Ishqbaaz ff by Fama (Part 1)


Hi this is Fama back again but this time with a fan fiction and this will cover all the couples in the series

Shivaay Singh Oberoi- He is the same as in the show. Here he do believe in love but for some reasons he lost faith in love.

Omkara Singh Oberoi- he is same as in the show but he like to live his life to the fullest.

Rudra Singh Oberoi – same as in the show.
Priyanka Singh Oberoi- she is the younger sister of the three brothers. Here Priyanka is a confident girl studying in college she loved her three brothers a lot, she is a best friend of Anika and her sisters.

Janki Raichand: she is a successful businesswoman despite been a single mother of three children she made sure that her children didn’t lack anything in life and wants them to stand and fight for themselves.

Anika Raichand- she is the first daughter if Janki. She likes to live a simple and peaceful life. She is also egoistic and full of attitude and doesn’t like to bend in front of any men. She is carefree girl and do whatever she like. she loves her mum and two sisters a lot as they are her world.

Ishana Raichand- she is the second daughter of Janki and Anika’s second sister she likes arts a lot and believe in living life to the fullest.she is always happy with her sisters and mum. She thinks that a lie can be acceptable if it is for people’s good.
Soumya Raichand( played by Shivangi Joshi)- she is the youngest daughter of Janki and also her weakness. She is big foodie and a drama queen she and her sisters share a great sisterly bond, they loved each other a lot. She is studying abroad but always in contact with her mum and sisters.

All the other characters are the same as in the serial.

A big house? is shown with a nice cream colour paint and a board with RAICHAND MANSION.

Two girls are seen talking to another girl on video call. They were having fun and laughing their heart out, a woman was happy looking at the girls.

Another house with OBEROI MANSION board is seen and three boys were seen cooking in a kitchen with their chef hats and aprons.

A girl and a boy meet they collided with each other and the boys file fell down. They both show attitude to each other, and leave for their respective places.

Another side
A boy with long hair is painting and talking to someone.
The boy:I don’t see any reason why people lie?
A girl on the other side
Girl: people got many reasons to lie some lie for people’s good which isn’t unacceptable
Boy: when they know the truth will come out some or the other day then why hide.
Girl: everything has a right time to happen.

So this was an intro and a promo
After finishing the OS I thought of writing ff, so hope you like the introduction and if you don’t then give me your valuable suggestions in the comment section.

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