Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer (episode 1)


In my f2f, Mallika and Abuja have never met. Malluka and Shuvaay are goods friends but she does not know that Anikawas married to Shivaay. She thinks Tia is Shivaay’s wife.

“Did I, your phone us ringing.” sahil came walking into the room.
Anika was staring out of the window, gazing into nothingness, 2 month had passed by since he had broken her. Insulted her in front of family and her throwing the divorce papers at his face. She had moved to her house. Rudra and Soumya had come begging her to come back. That had said that Tia was making there lives hell with her reiki, universe And what not.
“Didi….” Sahil said thrusting the phone into her hands.
She was pulled out of her blankness. “Hello?”
“Hello is this Miss Anika. I am Julia from JK orphanage in Manali.”
Hearing the name of the place she grew up in till Sahil’s parents adopted her made her heart stop.
“Yes… is Anika.”

“Actually Anika, this is Aunt Julia speaking. A young man and his wife came here two weeks ago and asked for your details. He said that he was your brother and he had some letters asking for your information. So I just wanted to let you know.” chirped the voice through the phone.
Suddenly, a sweet plump woman’s face flashed through her mind.
“Julia Maasi, how are you?” Anika chirped back.
“I am fine beta”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
“Maasi, I will call you later.” Anika said.
After keeping the phone, Anika went to open the door. Sahil looked up from his arts and crafts project. There was a man and a lady standing at the door. She was pregnant.
Anika looked at them puzzled.
“How can I help you?”
The man looked a bit pale. The girl had a wide smile.
“Are you Anika?”
Anika slowly nodded.

The girl squeezed the guy’s hand. “Sid, it is her. You finally found her.”
The man took a step forward. Anika took a step back. Mallika sensed the nervousness.
“ummm……My name is Mallika and this is my husband, Siddarth.”
Anika looked at them confused.
“Your brother.” Mallika said.
Anika POV
Rana? Where had I heard the name before. Billu……had sa… Mr. Oberoi had said something about the Ranas. The man took a deep breathe. Naina and I have been searching for you for so long chutki.” He finally whispered. He took out his phone.
“Naina, I got her.” he said. Got whom? And Chutki? She was my sister. How did he know about her?
“Didi…..” Sahil called from inside. His voice full of concern. Then I realised that this was probably the couple, Julia was talking about.
“Please come in.” Yes…yes..I know Billu ji … why would he care.
The two of them walked in. Sahil looked at them surprised. Mallika sat on a sofa. Siddarth Sat next to Sahil.
“Hey champ.” Sahil just looked up at him.
“Chutki, Naina is so excited to see you. But she could not travel especially since she is still recovering.” Siddarth told me. Who the hell was Naina?

“Arre, Sid… does she know who Naina is? Naina is your elder sister. We have been searching for you ever since Naina woke up from her coma. The first person she asked for was you. She knew that both of you had been taken to an orphanage in Manali but we had no idea which one. So Sid and I have been searching for you.” She explained. She took out a book. “I know that you find it difficult to believe us but this may help you. She passed the book to me. Then I realised that it was an album. I opened it. The first picture was of a boy and the girls from my dreams. Mallika got up from her seat and came to me.
“Mal, be careful.” Siddarth growled. Mal gave him a dismissive look. She looked over my shoulder.
“That’s you, Sid and Naina.” She said as she pointed at each of the three of us. That’s your parents and my in-laws, Vikram and Radhika.”

Suddenly, a phone rang. Mallika looked at her phone.
“One minute.” She picked the phone. “No T. I still haven’t got a planner for the godhbarai. Can’t you call that planner from your wedding. Ask him to call me. He never calls since your wedding. I wonder what he is trying to hide from me.” Malika spoke into the phone.
I went to the kitchen to get some thing to drink. While I waited for the espresso machine to prepare coffee
I looked through the album, we looked so happy in all of them.
When I came back, I saw Mallika’s wide smile.

“Anika, Sahil just told us that you are an event planner. My friend and I are having a joint godhbarai. We need you please.” She looked at me with pleading eyes. Siddarth looked at me with a mocking smile
“Chutki, you have no choice.” he laughed
“Anika di, Sid Bhaiya and Mal Bhabhi are taking us to their house. After all you are Anika Vikram Rana.” when he said that only did I realise how true he was. I finally had a surname.
” I smiled. “Sahil, we need to think about it.” He looked at me puzzled. No didi, we are going now.”
Now it was my turn to glare at Siddarth, my new found brother. “Mr. Rana, I know you claim to be my brother but what proof do I have?”

