Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 7

Shivaay POV
What was wrong with her? I slowly crept into the room and saw that she was fast asleep. She had built a pillow fort, splitting the bed into half.
I opened her suitcase.
Shivaay, you must never open a girl’s bag. I could hear Mom scolding me when I had opened Prinku’s bag before she left for camp.
Hmph…that does not apply to your wife.
I slowly took the clothes out. At the bottom was a file. It had the logo of the hospital. Outside was just her name.
She stirred. I quickly stuffed everything back into the bag and chucked the file into the suitcase.
“Shivaay….please listen….please….no….Tia….don’t break it…..Shivaay please say something…..Tia…..”
She was crying hysterically. Then suddenly she stopped.

“Shivaay, this is not your child.” Anika came running into the house.
Tia smirked. “See Shivaay baby, I told you she would come here to say such nasty things about our child. She is afraid of losing her rights over your property.”
I stared out of the window.
I turned to Anika and threw some files in front of her.
“What is this?”
She looked bewildered. She slowly picked up the files and opened them. Her hands trembled.
“Shivaay…yeh k….”
I pushed her. She fell to the ground. “You wanted my property. You are such a gold-digger. I should have listened to Tia when she first told me but I thought….”
I felt my heart burn.

“Billuji?” She tried to get up.
I bent down and pushed her again. She looked scared. She moved slightly back.
“Don’t you dare call me that. You deserve to be lying down like this. Sadak-chaap…..isn’t that what Mom called you.”
I got up and turned around.
I heard Tia go up to her.“Anika, just get out of the house. There is no space here for girls like you.”
I heard her sob. It felt like someone was driving a spear through my heart.“Shivaay…”
Tia interrupted her. “What Shivaay? Are you going to throw more sand into his eyes? By the way, why do you need this anymore?”
I turned around to see Tia bending down and holding her mangalsutr. Her eyes were wide with worry.
“Tia….please no….don’t break it” She was crying.
“Shivaay…please say something….Tia….no?”
Tia smiled. “But Anika what is the use of this when you don’t have to act as Shivaay’s wife?”
Anika was practically holding her leg. “Please no Tia….I beg you…..leave it…..Please…..Shivaay please tell her….I will go…..please.”
I kept silent and the next moment, I heard beads fall to the ground. After this, I did not hear anything. When I turned around again…..she looked broken…..looking at the ground.
Tia was dragging her out of the house. As I left to my room, I saw Soumya and Rudra stare at me. Both looked horrified.
Flashback ends

I had just kept silent. When I walked out of the room, I saw a light in Om’s room. When I went there, he was talking on the phone.
“Haan Ishu…..yes, I know…..Haan….okay meri ma…..ok……yeah, I will call you after her appointment…..haan baba….as soon as we reach.” He cut the call and turned around. He had a huge grin. But it turned into a frown as soon as he saw me.
“Mr. Shivaay….” He trailed.
I walked into the room. “O….”
He held his hand up. “No…”
I could feel tears pricking my eyes. “O, I am sorry.” He looked shocked to hear the line.
Finally, he sat down on his bed. I walked up to him and kneeled. He had tears running down his face.
Suddenly he hugged me. “Bhaiya, I missed you so much.” He whispered. It pinched my heart. He never called me Bhaiya unless he was really broken.
“Arre… obro moment without me.” We both looked up to see a teary eyed Rudra. Our crybaby would never change.
He came running into the room. We had a group hug.
Suddenly, Om got up. “Shivaay, did Anika go to sleep?”

I nodded. “Oh god….I forgot to remind her about her appointment tomorrow. She is going to kill me.”
Oh so her appointment was tomorrow.
“Don’t worry O. I will take her tomorrow.”
He looked a bit surprised. “So you know about it?”
Why was he so surprised? I had made an announcement about her health?
“Yeah…what is there to hide?” His eyes almost popped.
“That monkey….she never told me that she told you. Sure….you can take our Bhabhi.” He said with a smirk.
I scowled. “It is only till the divorce.” A small voice whispered. One that you did not file.
So tomorrow I was taking Anika. “Just don’t tell her.”
Omru looked a bit surprised. “Kyun Bhaiya?” Rudra asked.
I smiled. “Just like that.”

I did not want anymore questions so I left the room. But Om followed me out. “Bhaiya, I don’t know what you are trying to do but remember that I, Omkara your brother forgave you but not Om, Anika’s best friend. If you try to force her, I will not even take a minute to kill you.”
With that he walked back into his room. He had made his threat clear.
As I walked to the room, I saw the person I did not really want to see.
“Shivaay Baby…..what is this? Anika came and just threw me out and you did not say anything.”
Sounds like a parrot. I felt like chuckling. Curse you Anika.
“Tia….it is only till the divorce.” As she hugged me, I saw Heera, Anika’s brother staring at us.
He kind of freaked me out. He always hung around the house. I had to tell Khanna to watch him. While I can keep an eye on Anika, I could not do the same for him. Wonder what the duo want to take from my family.

I went to my room just to see Anika shoving something into my cupboard and running to the bed.
What did she want? I thought as I lay on my bed.
I do not know when my eyes shut but when I woke up, it was because of tinkling sound of anklets.
What the hell? Since when did Tia where anklets? So irritating.
“Billu, did you know, today I get to see you?” She chirped as she brushed her hair.
That certainly did not sound like Tia. Suddenly, I bolted up. Anika turned around surprised. She came running to my side.
“Billuji, aap teek toh hain?” She checked whether I had fever and suddenly she paused. Her hand fell to her side. “Mr. Shivaay, shall I call your mistress for you?”

