Ishqbaaz ff- dastaan do dilon ki (episode-2)


Hi frndz..I m back with my next episode of my ff.
Sorry 4 delaying as i was really vry vry busy and didnt got time to write…..but guys I m
really dissapointed by th no. Of comments…..I m really upset….i request all the readers to comment if u want me to continue my ff otherwise i would stop writing the ff….

Episode starts……………….

Priveer still in the sme position and ranveer’s phone rings and they cme back to their senses and prinku get up from ranveer’ s arms…
Suddenly a blanket fall on them and they come closure to each otjer and more closer….
Then dadi reaches there and smiles seeing this and smilingly clears her throat they both get in their senses back and leave asap
Priveer both keep on blushing as it is seen that prinku has also started falling in love with ranveer…..

Scene shifts to somaya’s room
Somu ready for her podcast and get’ s her headphones on….

Scene shifts to rudra
Rudy(to himself): this is the time 4 love angel’s so com on rudy ….

Somu: hlo frnds aaj hum baat kareinge pyaar or pyaar main ki hui silly mistakes ko sudhar ne ki so let’s begin
Rudy calls love Angel i.e. somu and as i told u earlier he dont know that she is somu
Rudy: hlo love Angel main…..
Somu: hlo..amar prem
Rudy: tumhe kase pta ki main hoon
Somu: main apne fans ki baatrin aur unki awaaz prhchan ti hoon bolo kya ques hai
Rudy: love Angel agar koi pyaar kissi or se karta hai aur shaadi kissi or se karne wala hai vo bhi jaanmuch ke….
Somu: in that case that person is running from his feelings but dont worry vo insaan ko zaroor feel karega ki vo galt kar rha hai…
Rudy; mtlb confess kareinge bhaiya …..
Somu: haan zaroor kareinge

Some time passes
Somu going to meet rehaan and rudy sees her going…..
Rudy: sumo kahan ja rhi ho
Somu: tum se mtlb
Rudy: batao naa
Somu: rehaan se milna jaa rhi hoon hum aaj sate par ja rha hai
Rudy: acha aaj gir vo tumhe pakaane vala hai documentary dikha ke
Somu: tum toh chup ho rho vo romi ke pas jao tum toh
Rudy: tumse kahi zayada hot hai vo aur beautoful bhi
Somu ignores him and leaves from there
Rudy being so jealous talking to himself….
Rudy ( to himself): ise rehaan ka kuch toh karna padega sumo ke piche hi padhe gya hai arrey rudy tu itna kyun soch rha hai……o god….

Scene shifts to anika in the hall….
She was preparing 4 karwa chauth that is tomorrow ….
Anika (to herself): yeh kya ……yeh lamp ko bhi abhi kharab ho naa tha…..arrey yr….
Anika brings the stool and place it along the wall
Shivaay comes their and keeps on staring her…
It is seen that a wall hanging is loosened and is about to fall
Anika had fixed the lamp and suddenly hanging falls on foot of stool and it becomes disbalanced and anika about to fall.. ..
Shivaay shouts: anikaaaa…
Everyone gets shocked abd dadi arrives their…..
Shivaay runs towards her and catches her in his arms they have an eye lock and get distractes as dadi and omru arrive…
Dadi: tu thik naa puttar….
Anik: ji dadi main thik hoon
Omru: kya hua ……
Shiv: anika u r such a silly girl cant u take care of ur self……
Dadi leaves and get back to her room……
Anika steps one step ahead and hits the fallen stool and about to fall but shivaay holds her……
Shiv: anika be careful ……tumhara dhyaan kahan hai……agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mera kya hoga…..
Omru: kyaaa…..
Shiv: i mean hmara kya hoga saari preparations karni hai ….
Anika: billuji main thik hoon main apna dhyaan khud rakha sakti hoon …..
Omru give each other’ kya ho rha hai’ wala look
Shivaay and anika stare each other and anika leaves with a sad face….
Shivaay still staring her leaving

Screen freezes……….

No recap

Dear frnds plz do comment…….
It was a bit long i think so but it was demanded by one of the readers so i did sooo…….
Frnds plz do comment abd tell me whether i should cont. Writing or not…..i request the silent readers too……

Thank youuuuu…..??

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