Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 10

Anika POV
“Shivaay what?” I asked cautiously.
“Shivaay….that’s it.”
I turned my chair around to see him.
“Shivaay” I whispered.
The man in front of me did not look like the Bhagad Billa I once knew. This man looked different that I had to double take. He was sitting in a simple shirt and pant that looked nothing like the three piece suit that was practically sown on to him before. He looked nervous yet had a small smile. He looked different. A different I had never associated with him before.
I lifted the landline near me and dialled Rudra.
“Hello Di.” Came his chirpy voice from the other end.
“Rudra….I need you here now.”
“Di, is he? I am coming.”

I heard a car screech into our parking and lots of commotion. I mean it is not everyday that the CEO of the Oberois stormed into Rana enterprises despite being on just two sides of the same road.
I heard my door open. I saw Sid and Rudra run into the room.
“Why are you here?” Rudra snarled.
Shivaay got up. “I am here for my interview, Sir.” He replied.
Rudra faltered and glanced at me and then back at him.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi!” Sid Bhaiya shouted.
Shivaay just looked at him. “Sir, it is just Shivaay. Ma’am, are you going to be taking an interview?” He turned to me.
Why was he acting like he did not recognise us?

I finally nodded. “Please sit.”
As I asked him questions, I searched his face for any sign of recognition. But I saw none.
“Mr. Shivaay, could I please know where you live?”
“Madam, I live in Jamuna Nagar Residence.” He replied.
I almost gasped. It was a chawl. A place that Shri Shri Bhagad Billa would have sneered at.
“You will need to move into the outhouse of the Rana compound.” He nodded and got up.
I glanced at the door where even Siddarth and Rudra looked shocked.

Shivaay POV
As I stared into my love’s face, I wished I could run to her and apologise for all the insults I have hurled at her. Yet the surname may have left Shivaay Singh Oberoi but the arrogance and ego was still inside.
I walked to my bike and drove home. As soon as I stopped in front of my house, a woman opened our door.
“Shivaay, you came? Did you meet her? Did you apologise?” She came down the stairs. Her hands were covered in flour.
I shook my head. “I couldn’t Priya. But I got the job.”
She walked back into the house in a huff. I could see people standing around laughing. They knew Priya’s behaviour.
I walked into the house when something was hurled my way. I quickly ducked.
“Shivaay, what nonsense is this? You made me stay up all night rehearsing with you and today you died in front of her.” She looked very angry.
I slowly moved to her side and placed the key and letter.
“What is this?” She looked a bit surprised.

I gave her a small smile. “We are moving into the Ranas compound.”
She looked shocked. “She forgave you? Did she react? Any sort of emotion?”
I shook my head. “They provide housing.”
“When?” She asked as she continued to make chapattis. The way she was making it, I knew she was ready to take my hand and knead it like the dough. I shuddered.
She could do it. After all, she was ex-army.
She nodded. “Okay let’s go today.”
“Don’t look at me like that, Shivaay. I have a Courage the Cowardly Dog for a partner in crime.”
She immediately called someone and after 10 minutes a group of her army buddies stopped at my house.
“Hey Priya. Packing already?” Raj asked.

She laughed. “Yup. Now help me pack.”
Within 10 minutes, we were packed and dropped in front of the Rana mansion. I walked to the gate. The security stopped me.
“Sir, this is Shivaay. Your boss told him that he has to move into the outhouse” Priya told the guard.
He looked a bit skeptical.
“One minute Ma’am.”
He took a phone from the station and called into the house. After that he opened the side gate.
“Madam, Sir this way.”
It reminded me so much of Oberoi Mansion.
I missed home. Then I looked at Priya. My home was with her.
Priya Singh Oberoi…..the Oberoi that was never an Oberoi.

Author’s Note: And that’s the entry of another OC

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