and follows Anika..

Shivaay hold Anika’s hand from back…Anika stops walking.. Scene… Oh jaana.. Plays…
Anika why are you crying.?

Anika without turning.. Replies him “don’t you know why I’m crying..?

Um… I’m…sor….sorry Panika..
Anika turns to see shivaay..
Suddenly shivaay drags her closer and hugs her… & says I don’t have strength to meet your eyes.. I don’t want to see this crying panika.. I want my nonsense talking panika..
Anika shocked & surprised with his sudden behaviour…music… Oh jaana… Plays…

Soumya sees rudra crying as cry baby oberoi.. Soumya feels sad for Him..

Precap :
Aditiya ask Anika’s phone number..shivaay looks on.. Anika sees shivaay.. Shivaay signs no.. Omkara noticed this..

If there is any or spelling mistakes in my FF please forgive me ISHQBAAZIANS

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