Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 5

I woke up early in the morning and tried to call Robin but Romi refused to give him the phone. I went to the window and I could see Anika sitting in front of the mirror. I could see Naina and Jia walking around the room. Anika did not look pleased.
I heard Shivaay come out of the bathroom.
“Looks like the Ranas treat her like family. Look the Rana sisters are in her room.” He walked to my side. I saw his eyes turn a bit dreamy. Then they went rigid. I looked to the room to see Om and Anika laughing. She was throwing some things at him and he was dodging.
Suddenly Anika spotted us watching, her face went rigid, she strode to the window and shut the curtains abruptly. The moment the curtains closed, Shivaay unfroze.
“Tia, don’t you think you should change. Ma said you and Mallika need to be ready for the pooja by 10 and it is already 8:30.” he asked before walking out of the room.
Later as I climbed down the stairs, I saw Anika rushing downstairs helping with the preparations. Doesn’t she ever get tired? Then I saw her pause suddenly near the stairs slightly panicked.
“Anika?” I called. Her eyes seemed unfocused. Naina rushed across the hall.
“Anika? Are you okay? Bhaiya told you to rest. Anika, we can look after all this. He will kill us if anything happens to you.”
She signalled Om to get her from there. Anika was stubborn. I smiled, she was perfect for Shivaay.
“No Naina Di. We will be fine.”
Om was adamant after all he had been dealing with Shivaay for many years. “Anika, no….you can see it from the second floor.”
He then carried her up the stairs while she tried to get down. When he reached me both of them went silent. Anika’s eyes looked hurt while his glared. I was hurt but was glad that Anika at least had someone who stood by her. Shivaay was always weak when it came to blood and his family.


Rudra POV
Seeing O Bhaiya carrying Anika Bhabhi up the stairs felt like betrayal to Shivaay Bhaiya.
“Rudra…..make sure she doesn’t move from here.” He said as he kept her down. She looked super pissed. The glance she gave me told me that keeping her there would be very tough.
“I will make sure she doesn’t go.” A voice came from my left. I cringed. I looked around. Sid bhaiya was not even there.
“Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..I asked my brother not you.” Om replied. Anika’s face paled.
“Om no. He is your brother.” She said.
“Oh yes Omkara. I forgot that you gave up the Oberoi name. But last I checked Rudra is an Oberoi and my brother.”
Anika looked ready to become an ostrich and put her head into the ground. “Om, I think Jia and Naina Di need your help. Please go. I will sit here. I promise.”
Om left in huff.
Shivaay Bhaiya sat next to Anika Bhabhi. She got up.
“You promised him.” Shivaay replied.
Anika glared at Shivaay. Oh great a face off.
“I need to go to my room. You watch your wife’s godhbharai.” I turned to talk to Bhaiya. Om was my brother too.

