Ishqbaaz ff by Fama (Part 3)


Hii? guys…Fama back again with a my ff.
Some people might have forgotten the first part but no problem do read this one and please please do try to comment. I am really happy as I got my results and I have done really well and so to show my happiness am writing the second part of my ff, your comments will double up my happiness.

It starts with Ishana in her room thinking about Om and her moments in the rain.
A: ahem…ahem. But Ishana was lost in her own world and this was noticed by Anika.
A: ishu…where are you lost at this time of the night?
Ishu don’t even know that Anika was in her room
Anika took a cup of water and pour it on Ishana’s face to bring her into senses.
Ishu: DIDI…
A: haa… its me why shout my name when am near you
Ishu: I know that you are here but why do you have to do that (pouring water on her)? She keeps a crying face
A:since you came back from meeting Om…you are lost in your thoughts and you are not even concentrated on anything and with no option I did that(pouring water on ishu) and by the way how was your meeting with Om?
Ishu: didi forget about it.
A: why do you always avoid talking about Om. I know that you loved him but I don’t know why you are not ready to accept your feelings.
Is: di you know what happened between Om and I.
A: ishu I know what happened but you should also know that mistakes are a part of humans life, we commit mistakes but we also learn from those mistakes. You have to forget what happened in the past and move on and stop depending you present on your past.
Ish: I can’t forget about it di. I just can’t. Ishana became teary eye.
She quickly wipe off her tears and turn to Anika
Ishu: di…I don’t want to talk about it as I don’t want mum to know about it.
A: ishu I think you should tell ma the truth otherwise she will be hurt if she found out later by someone else
Ishu: I will tell mum the truth but not now now you tell me did you meet Shivaay today.
A: haa…I don’t know why he is always rude he can never be polite or even sweet to someone for even a minute. I don’t know how his family tolerate him.

Oberoi Mansion
Ru: bhaiya…how was your meeting with Janki aunty and did you meet Anika di I mean my would be bhabhi . Omru started teasing Shivaay and Shivika were talking against each other about their encounter while their siblings got bored.

In the morning☀️Janki came to Ishana’s room
J: ishu beta…you are not going to work today are you?
Ishu: no ma…am absolutely free today
J: the Oberois want to finalise date for your sister’s (Anika’s) marriage and they want the horoscopes. So if you can take the kundli to Oberoi mansion.
Ishu: ji maa I will surely take it
Ishana got ready to go to Oberoi mansion

Shivomru were preparing breakfast in the kitchen pinky came there
Pinky: oh my mata! Shivaay you should gets ready today the pandit ji will come to fix your wedding date. And Janki said that her daughter is comings with my future bahu’ kundli.
Ru: is Ishana di coming here.
Pinky: yes. She went from there.
Omkara’s face went pale hearing Ishana’s name and he was thinking about something deep which could be seen through his facial expressions this didn’t go unnoticed by Shivaay.
Shi: Om…what’s wrong with you lately I have been noticing your behaviour whenever you had Ishana’s name, it seems like you are hiding something
Ru: Shivaay bhaiya is right you behave like if you got married secretly and trying to hide it. Rudra says this playfully
Om: yes…I mean yes am hiding something.
Shivru: you can tell us we will solved it together in a jiffy
Om: I don’t want to lie to you guys and neither do I want to tell you the reason.
Shi: that’s alright if you don’t want to share it with us but remember…
Ru: we’re her for you always.
Omkara nod at them and they have a hug.
Ishana came to them after giving the kundli to Dadi. She along with Rudra tease Shivaay about his wedding and they have a nice time.

After sometime Shivaay left from there to office while on his way he met Anika. Whose car break down on the way
Shi: tum! What are you doing here?
A: what do you mean by that question? What would a person do in the road am I going to sleep here or is it my house.
Shi: listen… I just asked you a question can’t you answered without arguing. Anyway get in the car I will drop you.
A: you don’t have to help me aur I have already call my driver to send car for me.
Shi: do you know when the driver will come.
A: why can’t you leave me and go I have said that I don’t need you help or your favour.
Shi: you are so…so stubborn
Shivika continue their cat fight and Shivaay finally convinced Anika to get in the car.
In the car Shivika were sitting in silence. Anika touch the radio to play music and Shivaay was also about to do same thing their hands meet and they have a nice romantic eye lock while oh Jaana plays in the bg. Anika took her hand off. After some time of silence Anika spoke to Shivaay
A: why are you always angry? Your such a grumpy man with your blue eyes. Dadi gave you a nice name BILLU.
Anika continues her blabbering and Shivaay was silent but enjoying her voice.
He suddenly stooped the car.
A: why did you stopped?
Shi: are you blind can’t you see we have reached your work place.
Anika came out of the car
A(mumbling): I wonder if he used to drink bitter gourd drink during his childhood and that’s why he is so bitter… but don’t worry mr Shivaay you will become sweet after our marriage as I will change you. She said the last sentence a bit louder which was heard by Shivaay
Shi: are you so eager about our marriage?
A: am not eager to married you but to change you . I don’t want a grumpy husband. She realised her last sentence and rushed inside leaving smiling Shivaay behind.
Sh(thinking): this girl is mad and I don’t know why I always I liked to be with her and her innocent eyes just mesmerised me.
His mind: did I just said “innocent” no girls can’t be innocent they are all the same and why am I thinking about her.
Heart: love! This is the beginning of love you are loving her.
Mind: no way! They(ladies) can’t loved anyone. The innocence is faked.
Heart: she can’t love you but you can right.
Shivaay drink a bottle of water to calm himself and stop thinking about Anika.

Om went to drop Ishana to her art gallery.
After dropping her ishu was moving towards her art gallery Om stops her.
Om: am sorry.
Ishu: about what.
Om: about what happened I know that what happened was wronged but try to understand what the situation was like I don’t know what to do at that time as the situation was tensed.
Ishu: are you done mr Oberoi? I have always told you that I don’t want to talk about the past because for you what happened was just a mistake and you have correct it but for me my life was ruined because of your decision. And I met you as a friend and I hope you won’t at least break this bond.
Om:am sorry if you feel bad of what I said. Suddenly om’s phone started ringing flashing Ridhima’s name Ishana got sad seeing Ridhima’s name and she became teary eye
Ishu(thinking):this means Om is still in contact with Ridhima maybe he loves her…it’s good that I didn’t come in between them.
Ishana silently leave from there.

So how was it?
I don’t actually know how it was as I didn’t re-read it to check but if you people could please read it and give me your suggestions through your comments I do be really glad.
Merry Christmas to all ishqbaaz viewers

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