Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer (episode 2)

Anika POV
My heart clenched when I opened my eyes. I knew something was going to happen today. But I did not have much time to ponder about it. I kept from my bed and ran to the bathroom.
As I washed my face, I cursed the bug I had caught. Every morning, this had become business.
“Anika, are you okay?” I heard a voice.
I quickly came out.
Mallika was standing there with a packet. ” I heard you puking. Are you not well? Do you want me to call the doctor?” she asked.
“No bhabhi, I am fine. Just a bug. It’s so irritating…..Every morning….”
Mallika laughed. “You know Anika, if I did not know that you were single, I would have suggested a pregnancy test.”
My heart stilled. Pregnancy test….but we had……no…..impossible… was only once.
“Anyway you rest. I will check on you later. Sid will kill me if he knows that I made his sick sister work.”
I shook my head. “No Bhabhi. I can start now.”
Mallika shook her head. “No Anika. Now come.”
She dragged me to the bed and forced me to lie down.
“Bhabhi, I can at least work from my bed.” I argued.
She glared at me but finally agreed. “Fine. I will send Sita here. But only after sometime. Now you rest.” With taut she left.
I lay in bed for sometime when there was a knock.
“Choti sahiba.” a voice called and walked in. I guess it was Sita.
It was so weird being called Sahiba. I mean everyone at Oberoi mansion called me Anika……or characterless….or gold digger….or…
“Sahiba……chote Saab……..bahu rani……Badi Sahiba….” I could feel someone shake me. I could hear people storm into the room. I could hear Sahil….
Finally, I felt a needle prick into my hand and then felt fluffiness.

When I woke up next, I saw Siddarth sitting on a chair near my bed. Naina was on the bed stroking my head. Mallika was sitting on the edge of the bed. The rest of the family was standing around the room.
Sid was the first to notice me.
“Chutki… have us such a scare…..thank god Jia is a doctor. But you have to go to the doctor. The cars are ready….Naina help her get ready. Jia you go with her. Make sure she has all tests done.”
“Sir, it is not needed.” Siddharth flinched. “It is Bhaiya for you. And yes it is necessary.Sahil told us that you have been getting such blank outs quite often. You are a Rana, Anika…….we can afford any treatment in the world.”
Oh great. A doctor was going to prick needles into me and ……….Anika you don’t need him.
“Bhaiya, I can go alone.”
Then Jia came to my side. “No, Anika I will come.”
With that everyone but Naina went out of the room. Naina picked up the packet that Mallika had brought in the morning.
“Go change.” When I took out the dress. It was a simple but designer Salwar. Most likely cost more that 10 zeroes.
I looked at it. “Naina di, can’t I wear my clothes.” I shouted out.
“Anika, you are Anika Vikram Rana when we go out, we have some status that we need to maintain. Mama lets us wear whatever we want at home but outside or when there are guests, we each have our own roles. You as the youngest rana heir are stuck. Especially since now you will be the one getting the entire empire.
Entire empire……what……
“Haan……the Ranas are unique that way. The youngest female Rana is the head. Of course the rest of us have shares but you are the rana representative. When you get married na……your surname will be Anika Rana and then whatever that man’s surname is.” She laughed.
So mine would be Anika Rana Shivaay Singh Oberoi…….man my name would take me hours to write in an exam. Then I realised that I was no longer married. He had torn it right off my neck. I felt tears prick my eyes.
“By the way, someone is coming to see you today…..” My eyes widened…….WHAT? WHO?
I quickly changed and rushed out. “who?”
Naina laughed. “Arre, don’t worry. It is Mallika’s best friend’s brother. And he is just stopping by when he heard that the actual Rana heir is back in town. After all, you were supposed to marry into their family. Then you went missing and now all the brothers have their own loves. Come now. Let’s go to the doctor. He is already here but he is resting.
When we came out of the house, there was a fleet of cars outside the house.
“Di, what is this for?” I asked.
Naina looked at me a bit puzzled. “Oh that is because we haven’t introduced you publicly yet na that is why. Papa does not want any pictures of you circulating. So those are decoys. She guided me to a car and inside Kia was already seated.
“hey chutki….”
When we ddrove out. I could see lots of press people outside the house.
Jia sighed. “Guess they got to know about the mystery…..these media people are worse than wolves.”