Anika POV
I walked down the hall to my room. I had no interest in watching the godhbarai function from upstairs and especially not sitting next to him.
“Dev, what do you mean? How can you not remember the past 6 months? You were supposed to be with the Oberois. You know he has been calling me for the past 3 months asking where you disappeared and now you appear at my house.” hissed a voice. Why did it sound like Bhaiya? And what did he want from the Oberois? And finally who is Dev?
I slowly pushed the door open to see someone seated on a chair and Sid Bhaiya pacing across the room.
“So basically the last thing you remember is getting the order to be Tia’s close friend?”
The other man nodded. “Haan Sid. That is all. Then when I woke up yesterday in the hospital, I could not remember anything. The man who brought me to the hospital said he found me on the road.” He got up and walked towards the coffee machine. He suddenly looked towards the door. For a minute, I thought he saw me but then he turned around.
“Chutki, come in.” Bhaiya called out. I felt myself being whisked away from behind the door. I was made to sit on a chair.
I saw the man and my eyes nearly popped out.
“You? What are you doing here?” I shouted.
Both the men looked shocked at me. Sid bhaiya came and sat beside me.
“Anika, you know him?” He asked calmly.
My blood was boiling. “Bhaiya, stay away from him. He is that chudail’s friend.”
“Chudail?” the man asked.
Hmph…..acting like he did not know.
“Haan Chudail…..woh cheapdi…..that creature downstairs……that Tia.”
Siddarth looked bewildered. “Tia?”
I nodded. “Haan Bhaiya, when I was at the Oberois, I saw him with Tia all the time.”
The two men exchanged looks.
“Anika, do you know who he is?”
I nodded. “Haan Cheapdi ki jaan” I replied.
The other man got up. “What? No impossible. Sid, I would remember something like that.”
He held my face. “Anika, are you sure?”
How dare he touch me with his disgusting hands? I pushed them away.
“Chutki, this is Dev. Your cousin.” Sid whispered.
I got up shocked. This creep was my cousin. Rich snobs are really complicated. I walked away from the two of them.
“Stay away from me.” My vision started fogging. Not now bacchu…….please not now. I felt the two men guide me to a chair and give me water.
“Anika……Dev is a spy for the army.” Siddarth said.
A spy… he was spying on my billu. How dare he?
I glared at Dev who sat silently watching me. He seemed nice and a bit cute especially the way he kept looking at the door, almost like a small kid trying to steal chocolates and checking whether someone was going to catch him.
“The Oberois are handling some business documents for the army and someone has been trying to get the papers and documents from within the house. Some information was leaked. So Dev was trying to find out who.” Sid explained.
“Anika, when did we meet? When where you at the Oberois?” He looked worried and tensed. Was he acting or did he really not know?
“I was Tia and Shivaay’s wedding planner. I saw you once then and after my wedding….”
Dev looked shocked. “You are married?” He asked. Oops I almost let the cat out of the bag…….omg……Cat….Billu……okay bacchu I know a phattu joke.
Sid immediately hissed. “Sorry Chutki. Dev, Chutki’s husband is no more.”
Dev looked immediately saddened. “Sorry Ninja.”
Ninja? Sid snickered. “Dev!”
I looked both of them puzzled. “Arre, you don’t remember Ninja. Ani, you used to jump down the stairs and sneak upon anyone, so I gave you the name Ninja. I even got you a bell necklace with Ninja engraved on it. You were happy about the necklace till everyone started calling you Ninja.” The two brothers were laughing their heads off.
Hmph…..I turned away from them.
They hugged me from the back. “Chutki…..apne bhaiyon se naraz ho?” Then they started tickling me.
Suddenly Dev’s phone started ringing. He picked it up. He sounded tensed while he spoke. When he kept it down, he sounded worried.
“Sid….that was Captain. They have got another threat regarding the papers. He called to ask me whether I knew anything. But I am here. I need to get into the Oberoi house.”
Sid looked tensed. “But how? We don’t know what you were doing as Tia’s friend.”
Suddenly an idea struck me. It was time to use the media to my benefit. “Bhaiya, I can get into the house.”
They both looked at me shocked. I looked down at the floor. “Shivaay and I were tied in a relation.”
Dev looked bewildered. “Shivaay dated YOU?”
I calmly looked at him and shook my head. “No…..we were married.”
I wished I had my phone with me. I never really knew what people meant by eyes popping out of their face. Now I did.
“What? But you said you were in love with Billy and was carrying his child.”
Oops….how do I explain that?
“Ummmm…..Bhaiya…..I said I was in love with Billu……but I had a contract marriage with Shivaay when Tia got cold feet. He paid me well and I had to think about Sahil.”
Dev looked at me, he did not look convinced. But kept silent.
“So how will you get back into the mansion?” He finally asked.
“Dev… can you even think of sending Chutki into that place. It’s dangerous.” Siddarth yelled.
Dev looked at the floor. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
“Siddarth Bhaiya, everyone is looking for you.” Naina called in. Dev followed him.
“Dev bhaiya, Tia is there. She will recognise you.”
Dev paused. Then grinned. He quickly went into a room attached. Siddarth had a smile. Within minutes, he came out. My eyes almost fell out from my face. He looked nothing like that man that went in. He was wearing a turban. He looked like a Punjabi farmer.
“Madamji, I don’t think I have met you.” He said bowing his head a bit. “I am Heera Singh. Your Siddarth Bhaisaab is very kind.” I giggled.
Sid smiled. “Chalo Heera. Let’s go for the function.”
I watched as they left. I went to my room and fished my phone out of my bag.
“Hello Ishu, I need your help……..yes…..yes……I will send it now……it is time for Anika to serve revenge as dessert.”
(Well, I can’t tell you everything she told :P)