Mallika giggled. “Sid, you know your sister so well despite being away for so many years. Anika, he brought a doctor with us. He is going to do a DNA test. But you have to still come with us. I mean I need you to plan my godhbarai.”
My so called bhabhi seemed so adamant. “Don’t worry about clothes. They will be there for you. You come with us. She dragged me to the car and Siddarth carried Sahil.
After around 3 hours we pulled into a huge mansion gardens.
Mallika turned around. “Chutki, welcome home.”
Siddarth carried sleeping Sahil out while I stepped out of the car. Mallika led me to the door. When the door opened, I saw a huge family near the door. It reminded me of the day that I……NO…..I want to forget it.
A woman did Aarti while another lady looked at me with tears in her eyes.
Suddenly someone engulfed me in a hug.

“Chutki….She screamed.
At that moment, the elder lady broke down. Siddarth walked up to her.
“Ma…..” He guided her to me. The lady slowly touched my cheek and then jerked me towards her.
“Meri Bacchi.” A man walked to me. “Rajkumari…….” he hugged.
Then Sid took me to each of the members and introduced me to them.
There was mom, dad, Naina di, Choti ma and Jia di. They were playing with Sahil when Mallika bhabhi guided me to my room. It looked so colorful. Nothing like Billu’s room. It had pink walls. Fairy lights..
“Chutki, we can get it changed.”

I shook my head. My head was feeling a bit heavy. “Bhabhi, I am feeling very tired.”
Mallika squeezed my hand. “I know it can be overwhelming being a rana. Even I found it very difficult.”
I felt like laughing and telling her that being an oberoi bahu without a surname can be much harder. They can throw you out at any moment and no one will even know.
“Mallika bhabhi when will your friend come?” I asked.
She pulled me towards the cupboard and handed me some clothes. “You don’t worry about that now. Change into Jia’s clothes and take rest. Sid and Jia will take care of Sahil. You rest.”
I wanted to know about the function.
“Bhabhi when is the function?” I asked her again. She sighed.
“Just like that brother of yours. It is supposed to be next week. But we can postpone it if you need.”
She looked at me curiously. “No Bhabhi. It is fine. I have had worser situations.” After all I planned my unexpected wedding in a day.

I lay down to sleep. Mallika put the comforter around me. She was about to flick the light off.
“bhabhi, leave that on.” I said. She did not even question, she just left it. “Goodnight Chutki.”
Soon after I closed my eyes, I heard rustling. I felt some people walk into the room. I felt someone touch my face.
“Vikram, at last we got our baby back. Kaash Veer Bhai yahan…..”
“Radhika, Veer saved the heirs of the Rana empire. He is looking down happily. I know it.”
“Haan, jethani. You know how much Veer loved our rajkumari.”
Soon the three left. But looks like the guest entries were not done.

“Sid Bhaiya, finally chutki is back home.” A voice said.
“Haan Jia di. When she and I were in the orphanage, I was so scared for us. They had separated us to be sent to different orphanages. Veer uncle had died and no one knew that we were the Ranas.”
Suddenly I heard Sid’s voice.”Naina, it is over now. Our pari is back with us.”
I felt a corner of my bed dip. “Sid Bhaiya, did you find out about her life.”
About my life……they will get to know about….no……He had said he would erase any proof.

“No, there was nothing much. She was an ordinary girl living a middle class life.”
I almost released a sigh of relief when I heard a sob.
“She should have lived like a princess and yet she had to suffer.” Naina said.
Suddenly, I heard the door open.
“Sid……..He is coming tomorrow.” Mallika squealed.
“Mal…..let’s go outside. My wife is going to scare my poor sister.”
Giggling the three of them left. Who was coming tomorrow?

Sahil POV
Finally didi has someone to support her. The way her brother and sisters roamed around her room reminded me of Mr. SSO. It would have been great if his love extended to her as well. The day he broke her mangalsutr, he had broken her. That had been the final straw. My didi had died. Maybe the Ranas would be her medicine.
They were really nice. Even Mallika bhabhi was very sweet. It was very funny to watch Sid bhaiya running after her.
Didi was still sleeping which is kind of weird for her. I was drinking chocolate milkshake when the door bell rang.
Mallika bhabhi was running to the door. Sid bhaiya was shouting after her.
“Arre O is here.”
Then I heard a voice that shocked me.
“Mallika be careful.”

The Oberois were back.

Author’s note: Hope you all like the first chapter. I will update my other story shortly. Hope you all like it. Please leave comments. 🙂

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