Ishqbaaz ff by Fama (Part 2)


Hi?guys I was really disappointed with the amount of comments I received for the intro and hence I took time to type the first part and maybe I will stop it if I didn’t get any comments as I felt that no one even read it.
I forgot to add that Anika and Shivaay are engaged but there is no love between them as of now. They are willing to marry just for their parents happiness and I will add the reason but not now.

So let’s start…
A big mansion with Raichand board is shown two girls are seen chatting with a lady. The lady is happily massaging the first girl’s head and the other one is listening to music with headphones.
L: Anu beta your hair is just like mine when I was young. (The girls are Anika and Ishana)
A: haa ma and i am also just like you haina? ( the lady is their mum Janki)
Ishu: right and I don’t resemble anyone? (Keeping an innocent cute face)
J: who says so? You know what your mind is sharp just like me…my drama queen.
A: aree haa our biggest drama queen hasn’t call up today.
Janki got sad. ( Ishana and Anika saw their mum sad)

Oberoi mansion
Three boys were seen sleeping on the bed whe suddenly a guy with blue eyes with serious face gets up( that’s Shivaay …no doubt) he wakes Om and Rudra.
Om:morning Shivaay
Shi: morning Mr artist, why is he still sleeping?
Rudra: oh bhaiya…please let me sleep for just 30mins. Today is Saturday let me relax today without hearing any college lectures.
Shivom: okay… lekin sirf 30mins

After 30mins shivom came to Rudra with breakfast and his protein shake.
Shi: Om am thinking that we should have protein shake today as no one is having it today but we can. Right.
Rudra jump out of bed after hearing “protein shake” from Shivaay’s mouth.

Shivomru had a great brotherly moment.
Shivaay: okay guys am having meeting today with Mrs Janki, so I have to get ready to meet her.
Rudra: o… don’t you think bhaiya’s frequent visits to Janki aunty’s office is strange.
Om: haa Rudra but it is for business ( Om said sarcastically)
Shi:guys just shut up okay! Am going just for business.
Omru: exactly so don’t come back wet… at least for today.
Shivaay gave them an “unbelievable” look and leave from there. Omkara and Rudra also went to om’s art gallery.

At Raichand mansion.
Anishu( Anika and ishu): mum we thought that you won’t go to office today.
Janki: haa even I do not want to leave for office today lekin what can i do I have to take care of some things in the office, and anu beta see you in the office. She caresses her both daughters faces and leave from their.
Anika and Ishana also have their breakfast and left from there in their car(Anika is an event manager in her mum’s company and Ishana is having an art gallery not far from her mum’s company) to their respective places.

Anika collided with guy (who was checking his files) his files fell down, his face not visible.
Boy: what the heck? Tum! can’t you see and walk.
A: wow firstly… you were walking without looking down instead you were engaged in looking at those papers like if it was something precious, then you dare to accused me of not been attentive. How do you expect me to know if you are looking at where you are going or not…do you give me an invitation for your arrival or do you want me to set remainder of when Shivaay Singh Oberoi will reach.
Sh: are you done with your nonsense?
A: Naye am not done.
Shi: pick up my files and then you can continue your nonsense when I leave from here
A: never …Anika will never bend to pick those papers for you.
Shi: what do you think of yourself?pick those files and that too now.
A: I thought of myself as Anika and I won’t pick those files.
Shivaay got hell angry now.
Shi: how dare you Argue with Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
Anika was unaffected by his words. Suddenly Janki came there.
They both looked at each other with attitude.
J: what are you both talking about standing out here… come in Shivaay beta aur Anu bring water with you to my office.
A: okay mum. She give an angry look to Shivaay the same with Shivaay.

Janki has just finished talking with Shivaay in her office when Anika came there with water and accidentally poured it on Shivaay when Shivaay looks at Anika.
A: aree sorry mr billi.
Shivaay got shocked hearing billi from her and then thinking about Dadi calling him billu.
Shi: how do you know that name?
A: why won’t I know the name? Am I a 1yr baacha that I won’t know a cat and Dadi is always calling you billu. your eyes are just like a cat eye.

Janki left from the office after she finished her work with Shivaay leaving Shivika in their own world.
An employee came to Anika.
Emp: ma’am you asked me to bring your chequebook for you have to give loan to someone.
Anika took the check book and started filling in instead of 50000 she writes five zeroes after the 5 and then write fifty- thousand.
Shivaay was looking at her in disbelief.
Shi: how much money are you giving in loan.
A: 50000! Why are you asking?
Shi: are you this weak in maths?
A: what do you mean by that question?
Shi: how many zeroes does fifty thousand has?
A: why? are you are you taken my interview? Fifty thousand has…(after a long thought) it has 5 zeroes.
Sh: who made you a part of business when you don’t even know the figures of money.
Shi: Mr billi leave from here. If you are done, otherwise you will get bath here right now with water.
Shi: just check what you have written.
A: look mr billi… how do you even know that I made a mistake?
Shi: because I was looking when you are filling the figures.
A: and who are you to pinpoint my mistake.
Shi: am your fiancé so I need to know what you do.
Anika: (to the employee)you leave from here. And mr Oberoi can you leave now I have other works to do.

At Ishana’s art gallery
Ishana on phone call with Om.
Ish: hello omkara ji. I want to meet you and talk to you in person today if you don’t mind.
Om: it’s okay miss Ishana I can meet you but at the evening. Is that okay.
Ish: it’s perfect. So see you later.

At the evening Anika went to Ishana’s art gallery.
A: ishu where are you going?
Ishu: vo… actually am going to meet omkara ji we have to talk about something important.
A: hmmm…can’t you do that work here or is it a personal business between you and Om alone( Anika was teasing her)
Ishana wants to divert Anika’s attention before she start teasing her more. So she shouts Shivaay’s name Anika turns to look her back when Ishana escaped from there.
A:ishu where is…………she turns to see Ishana disappear.

Ishana and Om meet in a coffee shop.
Ishana and Om were chatting about Anika and Shivaay and how they were willing to married each other when they don’t even love each other.
Om: am sure that they loved each other but they don’t realised it. I know that Shivaay has lost faith in love but I can clearly see that he loves Anika. He is not just realised it.
Ish: but he will surely realised that he loved Anika di. We just have to make them show there feelings to each other before their marriage.
Ishana and omkara agree to make Shivika realised their love.
Ishu: what about you?
Om: what about me?
Ishu: I mean to asked do you believe in love?
Omkara split out the coffee he was drinking.
Ishu: are you okay? Omkara nods at ishu in positive.
Om: I don’t have an answer to that… love is like an air…it can hit you anytime anywhere. You never know who is your love she can be right in front of you but you can’t realised it just how Shivaay and Anika are.
Ishu: aree please omkara ji I just asked a simple question but you gave me paragraph answer.
Suddenly it starts raining and it was like if Ishana was waiting for the rain.
Om: Ishana…… before he could complete her name he saw Ishana dancing to Cham Cham omkara got mesmerised with Ishana’s beauty and was just speechless looking at Ishana enjoying the rain and he also join her to dance in the rain.

Note guys there will be no Tia or Daksh character in my ff but there surely will be a villain and also am not going to introduce soumya’s character yet.

What do you think of the ff? Please please please do comment and tell what you think of the track and if you are confused with anything or if it is not nice please share you thoughts with me through comments.

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