Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 6

Shivaay POV

My phone was ringing like some rabid animal bit it. My heart was racing like a rabbit. All the managers were calling that mergers and deals were getting cancelled.
Finally I picked up the phone.
“Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi….what the hell is going on? You better save my sister from the mess you have pushed her into.”
And now this brother of Anika. I cut the call and threw the phone.
Bye Bye stupid phone.
My secretary, Misha stood at the door terrified.
“Sir, you should see this?” She passed me her tablet and I could see a news piece already on the screen.
Ms. Anika or should we say Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi was seen at Pearl Memorial Women and Child Hospital earlier this week with Omkara Singh Oberoi. Is Ms. Anika ill? Is that why the Oberois are keeping her out of their family?
Below it were pictures of Anika and Om coming out of the hospital. Both of them looked slightly worried. Anika was not smiling her usual mask smile. While Om was reading something in the file.

“So? Why are you showing me this?” I scowled.
Misha seemed to retreat to the corner. “Sir, there are accusations that the Oberoi family ditched their first daughter-in-law because of her ill health and her low status because of that even the employees are quitting.” She trembled slightly as she spoke.
That was when I realised what a monster the entire world thought I was. Just because of Her. I grabbed the car keys. I would teach her a lesson whether she was a Rana or not.
As I pulled into her area, I saw that her house was surrounded by the media. I could hear anchors of various Tv gossip channels speculating. But everyone silenced as I stepped out of the car. I walked to the door and knocked.

That new found brother of hers opened the door.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi…….how can I help you?” He did not look pleased to see me.
“Where is she?” I hissed. I needed her statement.
He glanced over his shoulder. “She is resting.”
Resting? Anika never slept in the afternoon. Is she not well? I pushed him aside and walked in. She was lying on the bed. Her face looked so serene.
“Anika….are you okay?” I held her hand. She woke up with a start. She quickly sat up.
“Aap?” She looked at everything but him.

My anger started building up. Why was I concerned about this girl?
“I need you to tell the Media that you are divorcing me and that it was just an arrangement.” I commanded her.
Her face contorted into a victorious smile.
“Wah Dekh Anika…the great Bhagad Billa is commanding you. Mr. Oberoi, don’t you think you should be requesting?” She asked with her eyebrows almost ready to jump out of her face.
“Ani….” Her brother came into the room.
She looked at him and smiled. “Bhaiya, two minutes and by what time is Om reaching?”
Om was coming here? Why should he?
“You better get out of the bed and get ready before he comes if not he is going to ask me a million questions and say that I am not looking after you properly.” He said in ENGLISH.
“Anika, your brother speaks English?”
Anika looked at me with a mocking smile. “Why is English come with a stamp of KKN?”
She nodded as she got off the bed. “Khoon Khandhan Naam.”
What? KKN? Seriously?
I held her hand. She tried to pull it out.
“Whatever. I just want you to tell the media what I told you.”
She turned around and she looked so angry. “No…..I will not. I will not do what you need. Learn to request Shivaay Singh Oberoi and not demand.” She pulled her hand out and walked to the bathroom.
What did that stubborn girl want?
I knocked on the door. “Anika! You better come out now. I was talking to you.” I shouted.
I could hear giggles. “Mr. Oberoi, we are not a couple that I will come out now and learn to request.”
Mr. Oberoi…..why was she calling me that. Within minutes, she stepped out in a yellow shirt and blue jeans. Her short hair was clipped. Why did she cut her hair?
“Anika…are you going to do it? I will pay you for your statement.”
She shook her head. “No, I am not. Because I was not willing for the marriage neither was I willing later on for what you did. So no…I will not.”
Then that annoying brother of hers walked in. “Ani, Om is stuck outside. The media is hounding him.”

She looked at me. “Anika, all this can be stopped if you just give the statement, I told you to.”
She ignored me. “Somehow get him in.” Her brother left after that.
She then sat down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
“I have a couple of demands.”
Demands? How can she make demands? But Shivaay you need the business back up again………and you want to know how sick she is……no, I don’t. But I do want the business back up.
“Fine. What?”
She got out a paper and pen and passed it to me and took her place again.
“Well, start writing.” She smirked. What! Such a long list.
“You will keep Tia away from you till the divorce. The official one. She will sleep in another room.”

Okay that would be kind of easy.
“I will be sleeping in your room……..or should I say my room and my bed till the divorce is done.”
What! No….. “Why? No! Never!”
Anika smirked. “Well, Shivaay then I guess our deal is off.” She almost skipped off the bed.
“Fine.” I grimaced. Tia was going to kill me for agreeing.

