Ishqbaaz ff – episode 2

Hai guys
I’m Lachu here with the 2nd part of Ishqbaaz ff.. Thank u for all the responses n suggestions given… It means a lot for me…. So let’s continue

Recap : Soumya’s aayi came n both left Oberoi Mansion

Rudra’s room (his POV)
(He recalls their marriage) I never thought that such a twist will come in my life… (He looks at mangalsutra) Why did she give this to me??? She told me to throw it out, right!! Was her words saying that I hurted her a lot??? Yes I may have hurted but she used to annoy me!! Her presence irritated me sometimes… But her absence is invoking some emotions in me which I had never experienced… What’s happening with me??? No, no Rudra… This has no meaning and it is to be thrown away…. (He holds the mangalsutra tightly in a determined way)

Everyone in OM is sad because Soumya was dear to everyone… Only Tej was not affected with all these happenings

Shivaay’s room
Anika was sitting on the bed… She was remembering the convo between Soumya n her aayi. Shivaay sees her lost and sat besides her…
Shivaay : Anika (He places his hands over her shoulder)
Anika: (She turned a with a sudden jerk) Shivaay… Have u seen how loving is Soumya’s aayi… Her daughter was in such a problem… She understood it n complained her but it was for hiding it from her… Soumya is very lucky….
S : Yes!!! You’re sad now also..
A : I don’t know. I felt so alone when she leaved…. She was with me for everything her since I came here… Now I’ll miss her “Anika di” No, she was calling me” Anika bhabhi”. (Anika cries silently)
Shivaay comforts her

Omkara’s POV
She had a lot of pain… This had added a lot to it… She founded happiness in calling us bhaiyya.. Don’t know in what condition her mind is..

2 days passed.. Things became normal in OM. Even though everyone missed Soumya…

It’s Shakti and Pinky’s wedding anniversary in a few days… Everyone plans to surprise them…
Shivaay : (on call) I want the best event management team here… Ok I will be waiting.. I want to know it today itself.
Seeing turning he sees Anika behind him..
Anika :So, Mr SSO, can I know that why u enquired for the best event management?
Shivaay: It’s obvious, Pappa n mom ki anniversary ki preparations keliye…
Anika : Oh, hello.. If I can organise the wedding of Sri Sri 108 kanji aankhon waale Shivaay Singh Oberoi maharaj, I can manage this also…
Shivaay : Really Mrs. Anika.. One second what all u called me now!!!!
Anika : I think your ears are weak now a days.. How many times should I repeat things to you… Leave that no one will come here when I’m here.. I will organise it.
S : Ok… I will just appoint one for your assistance… Ok.. I will ask them to send a good organiser… So your burden will be less. Now I have a meeting.. bye
A : This much caring.. .. Bhaghad Billa is not bad… Ohhoo again Bhaghad Billa… (She laughs n walks away)

Om and Rudra is in Om’s room… Om is doing a painting for Shinky… Rudra is irritating him??…
Om : Rudra will u just be quiet… U won’t allow me to complete it???
Rudra : I have a doubt now itself… O.. will u be able to complete it?? I meant it has been 1 day working on it…
Om : Rudra it’s not lyk flirting with girls ok.. It needs dedication.. No matters how much tum it takes.. what matters is how much it value…
Rudra : Means… You going to sell it..
Om : Duffer… Value doesn’t means money always, ok
Rudra : Hmmm… Let it go, O… See this
They continue their bromance ???

Anika is preparing list for the items needed for Pooja.. dadi is guiding her… Pinky arrives there…
Pinky : Mummyji, what’s all these… Some Poojas going to happen???
Dadi : Pinky, wo..
Anika : Auntyji, Dadi was saying that a Pooja is to held in 2 days… So we were preparing for it….
Pinky : Ok
Pinky feels annoyed by Anika n she goes from there….

A girl comes at Oberoi Mansion gate and enquires… She gets inside and is at the entrance of OM…. A breeze is making her hair wavy…. She has a broad n pretty smile…. She enters Om…
Girl : Excuse me.
Anika and Dadi looks at her…..


Sorry guys, if the episode is stupid ??? Everything needs a connection… It was such an episode… Thank u for spending your precious tym for reading my writing…

So signing off
With love

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    And about that surprise in room…..then I’ll be waiting for it…..loved the update….:)

    1. Sslachu
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