As soon as I reached…..there was a huge commotion and I had been ditched at the door……..apparently the house’s newest member was the reason.
Mallika came out of a room after sometime. “Sorry O. She had a mini blackout.” She said. “You can meet her later. Now, I will show you your room.It is between Shivaay and Tia’s room and Rudra’s room.”
I held Mallika’s shoulder. “Mallika, I am here for your godhbarai not his wife’s.”
Mallika squeezed my hand. “What happened between you and Shiv? You never talk about him.”
I felt my heart squeeze……”Sometimes, people forget that others can fight their own fights and that is when such things happen.”
Mallika looked distressed. “What happened O?”
I shook my head and walked into the room assigned to Rudra…….I wished he did not have to be so close. Then my phone rang.
“Haan ishu….yeah I reached……no, I will not say anything…yes, I promise.”
When I kept the phone down, Mallika was looking at me with a wide smile.
“Was that Ishana?” I blushed.I had reconnected with Ishana after all the Oberoi fiasco. I began to understand why she did, what she did. Especially after I had given up the Oberoi name. When you have money, it is easy to say nonsense……..but Shivaay had money.
“Yes. She actually left for a 8 month dance program in London. She is so excited about it. Especially since we worked hard to arrange for the fees.
Mallika looked at me surprised. “But you are an oberoi.”
I corrected her. “Was. Now I am just Omkara. No surname. Free of the burden.”
She looked a bit upset but then started smiling again.
Anika POV
The doctor had given me some medicines. Jia had sat outside while the doctor spoke to me.
Her words still echoed in my mind.
“Miss Rana…….you are showing all the signs of pregnancy,so you need to be careful. I have taken blood and urine samples for confirmation. You should get a call in the next 3 days with the result. I hope you will let your husband know the good news.”
I had told her not to tell the Ranas. She had agreed. But insisted that I come for another appointment.
My hands trembled slightly at the thought of being pregnant. How can I tell him? He would probably accuse me of it being Daksh’s child.
When we walked into the house, my heart stopped. Sitting in the middle of the living room was Omkara Singh Oberoi. He looked equally shocked.
“Om, this is Anika, Sid’s sister. And Chutki, this is Om.”
I greeted him and then went upstairs. How had the oberois come back into my life? So fast…..
“Anika?” a voice called out from the door. I slowly turned around. There standing at the door was my support system when I was trapped in the golden oberoi cage.
Suddenly, the phone by my bedside rang. I picked it up.
“Hello Is this Miss. Rana……the test are positive. Congratulations you are pregnant.” The phone slipped from my grip. Om looked shocked. He rushed to my side and picked up the phone.

I saw as Anika broke down beside the phone. I rushed to her side and picked up the phone.
“Hello……this is Anika’s brother speaking. How can I help you?” I asked.
“Well, Mr. Rana…….Congratulations your sister is pregnant.”I thanked them and kept the phone down.
I pulled her up. Tears were running down her cheeks.
“Anika, we will tell Shivaay.” Then she looked up at me and I saw the scariest thing in her eyes. Nothing at all.
“No Om. We will not. I don’t want my child to become like him. I don’t want the child to be the next Tej or Shivaay……and promise me that you will not tell them.”
“But what will you tell the Ranas?” I asked.
“What will u tell who?” Sid was at the door.
He walked up to Anika and held her face. “Who is he?” He growled.
“The man who did this to you. Tell me choti, who did this?” I will kill him.”
I saw Anika’s eyes widen. “Bhaiya…….”
I had to save Shivaay. “Sid, Anika and I, we ….”
Sid looked at me and glared. “It’s yours?”
Anika shook her head. “No bhaiya, it is not his. It is my husband’s. He died in an accident.”
Sid looked puzzled. “But the detective never said anything about a marriage.”
Anika looked at me. I shook my head.
She had been right. Her husband had died that day when Shivaay Singh Oberoi had watched as Tia had ripped the mangalsutr off her neck.
“What was his surname?” Siddarth asked.
She looked down and whispered that he did not have one.
Yes, the man who was her husband did not have one. He was just Billu to her.
“What’s his name?”
Was she going to say Shivaay? I tensed.
“Billu” she finally replied.
Siddarth looked a bit snobbish. “Anika Rana Billu?” he said. It earned a small giggle from Anika.
“Chutki, seriously you married someone called Billu. She gently shook her head.
“I fell in love with Billu.” She replied sadly.
Sid gave her a hug.
Yes, she married Shivaay Singh Oberoi but Billu was the one who loved her.
“Don’t worry, we will take care of future billu.” he said and walked out of the door.
My brother was safe for now but I hope Mallika can save him when Sid comes to know that his sister’s Billu was killed by none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Author’s note: In my ff, Robin is still alive and will appear soon. Also his name is not Dushyant, it is Dev Rana actually but Tia and family does not know. Please review. It makes me excited to post the next chapter. Sorry for not updating sooner but I had no Wifi.


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