Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 16

Author’s note: I know you all want a leap but this episode is the filler. I know all of you want to kill me. But please don’t. Just read and review. Since it is a filler. I just wanted to give a proper closing to my last chapter.

Soumya POV
“The meeting was a disaster. All the vultures were trying to peck Anika Bhabhi.”
I saw Rudra tense in front of the mirror. “What did they say?”
Then I remembered Anika Bhabhi’s mask. She had become Bade Bhaiya for a few minutes.
“First when we entered, the Ranas and Oberois were seated separately. Then that Mrs. Chabbra and that Sonia made a whole scene about how Anika would have to choose whether she was Miss. Rana or Mrs. Oberoi as they did not have an idea. After that they started making all sorts of nasty comments like about her upbringing.” I felt tears slowly come down my face.
Rudra sat on the bed. “Did you beat them up with your paratha hands?” He asked with a small smile.
“No Ru. She held my and Mallika’s hands tight. She moved me closer to her and Mallika’s seat. She took all the pain on her. She knew it would happen. She came for me.”
Rudra held my shoulders. “You?”

I nodded. The time had come to reveal the stories of the meeting. “They always make comments about how it was because you were drunk that you married me.” I saw his eyes harden.
“Why do you go for these stupid dumb girls club?” He growled.
I looked at him shocked. “I thought it would help you.”
He scowled. “What? You being treated like dirt? You are the Oberoi Bahu. The youngest but just as important as the other two. What did you think that you being treated like dirt would make my relations with the business partners improve. No Saumya, all those there just want to destroy the Oberois and me being there alone, just made it easy. When he ditched us those months ago, the whole world forced me into the Oberoi empire but no one can ever respect me, as I was the kid brother of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Bhaiya always protected me from the real truth that being an Oberoi is very painful without a protection. They treat Papa and Chotepapa like equals but the cheating is prominent when it is us.”
Suddenly, Bade Bhaiya stormed in. “Where is Anika, Saumya?” He looked haggard like he had scoured the entire house for her?
“Bhaiya, I don’t know. She mentioned something about leaving for Paris but I thought that was day after tomorrow.”
He looked horrified. “She said she would come.” Then his phone rang. He put the phone in speaker.
“Hello?” He said breathlessly.
“Calm down, Mr. Oberoi. How does it feel?” Her voice came through the phone.
“Anika, are you mad? Where are you? I searched for you everywhere. I waited for an hour at the restaurant.” I heard a chuckle.

“Just 6 hours and you are behaving like this. I waited and searched for 6 months.” She then cut the call.
Bade Bhaiya sat down onto the floor.
“Bhaiya….” Rudra went up to him.
I did not know whether to smile or cry as I watched Rudra forgive Shivaay.
“Where is she? She left me.”
Rudra held Bade Bhaiya’s hand. “Calm down Bhaiya. She is safe. I will call Khanna and ask him to find her.”
Bade Bhaiya shook his head. “No Rudra, she is just giving me a taste of my medicine.”
Then his phone rang. I picked it up.
“Hello Shivaay!” A voice I knew all too well spoke through the phone.
“What do you want Tia?” I hissed. Rudra looked up.
“Saumya, is Shivaay there?” Why did she want to talk to him again? To create another hell in our lives.
“You don’t need to talk to him.”
“Saumya, you don’t understand. Anika has gone alone. She needs someone around her all the time. She took the Rana jet to France.”

Anika Bhabhi was not well? “France? Why do you care?”
Tia hissed. “I care because I am her Bhabhi. And I know that she is up to some stupidity. Did she get upset or something?”
I suddenly remembered what happened this afternoon. “Why?”
Tia scowled. “Viren just told me that she keeps disappearing to the Rana holiday house in Paris when she feels upset. But she should not be travelling now.”
“Should not be travelling?” I repeated. Rudra looked up shocked. He took the phone from my hands.
“What do you mean Tia?” He asked.
She said something. “What? She told that the doctor….oh great….fine…..don’t worry.”
He cut the call. He immediately dialled someone. “Hello Jai. Get the Jet ready.”
He helped Shivaay to his feet. “Come Bhaiya……we have to go get that runaway wife of yours. Come Sumo. Tell Om and Ishana also. Looks like the Obros are going to France.”
He grimaced. I guessed what Tia told him was not good news.

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