Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 3

Author’s Note: Thank you all for the support. I love it when I see your comments but since my patience isn’t too great, I had to post the next chapter..
Anyways I thought I would give you a brief idea of which all characters are there in the story. At least the names.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Rudra Singh Oberoi
Priyanka Singh Oberoi
Jhanvi Oberoi
Tej Singh Oberoi
Pinky Oberoi
Shakti Singh Oberoi
Omkara Si……..oops just Omkara

Vikram Rana: The eldest of Rana empire. Anika’s dad
Radhika Rana: Anika’s mom
Siddarth Vikram Rana: Anika’s elder brother and fiercely protective about his sisters
Mallika Vikram Rana: Anika’s sister in law
Naina Rana: Anika’s elder sister
Veer Rana: Anika’s dead Uncle. He died saving Anika and Naina when they were in an accident
Jeevika Rana: Anika’s choti maa and Jhanvi’s sister
Jia Rana: Anika’s cousin
Dev Rana(A.k.a Robin): Anika’s cousin and Jia’s elder brother

Other characters:
as of now


Anika POV

The entire family was very supportive. Om had taken over as my assistant. Following me around with fruits, medicines. Sid took me to the doctor at the end of the week. Naina and Jia di tried to stop me from over exerting myself. Mom and chotima kept reminding not to eat certain things. Sahil had gotten admission to the best boarding school and had left today morning.
Life as a Rana was amazing. I did not have any pressure. No one accused me of being a gold-digger.
“Chutki we are going to the spa and salon and to buy dresses. You also come. Ma has given us her card. She never gives it.” Naina Di said.
Why not? An outing with my sisters. I always wanted to have such moments with my sister and now I was getting it.
We drove into a salon first.
“Anika what do you want to do with your hair? Curl it. Add waves…..cut it.” Jia di asked.
Flashback begins
Anika, always leave your hair open. I love it. I love the way it ripples down your back.
Flashback ends
“Cut it short.” I heard Naina heave in.
“How much?” the stylist asked.
“Make it shoulder length” Jia said.
When we were done with my hair, I wanted to see how I looked. My two elder sisters refused to let me look at the mirror.
They dragged me off to a fancy store which they called boutique and the things that Ramu chachu sells for 1000rs. It cost 10 with so many zeroes.
After making quite a few purchases they brought me back home. All the way, they were giggling but did not allow me to look at a mirror.
Sid bhaiya looked shocked when they dragged me through the door to my room.
“Be careful Naina and Jia. She is pregnant.”
Mallika laughed. ” Sid, she is pregnant not dying.”
After what felt like hours, they made me stand in front of the mirror. The girl who stared back at me was not Anika…..just Anika.
The girl who stared back had short hair and was wearing a beautiful midnight blue lehenga. She looked like she had all the luxury in the world from the day she was born. “Chutki, you can wear this for your very first Rana party tomorrow evening.” Naina chirped.

Shivaay POV

As we drove into the Rana mansion, I felt like she was around.
“Shivaay baby……..I hope the planner Mallika got does a good job.” I could see Rudra roll his eyes from the front as Soumya glared at him.
When we stopped, I saw Mallika and Siddarth standing there. Mallika had a wide smile while the other Rana siblings looked tensed.
Siddarth was tallking on the phone. “No Asha. Tell her that today she has to rest. She is not allowed to come out. She is not well……. Chutki, you have to lie down… have been working hard for the past one week…..I know that you want to greet the guests…….but my word is final.” he cut the phone
“You know she will be there tonight right? And he is with her now na.” Mallika asked with a smile.
He shook her head.
“Hi Oberoi family” he said.
Mallika gave me and rudra hugs and airkissed with Tia.
“You must be the great sumo Ru keeps talking about.”
Soumya glared at Rudra. “Well Di, my name is Soumya. This dumbbell only calls me sumo. Now where is the New Rana?”
Naina smiled and came forward. “She is resting. She is like a bullet train. So today, Bhaiya told her that she has to rest. If we are not there then Chutki would be struggling to survive.”
Sid smiled. “Chutki nahi Billu.”
Jia came forward. “Bhaiya chutki only.”
Billu……..Chutki……why were all these words seeping into my life again after two months.
“Tia is tired after the trip, Mallika…….has your planner got our rooms ready.” The bane of my life spoke. Tia’s mother.
Sid’s face darkened. “Mrs. Kapoor……..It is not our planner’s job to assign rooms. That is looked into by my cousin, Jia.” Why was he so protective about his planner. Should I worry for Mallika?


Gripping on to his hand felt like it was burning my soul. My poor Robin was stuck somewhere under Mom’s watchful eyes. I had little to no choice regarding anything. Thankfully, he had kept pushing our wedding forward. I just had to ask him when mom threatens me and he will give some excuse. My hands still burn sometimes when I think about the time that I pulled the mangalsutr off Anika’s neck. But I had to do it for Robin and my baby.
I saw Rudra walking silently next to Shivaay. Didi and Romi may want to destroy the Oberois but I just wanted my family back together. In the processor keeping my family safe. I had killed Shivaay’s family into bits and pieces. Om no longer stayed with us. Rudra avoided him when he could. Soumya rarely spoke to anyone but Jhanvi aunty and Rudra. Dadi had gone to an ashram.
But Shivaay I have no choice.
As Mallika guided us through the house to the guest wing. I saw that their house had changed a lot.
“Are we in our usual room?” Shivaay asked.
Naina shook her head. “Shivaay, you are in the guest wing.”
I just wanted to lie down and I could not care less. After Mallika showed us to the room, I lay down on the bed and slept. Travelling is never an amazing experience for a pregnant woman.
When I woke up, I saw Shivaay already dressed in his signature suit. I took out my dress from the cupboard. Mallika had them all brought while I was asleep.
“Shivaay baby, I wonder how today’s party will be.” I crooned. I felt like giving myself a tight slap.
Shivaay just grunted. It hurt me to see Shivaay so sad. Papa would have never wanted us to be enemies. He loved Shivaay like his own son. But after his death, mom’s evil nature had come to light. She had twisted Di and Romi beyond repair. I was Papa’s princess. Whenever, Anika came close, I had been excited but Mom was watching and I had to think about my husband.
I quickly changed into the gown after all this was just a party to introduce the new Rana to society. When I came out, Shivaay was looking at his laptop.
“Shivaay Baby, I will just go outside.” he nodded. I knew he was looking for Anika. Apparently she had gone missing from her house sometime last week. I had heard him and Khanna discuss. Where was she? Did mom do something.
When I walked out of the room, I saw a man and a girl talking. He had her hand gripped tightly.
“No your brother will kill me. Chutki, you always try to escape from your medicines.” A familiar voice said.
“Don’t you dare call me Chutki. I am your….”
The man laughed and whispered something in her ear.
“I’m going to kill you.” and she ran after him into a room.
Was she the new Rana?


Author’s note: I did not think Tia started out as a villain in the show. She seems sweet in the beginning episodes. I do not like her as a pure villain. So i brought in her inner turmoil. I mean she is thinking about her child and Robin.
Also I hope you all leave your reviews. Also suggest an actor to play Dev/Robin. I am not a big fan of the actor in the show. Let me tell you Dev is a CBI agent and army man.
Also the Kapoors never introduced Robin as Tia’s brother, so the oberois have never met him. But Anika has seen him with Tia.

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