“My brother and Om will be living in OM as my guests.”
Her brother….Sid or this weird guy that gave me the creeps.
“You will not tell anyone I am a Rana.”
That was easy. It is easier to dump a nobody than a high-class wealthy empire heiress.
“Finally, you will do whatever I say.” She ended.

Anything she says. She has got to be dreaming. “Anika..”
She lifted her hand. “Stop Mr. Oberoi….it is Anika you are talking to. One word and my brothers will slaughter you and destroy the Oberoi empire for what you did to me. This is my warning. Sahil was a little boy but now I have two brothers. Sid and D….Heera Bhaiya”

So she hadn’t told the Ranas about the procedures.
Suddenly, Om and Heera walked in. They both looked like they had been caught in a tornado. Om’s eyes darkened when he saw me. “What is he doing here?” He asked.
Anika shrugged. “He wants me to make a statement for which I have made a deal.”
His eyes went wide. I did not have time for this question answer session that I was sure would follow.
“Anika, let’s do it now.”

Anika smirked. “Mr. Oberoi, you can start your tasks by requesting.” I saw Heera and Om smirk.
“I will follow the rules only after you make a statement.” I replied.
Anika nodded. “Okay. I have got our entire conversation recorded, if you do not follow the rules, I will release the recording to the media.”
She walked ahead of me to the door. What was she going to do?
Anika POV
Standing at the door with Shivaay reminded me of the most insulting moment of my life.
I would like to introduce you to my wife……Tia Singh Oberoi
Flashback end
Anika came down. Now it is your turn.
The media went into a frenzy seeing the two of us. I could hear people screaming from all corners.
“I would like to make an official statement. Yes, I was married to Mr. Oberoi here. It was a mutually agreed but now we are in the divorce stage. The papers have been submitted. I would like to thank you all for crowding around my house and leaving me with little fresh air. But I would now like some fresh air.”
Then my vision started clouding. Baby not now. My legs swayed. I had not taken my medicines. I quickly held onto Shivaay’s arm and the pillar next to me.
“Anika? Are you okay?” I could hear Shivaay Singh Oberoi but could not see anything.
The next minute I felt being shoved into my mouth and 3 people moving around.
“I am fine. I am fine. It was just momentary.” I explained. The three men around me stopped.
Shivaay, Om and Dev; all three of them looked tensed.
“Ms. Anika, are you okay?” Someone asked.
“Haan Haan main teek hun.” I grumbled. “Only this Bhagad billa’s child is a problem.” I mumbled to myself.
Shivaay moved to the front.
“Since my current wife’s health is not too good, she will be moving into the Oberoi estate for better treatment. Any more questions can be directed to our public relations department. Thank You”
What? My health? Did he know about….no….how could he?
He then lifted me from the chair I was sitting on.
As soon as we walked inside. Dev bhaiya closed the door. Om held Shivaay’s hand.
“Mr. Shivaay, please put Anika down. She does not need your help. We are all here right. And what was that about her coming to your house?

She can stay with the Ranas or even here. Heera and I are here, in case you can’t see.” He almost yelled at Shivaay.
I felt Shivaay’s grip around me tighten. Why was he acting like this? He was the one that threw me out. “Calm down Anika.” As I brushed my tears that were starting to pool up.
“As a matter of fact, she was the one that decided to move into the Oberoi mansion and I needed a reason.”
He gently placed me on a chair.
Suddenly, Dev’s phone rang. He quickly picked it up.
“Haan….Haan ji….” He glanced at us, quickly realising that he was not Dev Rana but rather Heera Singh.
“Ji…..haan your sister is fine. Bas she felt a bit dizzy that’s all. Yeah….Mr. Oberoi is here to take her to his house.”