Soumya POV
We were all seated downstairs. I could see Rudra and Om sitting next to each other. Rudra gave me a wide smile.
Poor Rudra, his brothers acting liking this had hurt him the most.
“How could you, Shivaay?” Om shouted across the room.
Shivaay looked equally angry. “Did you really think you have the courage to face something like this on your own. The illegitimate child of the Oberoi family.”
Om through the file across the room. Rudra and I stood in the corner.
“You hurt her just to keep this a secret. I thought we promised. But looks like promises are only for me and Rudra. Well, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..I remember telling you once not to do something that would make me hate you……But today I hate myself because of you. I hate knowing that you did not think you could support me enough to go through such pain. I hate that I am part of the Oberoi family that hurt my friend. I hate that I was not even here to stop her from pleading when that witch, you call your wife dragged her out while she begged you. She was right Shivaay, you are just a stone. Just a stone.”
Shivaay held Om by his collar. “Well, if you think that she is so great. Let me tell you that she took all the money that I gave her. I paid her well.”
Om pushed Shivaay’s hands off and walked out of the room.
“Om…where are you going?” Shivaay shouted.
“Om?….it is Omkara, Sir. I am leaving the Oberoi Mansion.” Shivaay’s face was a bit pale.
“Bhaiya, stop him.” Rudra pleaded. Shivaay’s face put up a mask.
“No Rudra, if he thinks that he can survive in the world without his family. Let him go. Khoon ke bona even he is incomplete.”
I was shocked.
Flashback ends

There was a lot of shouting and phones were ringing. There was a lot of panic and commotion.
I saw Siddarth Bhaiya thanking people for coming as maids led them out. What had happened when I zapped out?
“Prinku….what happened?” She looked super nervous.
“Woh….Soumya…Woh….” She then pointed at the tv.
There were several pictures of Anika di and Shivaay Bhaiya together…….their marriage day…..their post-wedding functions and several other moments. The anchor was questioning whether Tia was married to Shivaay? And who was the beauty that was with Shivaay? and other such questions.
I looked up at Rudra. He looked equally shocked.
Suddenly, the room went silent. I looked up at the stairs. Anika di was standing there looking like a princess. She was wearing a red and gold lehenga. She stared down at all of us.
“There she is that cheap girl.” Pinky Aunty shouted.
“She is after the Oberoi property.” Tej uncle shouted.
Then her expression changed. She looked surprised.
“Aunty, what did I do?” She asked.
Shivaay Bhaiya looked so red he could burst. He ran up the stairs and dragged her down. She tried gripping the stairs to slow down.
“Slow down Shivaay. I am…”
“Just SHUT UP.” He shouted. Om got up from upstairs and quickly came down the stairs and held Shivaay’s hand and pulled Anika’s out of it.
“Shivaay, stop. If she is asking you to slow down. Slow down and why are the photos killing you? Is it because the Oberoi shares are plummeting? Is it because some of the deals have been called off?”
Tej uncle walked towards the three. “Look Jhanvi, this is what happens when you let sons do what they want.”
Pinky aunty also moved forward. “Omkara, we did not expect you to behave like this for a middle class girl. That too a roadside trash, a gold-digger.”
I saw Anika glance across the room and shakes her head. I looked to see Sid bhaiya glaring at them and Mallika holding on to his hand.
“What roadside trash, Chotima? She is the very life of this house.” Anika suddenly held Om’s hand. He looked at her and I saw them have a silent conversation.
“Wah Omkara……you too have decided to join her supporters. Maybe she realised that the Ranas are not going to give her anything that’s why she is after my Shivaay Beta again.”
“Haan Pinks moms……this roadside trash wants to steal my Shivaay baby away from me.” Tia witch shrilled as she sauntered towards them.
“Enough” shouted Siddarth Bhaiya. Suddenly, a farmer-like looking man stepped forward. “Please stop all of you. Please don’t say anything to my sister. Siddarth saab, I know my Anika is like a sister to you but she is my sister at the end of the day.” He said in hindi. The Ranas looked shocked. Everyone was silent.
“Mr. Shivaay, I need to talk to you now.” Siddarth said walking towards his study. Mallika looked ready to follow him.
“No Mal…not now.”
She sat down worried and I braced myself for the World War that would happen.
Anika di followed as soon as they turned the corner while Pinky aunty and Tej Uncle hissed and snapped at each other.
Then a thought came back into my mind. Why did she look so shocked to see the pictures? Rudra and I had given it to her when we went to convince her to fight for Bhaiya.

