Ishqbaaz ff – episode 1

After the revelation of RuMya’s marriage, Rudra behave rudely to Soumya… You guys imagine the scene shown before Svetkara engagement….
After the engagement, Soumya’s room
Soumya recollected her marriage with Rudra… Tears rolled down her eyes
Just then Priyanka enters
Prinku(tensed): Soumya, you’re called down…. Please come fast…
Soumya: What happened? Is there any other problem, now??
Prinku intends her to come with her… Soumya wiped her tears and both went to the hall…..

Reyaan was seen waiting for Soumya in the hall…. Soumya gets shocked seeing him as she was not in a state of facing another confrontation…

Seeing Soumya, Reyaan moves to her. Reyaan : Wow Soumya, you played the game very well. I thought you will be missing me but in between you married.. Great!!!
Soumya: Reyaan, please give me a chance to explain… It was not at all intentional…. We were out of our mind… Please try to understand… There is nothing between us..

Reyaan shouts on Soumya…. One by one the whole Oberoi family assemble in the hall… Shivaay, Anika n Om tried to explain the situation to Reyaan but he shouted on them too. Since it’s Soumya’s personal life, everyone remained silent.

On crossing all limits of her patience, Soumya shouts back at Reyaan
Soumya : Stop it!!!! Just stop it…. Ha… I’m married now…. Everything cleared.. I don’t want to give explanations to regarding every incident in my life.. Eventhough we were in a relationship, we lived our life with our own likes n dislikes…. So, like you left this relationship before, now I’m leaving it…. I’m fed up with all these….
Reyaan: I knew you would say this only… But you have to.. not to me but to someone else

Saying this Reyaan move aside and a lady enters there…. Soumya gets shocked and tears began to flow from her eyes…. The lady comes face to face with Soumya and slaps her hard…. Everyone get shocked..

Soumya : Aayi!! Mein..
Yes, it was Soumya’s aayi Sujata…
Sujata: So you remember me… I thought you forgot your aayi…. Each day when you talk to me, I knew that something is bothering you… But you always sliped away from sharing it…. You know that your aayi will understand you… Though…
Soumya : Aayi it’s not like that…. She cups her aayi’s face and cries…. Both hug each other and cries….. Everyone gets touched with their bonding

After sometime, Sujata is seen talking with Dadi. Soumya comes down with her belongings. She bids bye to everyone
Saumya to Shivaay : (sorry this part will be in hindi) Bade Bhaiyya, aap hamesha iss ghar ki dhal banke Raha…. mujhe apna samjha.. meri bhaiyya ki kami mehsoos nahi hone di….. Thank you bhaiyya…. Shivaay hugs her
S to Om: Bade Baal waale bhaiyya…. AAP toh meri bhaiyya hi hai…. Mein sirf itni bolungi ki aapki Baal katna mat… Keetiyega toh mein Bade Baal waale bhaiyya kaise bulaungi???? She cries n Om hugs her…
S to Prinku : Be strong always, ok!!! Jaise bhaiyya kehti hai u r the best… Dhar lagtha hai toh love angel Ko yaad Karna!!!
Shivaay : kyun Soumya love angel kyun?

Prinku : Bhaiyya Soumya hi hai love angel..
They all get surprised… Soumya look them with an infectious smile…
She then walked towards Anika.. Anika was not looking at her… Soumya cupped Anika’s face n turned towards hers… Tears flowed from both of their eyes…
They hugged each other….. Soumya : di… Anika : Bas mujhse bye mat kehna…. They again hugged.. everyone become emotional seeing them.

Then yes, it was the last person to say bye… It was Rudy
Soumya walked towards Rudra… She stood face to face with him.. he was not able to look into her eyes…
Soumya: Rudra, you call look at me.. It’s not becoz of u that I’m going… Ok… Jaane se pehle baat toh Karna hai… Aur kuch khatam bhi Karna hai…
(A tear escaped from her eyes) She takes her hand bag n takes out her mangalsutra from it…
Soumya: I can’t throw away it… Whatever it is, it has a value…. That’s why I kept it with me… And that was the problem now… So it’s better that this is thrown somewhere… (She keeps it in his hands) Just this matters… U can do it, no… Throw it somewhere…. So from today Sumo will not be here to irritate you or to create problems in this house… For the last tym, sorry for everything that I did with u, good and bad….
Soumya turns towards everyone : To hum chalthe hai… Aayi.. chaliye

Everyone looked at them leaving the Oberoi Mansion…. Rudra, in front of all, felt a pain inside his heart seeing g his sumo going away.. but he is not aware (Banda Apne bhai jaise hai?) He held the Mangalsutra tightly in his palms….

I know it’s full of RuMya today… But this will be a new journey of Rumya… And it will have a break….
So please comment on my writing…
Ghatiya hai toh bol de na.. I would like to improve my writing skills… I swear bore jaane par red signal kar dega Maine???

With love

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  1. It is lovely dear..

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      Thank you ?

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    Good start..Plz include shivika too

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      Ya… Shivika on the way….

  4. So emotional..loved it .just don’t turn her into ‘evil’ as it’s gonna be in IB

    1. Sslachu

      No… Soumya is one among the 3 FL not negative ?

  5. Amazing epi

  6. Khushilovesroumya

    It was sad,cute,all in all I can’t describe it is loved it.❤❤❤❤❤❤

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      Thank u… Happy to know that loved it

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    Nice…. Aniso were emotional… N Rumya too

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      Thank u. I always wanted an emotional bonding between Aniso

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    Nice episode..Rumya will be adored ny everyone….waiting for next….

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    Hey dear… Yeh ghatiya bilkul bhi nahi hai…
    Its awesome and u have portrayed all the emotions well…….and with perfection…

    And since u r in +2… ALL THE BEST for ur exams… ur well…..and with full concentration…..

    See u in ur or mines next update…..only if u r free…..

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