Ishqbaaz ff by crystal – Part 1

Hii guyzzz..dis is crystal..once again…with part 1 … seriously to tell I was so happy to see ur comments.. just keep loving guyzz…❤??

Please ignore grammatical mistakes..!!!

Last time I gave intro of my characters…

Here is a new character…
Tanu (kratika sengar): wife of Rishi singhaniya…have immense love for her husband and visa-versa… a positive role…
Bhabhi cum best freind for the sisoos..

Now lets start part 1
Enjoy reading ❤
In Oberoi mansion

Lady: Ohh my mata where are our children jethani ji…!!!
(Yup..!!!! U all guessed right she is our one and only pinky)

Jhanvi: I don’t know pinky…I think they are still sleeping..come on let’s go and check…

Pinky: u r saying right .. we should check them …

In bedroom

3 boys are sleeping peacefully on bed cuddling with each other …
(Now also u guessed right..they are our shivomru..)

Pinky and Jhanvi comes..

Jhanvi: so I was right ..these three are still sleeping…

Pinky:ohh my mata..they are still sleeping… god knows what will happen when they will got married…

Jhanvi: yess u r saying right…come now let’s wake them up…

Pinky and Jhanvi goes to shivomru..

Pinky: good morning shivomru

Shivomru: good morning maa/ choti maa

Jhanvi: wake’s already 10 ..

Shivomru: 5 mins more please

Jhanvi:no get up…did u all 3 sleep late at night…?

Shivaay: yes badi ma actually I was preparing presentation..

Om: and I was completing my statue..

Rudra(immediately): no maa..they both are telling lie…

Pinky: what do u mean rudra..?

Rudra: choti maa…they both were with me partying late night … drinking wine ?

(Shivom bite their tongue)…

Jhanvi: shivom….!!!!

Shivaay ( knowing that there is no chance of escaping ): yes badi maa..rudra is saying right..

Jhanvi: OK now what we can do…now freshen up and come down for breakfast

Shivomru: OK

Scenes changes
Singhaniya mansion

In bedroom
3 girls are sleeping together like khumkaran

A lady enters and wakes them

Lady: anisouri wake up .. how much will u sleep
(So the girls are anika Soumya and gauri)

Anika:15 mins more maa..
(And the lady is ragini…)

Ragini: no get up .. it’s late..

(She was trying to wake them up but they were not ready to do so)

A man enters…

Man : what happen maa… did u do exercise … ??? And without me..???

Lady: no I was not doing exercise but trying to wake them up… Rishi beta do something otherwise they will sleep whole day…
(So the man is Rishi singhaniya)

Rishi: why to worry mom when Rishi is here.. I will wake them up…wait

He also tries but all in vain

Ragini : see I told u na..

Rishi gets an idea…

Rishi:wait here maa I will just come back in a moment…

He goes and brings a bucket ..

Ragini: don’t tell me that you will pour water on them..

Rishi: not water but….

Ragini: but…

Rishi(slowly): but ice bucket…


Rishi: just wait and watch

Suddenly SPLAAASH….!!!!!!

He pour ice bucket on them …and they wake up… they were shocked and very much angry

Rishi: good morning girlss…

Ragini laughs and sisoos were burning in anger..

Anisouri: (angrily) bhai u….!!!!

Rishi : yess me..

Ragini: ok ok don’t start fighting ..go and freshen up and come for breakfast..sorry lunch

Anisouri: we will take our revenge…

Rishi: let’s see

Episode ends with rishi’s smiling face and sisoos angry face

So this is part 1
Hope u will like it..

Please comment and tell me how it’s was..

Love u loads…❤?

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