Shivaay POV
I followed Sid down the hallway. It was filled with pictures of kids. I knew they were pictures of the Rana kids. There were several pictures of them playing. There was a picture of one of the Ranas sitting on the railing waiting to slide down while another stood next to her waiting for his turn. Three of them were downstairs sitting among the pillows waiting for her to come down. What caught my attention was the bracelet on the wrist of the little girl on the stairs. Where had I seen those moons before?
He led me into a room.
“How dare you marry my sister?” Was the first question he shot at me. I looked at him.
He looked ready to pounce on me and cut me into pieces.
“Bhaiya!” A voice called from the door. Siddarth’s face immediately calmed down by a notch.
Anika flitted into the door. She looked like an angel.
“He paid me and I did his work. It was a contract. I needed the money.”
What was she talking about? She hadn’t used a penny of the money I had transferred into her account.
She sat next to him and put her head on his shoulder.
“Bhaiya, it was work nothing more.” she whispered.
Siddarth glared at me. “What about those pictures? He must have leaked them when he knew that you were a Rana.”
Anika turned Siddarth’s face towards her. Her hand still had her bracelet….the one with the moons…..Moons…..the girl who was at the top of the railing was her. Anika was the missing Rana. The Rana the entire world was waiting to meet.
“It could have been anyone. Why would they want to hurt me? No one knows I am a Rana. They were after the Oberois, Bhaiya not me.”
Suddenly, Anika turned to me. Her eyes did not have an ounce of love nor did it have hate. It had nothing and that scared me more than it should have.
“Mr. Oberoi…..I know Bhaiya called you here for various reasons but I do not want to be pulled into your drama as a Rana but rather just Anika. Anika has no khoon khandan but Anika Rana has other responsibilities. They are my family and should not have to pay the price of what we did.”
Siddarth looked at us surprised. “Chutki, the Ranas are not that weak. We are proud of you. You did it for Sahil.”
The look Anika gave me said everything. She had not told the Ranas about the wedding. Just that we had been married.
Anika was adamant. She refused to let anyone know that she was a Rana.
“Bhaiya, I am shifting back home.” Siddarth looked horrified.
“Anika, this is your home. The Rana Mansion and here everyone is there to look after you and even Om is here. I told him to stay.”
She gave him a sad smile. “No Bhaiya….this is a Rana’s home but now Anika needs to go to her home because some great oberois have made a mess.”
She walked out of the room. Siddarth looked as she walked away. Then he turned to me.
“I expect you to save her for what she is doing for you.”