Pinky POV
Oh my mata! What is happening in this house? First that sadakchaap ladki comes into the house……But at least she brought back Om.
I had seen the three brothers make up. My Shivaay was so sad without Omkara by his side. For the first time in my life, I had seen him breakdown.
“Pinky, did you get the breakfast ready?” Jhanvi asked as she came down the stairs.
I nodded and I rushed to her side. “Jethaniji… know our kids are okay again?” I whispered excitedly. Jhanvi’s face lit up. “Really?”
I nodded. “I sees them yesterday.”
“Pinks Moms……” Called my bahu and my grandchild’s mother.
“Haan Tia?” I turned around to see my beautiful bah walk towards me. “Maa, today Shivaay and I won’t be at home for lunch, we have got plans.”
“Actually no Tia…..I have some important work today.” My Raja beta came into the kitchen. My bahu’s face fell. “Shivaay, look at Tia, she looks so sad. You shouldn’t make your child’s mummy sad.”
He just gave me a look, I did not understand and went to the dining hall.

I took the jam and went to the hall. All were seated except the guests. Here was on the phone with someone in the balcony
Om and Anika came down the stairs. They were laughing over something.
“Sorry, actually Om overslept and I forgot to call him.” Anika explained. Om looked embarrassed.
“Alarm is also a thing that exists in this world.” Tej boomed. And for once I agreed with Jethji.
Anika looked a bit startled. She sat down silently.
“Alarm ki zarroorat kyun, Mr. Oberoi when you have such an amazing bhabhi.” Om said and sat down next to her.
I saw Tia look down.
“Omkara, I agree that your bhabhi is very beautiful. Dekh meri Tia ko.” Omkara looked angry while Anika ignored it.
Om opened his mouth to say something but Anika held his hand. Shivaay was just staring at the two of them.

Anika POV
As I got out of the house and walked to Om’s car. Khanna stopped me.
“Ma’am, actually today the car taking you for your appointment is the whole car there.” I turned around to look at the car.
“Oh, Om is using one of the Oberoi cars. Achcha okay. Thanks.”
I walked to the car and sat in it. The driver was already inside. Khanna closed the car door for me.
“Shall we leave Sir?” The driver asked.
“Sure Ramlal. Go ahead.” Came a voice to my right.
What? What was he doing here?
“Aap.” Shivaay smirked.
“I guess so. Since I am sitting in the car.” He replied.
I tried to open the door. “Don’t try. The child lock is activated.” He said.

“Mr. Shivaay, I told you Om and I would go for the appointment and that I did not need your help.”
Shivaay nodded. “Yes Mrs. Oberoi. You did say that but I said I would come.”
Mrs. Oberoi?!
“Don’t call me that!” I shouted.
Shivaay smirked. “Well, Mrs. Oberoi, isn’t that what you are?”
Suddenly, the car came to a sudden stop.
“Sir, Madam….we reached.”
What? So fast. Oh yeah the Ranas’ mansion was further away.
“Okay Ramlal. You go, leave the car here. I will drive back.” Shivaay ordered him.
Oh no. I would be trapped with him in the car alone as we went back.
As soon as we got down, we could hear Media shouting from the gates.
Shivaay came to my side and held my waist. I tried to push it off. He took the file from me.
“The media is watching.” He whispered.
Stupid Media. Stupid Shivaay.
When we reached the reception. Dr. Nikitha was already waiting for us.
“Hello Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. The nurse will help you change. Mr. Oberoi, you can follow me to my office.” Ugh….not again.
I followed the nurse while Shivaay followed the doctor. Why did she want him inside Bhaiya and Om always sat outside? Maybe she wants him to fill some forms like Bhaiya did the first time.

Shivaay POV
“It’s great that you came today. The nurse told me that Anika always comes with Mr. Oberoi or her brother. They usually sit outside but you are her husband.”
Why was she talking like she has no idea about Tia and all the other drama.
“I am so happy to meet you. Can I see her file?”
I passed the file. “Just give me a minute. Doctor Mina was her doctor but Sid called me to come back to this branch for his sister especially with her complications. I just had to. Sid after all was the one who sponsored my studies. I mean his dad but still. I was in New York.”
Oh so that’s why she did not know. But what complications?
“Does she take her medicines on time?”
I nodded. “Most of the time.”
Nikitha glared at me. “Mr. Oberoi, I have heard that you are a busy man but you have some responsibilities as a new father.”
Why was she scolding me about Tia? But Tia does not even go to this hospital.
“See, you have to understand that Anika’s body needs more strength. She needs to build it with time.” Nikitha said but it felt more like scolding. Why was she shifting between the two women in my life? New Father? Anika’s health?
I need to talk to Sid. We should get her a new doctor.
A nurse walked into the room.
“Doctor, Anika is ready.”
Nikitha smiled at me. “Would you like to see your child, Mr. Oberoi?”

Author’s note: Very soon, Shivaay will be forced to leave the Oberoi empire by a known force called the Ranas. Anika will also move out of OM back into her mansion.(Most likely in 2-3 episode.
What will Shivaay be without his surname.
Keep commenting. Keep criticising and mostly enjoy reading.

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