Ishqbaaz ff – episode 3

I’m Lachu back with the 3rd episode of Ishqbaaz ff… Let me again thank you all for the comments given…

Recap : Shinky’s wedding anniversary preprations.. A girl’s entry into OM
(Shock awaiting OmRu is not a big one…)

Lets continue now….
Anika and Dadi looks at her… Anika walks towards her.
Anika : Yes..
Girl : Hello, I’m Gauri Kumari Sharma..(She is speaking in Hindi) [Thinking : Where did Kumari came in between??? Gauri, its OM, you should behave well, ok]
Anika : What are u thinking?
Girls : Ha.. Wo.. Ya.. I’m Gauri Sharma. I was sent by my uncle who is carrying out an event management firm. He said that some function is going on here and need a person to assist… His team is busy in another work… So I think I can help. He asked to meet Mr.. (What was that name?? Ha…) Mr.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika : (She smiles seeing her innocence) Ok.. Shivaay is in his room. I’ll call him… You come inside..
She introduces Gauri to Dadi and leaves to call Shivaay.
Shivaay’s room:
Shivaay : (on call) Ya.. I’ll be there in 1 hour. Just start the meeting on time… I don’t want any delay.
Anika : My assistant had come… Just meet her… She told that she had been asked to meet Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi (She makes faces mocking him)
Shivaay meets Gauri.. He asks her to be with Anika in the preparations…..
Anika : Gauri, I gave you the list of things to be brought, right?
Gauri : Yes, Ma’am… And I asked to buys those things… they will brought soon.
Dadi : Anika puttar, Don’t forget to get new wearings for Mata Rani.
Anika : Yes, Oho Gauri we forgot that, na… Dadi..
Gauri : Ma’am no need of getting tensed. I design cloth materials for temple. So I’ll take care of it.
Dadi : Arre… That’s a very good thing.. Anika puthar, you two manage the things ok..
Anika : Ok, dadi..

Later, khanna brings in the purchased things. He hand over the bill to Anika.
Anika : Gauri, Shivaay went to office… So you do one thing.. Give this bill to Om.. He will pay it.
Gauri (looks on surprisingly) : Ma’am but I don’t know anyone here..
Anika : Oh yes!! Don’t worry… It’s in these way that we interact with others. He’ll be in his room. Just go to 1st floor, room at the right corner is Om’s, Omkara Singh Oberoi. Tell him that I told. Ok. Don’t be afraid. He is so gentle.
Gauri : Ok Ma’am. I will..
Anika : One minute. What Ma’am? [She says in tough tone. Gauri looks tensed.] Anika smiles and says “no need of calling me Ma’am. You can call me by my name. ok”
Gauri : (Smiling) Ok di.
Anika’s eyes gets teary recalling her chutki and Soumya calling her di.. While Gauri also becomes emotional.
Anika : (caresses her face) Soumya was here calling me “di”. Now you are here… Lord always gives me someone.
Gauri : Soumya??
Anika : Ya.. Soumya was… One minute bill has to be paid, no… I will tell u later about Soumya.
Gauri nods and goes to Om’s Room.

Om’s room – Rudra was doing something with his phone while Gauri makes an entry.
Gauri : Omkara Singh Oberoi??
Rudra : Yes!! No!! O is in Shivaay Bhaiyya’s room. Who are you? Why are asking for Om?
Gauri introduces herself and tells about the bill to paid.
Rudra : Ok.. I will go and call O… Waise I’m Rudra Singh Oberoi, The Lady killer…
Gauri : Ha… Lady killer!!! You killed someone????
Rudra: No no!!! It’s not like that… Anyways leave it.. I’m Rudy. Ok.. Let me go and call Rudy (He walks from there and thinks) She is just like me. No like Anika Bhabhi.. No… Why I’m thinking this!!! Shut up Rudra!! I’m telling Shut up myself… Rudra go and call O.. Ok
Gauri observes Om’s room keenly. Her sight gets stuck over the painting of SHinky… She goes besides it and adorns it every corner…. Just then Om and Rudra enters
Om : Excuse me!!

Gauri gets alerted and she turns around…. While turning the paint which was sideby gets struck by her hand and falls over the painting… Om and Rudra gets shocked as Gauri do. Om gets a little bit angry.
Om : O my God? What have u done? Are you really mad? Who told you to come besides my painting?
Gauri was shocked by his behaviour. On the other hand, Rudra was the one who was shocked to the core seeing Om in such a avatar…
Gauri : (thinks) Anika di said that he is very gentle… And now he is shouting at me a for mistake…
Om : Why are u staring at me? Will u open your mouth?
Gauri : Oh hello! I didn’t want to spoil your painting? I was just looking it.. When u entered I became a little scared… No problem I’ll help you in mitigating this…
Om : Don’t even touch, ok…. It’s enough now
Gauri : I spoiled it no.. It’s my duty to clear it and I’ll do it. Before that, Anika di told to pay this bill.. As Shivaay sir is not here, you have to pay off this. I came here for that. Not for spoiling your painting. (She makes puppy faces)
Rudra gets surprised seeing the conversation between Gaurika. Om gets melted by her innocence.
Om: Ok, give me the bill… and no need of clearing the paint in the painting.
Gauri : Who told that I’ll clear it?
Om and Rudra looks on

PRECAP : Anika and Gauri bonds… Gauri becomes friendly with everyone in OM.

Thank you for all those who read till here. Please do comments and give me suggestions.
Soumya will be not seen for some episodes (She is not a –ve character). ML track will be here but in another way… Kapoor sisters are in the story. They will also come up..

So signing off
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