Will Sid kill him? No…..Anika went after him right.
“Om, how can you be with a middle-class girl, we don’t even know her family, her blood….nothing.” Tej Singh Oberoi shouted.
“My Shivaay, after he sent her out of his life, she came back.”
I had to hold back a chuckle. Little did they know that the girl they were so sad their sons were with was a rich heiress and literally could buy half the Oberoi stocks in her sleep.
Suddenly, Anika appeared at the top of the stairs in her usual clothes: her pre-Rana attire. She was holding a suitcase. I ran up the stairs.
“Anika, give me that.” I pulled the suitcase out of my hand. “Where are you going?”
“Home” she replied.
What? Home? Where? This was her home.
“Where?” I asked as I followed her down.
“What do you mean where? I am going to my home where I stay with Sahil.” She retorted.
What? She was going back to Sahil’s house. But he was in boarding school.
I saw Siddarth and Shivaay come to the top of the stairs. While Shivaay looked puzzled. Siddarth looked worried.
“Heera Singh will drop you home, Anika.” Siddarth said.
The farmer came and took the suitcase from me.
“Choti……I will stay with you for a few days now. Because in the village, farming season is over. So I thought I will stay with you for a 2-3 months.”(In typical regional Hindi)
He had a typical accent. The rest of the family kept silent. Naina and Jia were looking at Siddarth but he just gave them a nod.
“Teek hai Bhaiya.” She nodded and followed him to a second-hand looking bike. It did not look-like it would even last the ride.
Anika just before leaving looked at me and……winked. What was she doing?

Anika POV
“Anika? Are you sure you want to do this?” Dev asked as soon as we were a bit far from the house.
“Haan Dev Bhaiya…..there is no other way to get into the house.”
Dev nodded. “I know you can lie to Sid but you could never lie to me and even after staying away for so long you can’t. Why did you marry Shivaay?”
My heart stopped. “What do you mean Bhaiya? It was a job that gave me money, so I did it.”
Dev stopped the bike. “Ninja, I did not become Army man or spy cause of nothing and I can understand if you don’t want to tell me why, but don’t lie. You used to talk about hours that you would only marry your Prince Philip. And how you did not like Prince Charming because he married Snow white and in another movie Cinderella. I remember how Sid and I used to make so much fun of you.”
I flinched. Looks like I found Prince Charming instead.
Dev squeezed my shoulder. “Tell me Ani.” He stared at me for sometime, then sighed.
“Ani, I hope it is nothing bad and I pray what you tell me is true because Sid and I are very protective about our sisters.” He warned.
As he drove into my area, I saw lots of Media vans outside my house as well as neighbours. I held onto Dev’s hand.
“Don’t worry Ani.” He stopped the bike and helped me off then he got off.
The media came rushing towards us. “Are you Shivaay Singh….Are you his lo…..” Thousands of questions flew towards. I felt my legs sway slightly. I knew I would have to face this but as the air started to thicken, I felt suffocated.
“Please move aside. My sister and I would like to go inside.” Dev calmly said. But the media kept pushing and pulling. I kept a hand on my stomach. I had to think about my child.
“Why did he keep you under wraps?”
I moved behind Dev. He then pushed some of the media out of the way. “I told you once. Now I will show you.” He quickly took me into the house and shut the door.
“Ani? Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”
I shook my head. But I slid down to the floor as he closed all the curtains.
Anika….what have you gotten yourself into?Protecting the Oberois, nah….you are going there to take revenge on that Prince Charming.

Author’s note: Hope you liked this chapter. Anika will be moving into the Oberoi house in the next chapter. So will Dev a.k.a Heera Singh. Anika will demand a lot of things from Shivaay. She is going to be bullying him. Well, Shivaay knows that she is a Rana but he does not know that she is pregnant.
Please leave comments. It is what keeps my day going. and give me inspiration to write the next chapter. I will try to update before next Friday. But no promises. Sorry Guys.

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