Jhanvi POV
I sat in the living room as Tej and Pinky raged across the hall. This war had been going on since Shivaay left.Tia surprisingly seemed rather glad. I saw Rudra and Soumya whispering in a corner. My darling, Prinku had gone to her room. She hated it when everyone made a lot of noise. I did too but living with Tej and Pinky in a house never left such a moment.
Suddenly, Shivaay walked in.
“Mera heera.” Pinky went running to the door but stopped halfway.
“Yeh ladki?” She screamed. I looked to the door. Anika, Om and her brother were standing at the door.
“Shivaay….what is this girl doing in our house?” Tej boomed as he rushed to the door.
Om moved in front of her. “Mr. Oberoi, your nephew brought us here.” My Om, he was back. I yearned to give him a hug as I moved forward, I felt something zip past me.
“Bhaiya, the obros are back together.” I felt tears prick my eyes as Rudra hugged his brothers. Anika had a small smile.
Then slowly Om removed Rudra’s hand. “No, Rudra. I am not here as an Oberoi. I am here for Anika. I hope the guest rooms are ready for us.”
Then I saw Tia walk to the them. Ugh…..she was going to make a mess again.
I quickly spoke up.“Sure Om. I will let the maids know this instant. They will arrange the guest bedrooms for you three.”

At that moment, Shivaay spoke up. “Badi ma, Anika will be staying in my room till the divorce.”
Pinky took a deep breathe. “Kya….this middle-class girl is going to stay in my Shivaay’s room. Shivaay, why are you doing this?”
Shivaay sighed. “Maa, not now.” He led Anika to his room.
What deal had Shivaay made with Anika? I took my phone and saw the latest news.
Anika’s statement must have been part of the deal. Suddenly, I remembered a very important person.
I have to inform her of Anika’s arrival. While Heera and Om took their seats on the couch.
Pinky was scowling and cursing Anika.
I quickly made my way to my room and took out another phone and called her.
“Hello Jhanvi beta. What happened?” Came the voice that I knew all too well. Which I missed hearing.

“Maa, Shivaay brought Anika back into the house.” I heard a squeal from the other end.
“Sach….kab?” She asked excitedly.
I grimaced. She had not seen the news. “Abhi. It is
only till the divorce.” She sighed.
“Koyi nahi. My heart tells me that this time our Anika will be able to get him to listen to his heart.”
I sat down on the bed. “I hope so Maa.”

Anika POV
The room looked very similar to the time I had been pushed out. I put the suitcase on the sofa. When I heard someone come into the room. When I turned around, I saw an annoyed Tia.
“Who said that you can just barge into Shivaay Baby’s life after I threw you out?” She squawked.
I gave her a smile. “Well, Tia, I just did. But if you think about it, shouldn’t I be throwing you out?”
She glared at me and walked out of the room.
I quickly changed into my night salwar. When I came out, there was no one on the room. Mr. SSO had not come back, probably still on the phone call he had got after leaving me in the room.
I took my phone and switched on the video mode.
“Hi Billu! Mama here. I am in your Papa’s room. That is his bed……..Then you know Billu, he brought us home. I am so excited to see you. I love you so much that you can’t even imagine.”
Suddenly Shivaay stormed in. I quickly pushed my phone under the pillow. He grabbed my hand and twisted it behind me.
“Anika, whatever you want to do, you can but you can’t make Tia cry. She is pregnant remember that. Why did you shout at her?”
Shout? What about all the nasty things she said to me? How dare he always accuse me?
“Shivaay, let go of my hand. Remember my rules.” His hold immediately loosened. Was he that scared? Hmmmm…..he should be. Dev bhaiya is just two rooms away.
But what he asked next surprised me.
“Did you take your medicines? Your brother told me that you have to take one at 8 along with dinner. But Badima said you didn’t come for dinner. Did you ask the maids to bring it to your room?”

Oh bete ki, the medicines. If Sid Bhaiya knew, he will kill me.
I slowly shook my head. Then suddenly, his grip tighten again. It hurt but I would never let him know that.
“Are you mad? If you are not well, you should take care of your health. When is your appointment?”
Why was he asking me such questions? What was his problem?
“Radha! Bring dinner.” He shouted. Immediately a maid, who I assume is Radha came in with food.
He made me sit on the bed as Radha served a plate. He then held it out to me.
“Eat fast and have your medicines. It is already 9.”
He watched me as a hawk while I ate. He watched while I ate my medicines.
“When is your next appointment?” He asked as I swallowed the medicines.
My eyes widened. Oh no, it was tomorrow.

“You don’t need to worry. Om will take me. Either he or Sid Bhaiya does.”
He shook his head. “Anika, now you are my responsibility till the divorce. What will the media think?”
What will the media think? Seriously?
“You don’t have to come.”
I went and lay down on the bed in a huff. After sometime, I heard him go out of the room.
Media….my foot.

Author’s Note: Thank you for all the comments and liking my story. So here is an early update. On Friday, I will post a short chapter. Keep commenting.

Sorry for the lack of precap but that is because I never think of what happens next. It just happens.

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